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  1. Something I've been wanting for awhile now: an "Armsmaster" themed Warframe. Meaning a Warframe that can carry/shoot more weapons than usual and/or switch out equipped weapons with weapons in the arsenal on the fly. I also noticed people made suggestions for a demolitionist themed Warframe, this is a more general idea that can incorporate that as well. I got the idea from the Asuri Nova skin which has many arms. Why not make a Warframe with many "arms" (literally and figuratively lol) that can be used to their advantage?
  2. Can confirm. This is something that has been going on for a loooong time also. Since Jovian Concord launched.
  3. I've run into this same issue three times with Wukong fighting Acolytes and it all happens under the same conditions. Acolyte "kills" Wukong and triggers one of Wukong's Immortal Techniques and during the process Acolyte uses an ability (like Mania slowing me which was the most recent case shown in picture below) or kills Wukong again quickly to trigger another Immortal Technique and Wukong gets stuck into a "dead" position on the ground even though he is clearly not dead. Wukong remains in the stuck position even after using the "/unstuck" command. Image included. Sorry for poor image quality. Had to take a picture with my phone because Switch wouldn't let me upload to Facebook for some reason. But you can clearly see that Wukong is not dead yet he is stuck as if he is. To add more information the only thing I could do in this state was shoot (oddly) and transform into operator. And in this case I could only transform into operator once and then it wouldn't let me saying "ability not ready" or whatever it says when you can't use an ability. Also whats odd is in a previous case I moved to another part of the map with my operator thinking that transferring back into my Warframe would move it, but the camera just moves back to where Wukong was still in his "dead" position. SOMEONE FROM DE PLEASE FIX THIS! This is extremely frustrating because the very reason I use Wukong to fight Acolytes is what's glitching him. This particular case was even more frustrating because I had to abort the mission since it only let me go into operator mode once. If needed I have two more images I could share of the other two cases where this has happened (even though they don't show anything different).
  4. Yeah I was afraid that would be the case. Damn.
  5. I haven't found a single clan on Switch that has the blueprint even after asking around in the two of the largest alliances on Switch. I don't know for sure, but I'm thinking the event happened before Warframe even launched on Switch.
  6. Luckily I play on Switch where everything is worth a lot lol. I only saw two other listings on warframe.market for 40p and 80p. Could have made another 60p, but oh well. I just hope someone from DE sees this so we could get this changed.
  7. I realized that. My first edit removed one use of blueprint from the beginning. I missed the other one. I'll edit again.
  8. Something I've just discovered that is incredibly annoying. I can't sell the Ignis Wraith from Baro. I bought it thinking I could sell it for plat (like every other weapon Baro sells) and now I've realized that I just wasted a quarter of a million credits and 550 ducats. Seems like a great way to trick people into wasting creds and ducats. Is there anyway someone from DE might be able to refund my ducats and creds and remove the Ignis Wraith? Also I haven't found anything that distinctly shows that the Ignis Wraith can't be traded so I feel bamboozled. You're doing me a great heckin' concern DE. Especially since the blueprint from the Pacifism Defect event CAN be traded according to the wiki. I don't see why you can't also trade the weapon from Baro. DE would you please change this? Or at least can someone help me out and fix this?
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