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  1. Im glad for: 1. As much as possible new weapons for railjack(like photor, apoc, cryophon) 2. Using necramechs on Railjacks, Anomalies, and Grineer Ships. 3. Ability to summon Kuva Lich. 4. New avionics for railjack 5. How about the ability to knock out modular parts of the archwing through a railjack? 6. Void boss. Like eidolons, orb's, but for railjack void.
  2. Today I would like to review Warframe 2020 and draw my own conclusions. Let's go. At the moment I'm really looking forward to: - liches on railjack. - finalization of the last branch of the railjack. - The fourth eidolon. - Necramech on regular missions. - Third Orb (without additional room). As for the bosses. The most interesting for me were the bosses: Profit Taker, Eidolons and ... Tyl Regor? Stop what? Yes, Tyl Regor is the most interesting boss of all the usual (not on open worlds). I love his lines, jumping, breaking glass, laughing. How about locations? Small changes I
  3. Hey. Why do stalker's acolytes drop 2 steel essence, and eidolons only 1? I think that eidolons should drop 3 essences each, or like this: Teralyst - 1 essence. Gantulyst - 2 essences. Hydrolyst - 3 essences. I think, eidolons more harder, that acolytes. What do you think?
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