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  1. Sadly I think this will get overlooked and tossed aside considering PoE has been out for awhile and you guys at DE are probably busy working on other things, but there are still a few things about PoE bounties that can be fixed. 1. Area defense is still broken. Even now I've encountered many times where enemies don't spawn. And this I find odd because area defense in Cambion Drift is flawless, and the percentage drain doesn't occur when enemies are not present. I'd like to see the same thing with PoE area defense. 2. The "Draw the Target Out in One Minute" bonus objective is pretty won
  2. This was also something I should have mentioned. I've noticed this as well even on high level bounties. Even with my Kuva Quartakk that has 3 forma and a riven some of the weaker enemies would take a couple shots, yet the gang of Grineer would kill them with ease.
  3. Couple thoughts about CD bounties after some things were changed. 1. The bonus requirements for Latrox Une is now too hard. I understand that before it was too easy, but I'm sure there is some way to balance it out. I feel like the AI of the shield drone is too wonky. I've seen it run off a few times. Having two split targets you have to defend is really unfortunate. Also it's unfortunate that being a flying entity it doesn't receive as much cover from the environment as walking entities do. The main way I think this could be fixed is if the drop rate of the samples was increased. Also I th
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