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  1. I thought about this because of the eros wings. Personally though what I think they should do is make different types of ephemeras. Which they already kind of have. So basically you could select a step ephemera (seeding step, blazing step, etc), a body ephemera (smoking body, bleeding body, lich ephemeras, etc.), and make eros have its own type such as "back ephemera" or something like that.
  2. Jesus man, use a Smeeta Kavat lol. Also like the poster above me suggests, go to capture missions instead. I usually farm argon crystals at Hepit.
  3. Interesting that you feel that sentinels have a surviving problem. I kinda feel the opposite. Sentinels survive a lot better than all other companions for a couple reasons. They are always right next to you to receive heals and protection from killing enemies close by coupled with their second life from the Regen mod. I think there is a problem though which is how people use them. A lot of people prefer to use melee for example because the community considers it meta, but often forget that the time it takes to close the distance with an enemy is time the enemy could use to shoot and possib
  4. Coming from someone who despises Eidolon hunts, I cannot agree with you more OP. We definitely need another way to get riven transmuters. I've given away and sold so many rivens just to make space because I didn't have transmuters.
  5. I've read through a lot of suggestions here and there are some things I want to highlight that I definitely agree with. 1. Make a voting system for node selection so that no specific player can take other players to a node unwillingly. 2. There is a lack of mission types in railjack. Mission types should be expanded upon. One reason I love spy missions for example is because it takes away from the same old kill everything. If we could get equivalent missions in railjack to some of the "non kill" objective mission types that would be awesome. 3. Please remove the crate in
  6. I'll be honest. I don't think Ash needs a rework/revisit at all. The big mistake DE made with Ash was not inherently Ash himself, but the nerf they did on Covert Lethality. Covert Lethality used to say that finishers dealt "lethal damage". Ash was a god with daggers. He could one shot anything that could take a finisher. I would be happy though if they changed Ash's 3 augment or made an augment for 4 that said that his finishers dealt lethal damage. It would make him the amazing finisher frame he used to be before. Also I just wanted to say that any rework or revisit for h
  7. Never said it was perfect, just that it's different. OP said Sevagoth's passive was a better version of the same thing, except my point is that it's not the same thing. Also if you think it's still better, refer to my previous comment about ally kills.
  8. I thought the idea of Lavos was really cool, but after I saw his base skin, it seemed really clowny. The flaps on his gloves and boots are huge. If it was toned back a bit it would look a lot cooler. Besides this fact, the flaps on the gloves are so huge they block the reticle while aiming with weapons like the Gammacor, making it difficult to shoot with accuracy. The picture below is what it looks like just standing still. Keep in mind moving makes it even worse, and moving the reticle while moving makes it even worse than that, often putting the reticle in the center of the glove flap.
  9. Wait... Bleed out timer continues even while Inaros is draining? Ouch. It is also worth noting here that Inaros's revive meter inreases as allies kill enemies around him while he's in bleedout. So in solo I suppose I see the frustration, but with other Tenno around Inaros's passive gets even better.
  10. This would be nice to see. It would be a refreshing change from just spamming crouch and hoping for the best. Also a good idea, but it probably won't happen for copyright reasons. And a feature that probably wouldn't work for us players on Switch since there are no features for file browsing/sound files.
  11. There are still advantages Inaros's passive has over Sevagoth's if you weren't aware. You can revive at a distance as long as the reticle is aimed at someone, which includes not only enemies but allies. Also Inaros's drain deals true damage. Also don't forget that Inaros has an entirely different part to his passive, which is that killing enemies with finishers heals him.
  12. Limbo main here. VERY refreshing to see that instead of someone proposing changes because of the lack of knowledge of his abilities, that someone would suggest methods to make the rift mechanics more common knowledge. I definitely agree that DE should work on making sure people understand the rift better.
  13. I'm watching the stream right now and the reveal of Octavia Prime. Nothing was mentioned about this, but if mandachord was improved please disregard. I was upset to see that you guys at DE didn't decide to update the mandachord for Octavia Prime. It would have been awesome to see the mandachord have more scales besides just pentatonic and a greater range of notes and tempos that could be used so we could make a greater range of tunes and be able to more accurately put some of our favorite songs/tracks into Warframe. DE, please consider this? I know I'm not alone in the community with thi
  14. I run into this problem quite frequently. Particularly in the "Ostwan Range" area of PoE. I can also confirm that this does happen sometimes because of enemies underground. Sometimes enemies don't spawn for awhile until I kill enemies in a nearby underground area.
  15. Just FYI this game is P2P, meaning that if you're lagging or have a bad connection it's because of your internet connection and your connection to others in your squad. I suggest getting an ethernet/usb adapter for a hard line connection for your Switch. Since I got a hard line I've experienced much less lag. P2P can be quite problematic if the host of your squad is relying on wifi or a poor connection. Unfortunately there's not much that can be done about this besides improving your connection, changing ping settings, or playing solo.
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