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  1. Do we know when these changes are hitting consoles? Are we getting these during scarlet spear?
  2. All these changes are pretty amazing! Thanks DE for working these into your busy schedules 😄
  3. I'm not entirely certain what you're trying to prove, Omega. All of your statements have been fairly pessimistic and extremely confrontational. Just because you sound the angriest doesn't make you right. DE needs to mature as a company and be able to support faster releases to all platforms. Your hope is to have the PC playerbase continue to beta test for the remaining platforms. (which sounds horrendous that anyone should have to playtest a game that doesn't have the job title of playtester.) You advocate for the status quo when the status quo isn't a sustainable metric of growth for a company. Let them take this venture and if it doesn't pan out; then so be it. But let them try without giving them a whole slew of crap on top of trying to grind some guy on the forums down because you're mad.
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