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  1. The fulmin is one of the best "shotguns" in the game.
  2. The drop rate is not worth the 20 hours its gonna take to finish the path. So why bother? Its not even faster to level up frames or weapons. I did six planets and got 3 essence and I am done. Wake me up when the next update is due.
  3. Its bad that after every big update, I stop playing the game completely and wait until DE stops obsessing over the users who spend three hours in a mission and FINALLY changes the drop rate that reflects the rest of the player base. There is no doubt in my mind that DE tuned the drop chance to people who buy boosters and take full farming teams into missions for hours. So 0.001% of the player base. That leaves us normal people without a chance to even get two parts of the armor after spending a dozen hours just going through the path normally. I hope DE enjoys all the plat they are getting from these users who have 3 hours to waste.
  4. Show us the code of conduct? I know its not ready yet, but am sure they have the rules locked in by now. Are previously banned partners able to re-applier? Is it going to be a "one strike and you are out" system again or are there going to be warnings? How will personal political opinions of the staff affect the people who get in? Will constant rule breakers in the current system have to prove they wont be arseholes anymore to be let in? Is it only content that DE approves or will they add people who's bread and butter is videos pointing out DE's flaws? So tough guy, you think this is unreasonable?
  5. Can we get the Supra mod back in the NW store for next week? I never bothered getting it as it was not an exilus mod. I really dont want to wait another two months for it to rotate back around.
  6. This is DE we are talking about, of course it wont.
  7. I hate that we now have to go over the "fixes" with a fine tooth comb to make sure they didn't hide any nerfs in there again. Why do I even play this game if I distrust the devs so much that I need to do this?
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