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  1. Of course, its all good, but...when will 3rd orb in orb vallis?
  2. Всем привет. Как идет расчет по разломам термии? Ситуации такие: 1 ситуация. Я закрыл 8 разломов и получил 30 очков и 4 разб термии 2 ситуация. Я закрыл 8 разломов и получил 50 очков и 2 разб термии. Вопрос: почему в одном случае 30 очков, а в другом 50, хотя кол во разломов закрытых одинаковое. Это первый вопрос. Второй: как часто появляются эти самые разломы? Сколько максимально пройдет времени с момента закрытого разлома, до появления нового? И есть ли карта этих разломов с наиболее частыми точками их спавна?
  3. Tell me please, it usually is opening in weekend, or in monday?
  4. Hello. After the last hotfix, virtuos shadow was crash. I already try to make dash in his head, shot in his head, but it was useless. Also, i try to restart game , but every night i have this bug. The arcane is up to max rank.
  5. but already come one of half weekend
  6. Hello. Someday, i generated a random lich, plaing with him and...quiet. And then I thought it was necessary to introduce 3 things that will significantly (for me) increase the content with them 1. Setting of call with lich. Okay, i will will explain. Sometimes a lich is not needed at all on a mission. Here it is. And at this moment I would like to have a button that will prohibit the lich from coming to any missions. If it is on, the lich will come, but if not, it won’t. 2. Delete the lich. Ooooh, maybe im hot? Okay, i now, the liches is content for new better version of some guns + sometimes good helpers on the missions. But what about, if in not needed this active lich(if i have it) and i need to delete him. Really delete(with information of him in codex). I glad to the button in active lich, which open the delete chance by 5,000 kuva or 1 000 000 - 5 000 000 credits is delete this lich. So I won’t get his weapon, or he just won’t be able to come to me on a mission.(But...best options: if you not needed the lich - please not created him) 3. Call the lich. Yes. If im very neede help of lich, i I can click on the button on the keyboard(which I specially configured for calling the lich in the settings) and bu 200 credits or also 5,000 kuva , lich will going to me and it will works on the he job. What your think abount it. Please answer of your opinion. Thanks for the read)
  7. Hello. When will new thermia fractures? Or only when the Scarlet Spear will ending, and then aleady TF will starded, or im not understand? So, just the ghouls already starded, but...what about thermia fractures?
  8. Yes. Eidolons better and best content for the farm arcanes :)))
  9. Hello. I try to playing this event. I found a bug: very often the shop on Little Duck is don't load. So, i just seen the load icon but nothing happens. And also, please optimized the relay. Its very laggs. Its not cetus, or fortuna and it should not be laggs.
  10. Hello. I was needed to delete Bandicam program and i have quetions: what the program your use for record Warframe? Why i got this question? I heard that some game recording programs can somehow affect Warframe and lead to a ban account. Maybe it's real gossip, but I want to make sure that this is true. P.S - i read guidlines, but not found point, about questions of programms - warframe.
  11. Hello. I found this bug. How? I Actually, I first went to this boss. I killed her and then launched the thermia again for the second time. But this time, for some reason, the orb climbed into stones and climbed deeper into them. I could not shoot the valve, because it "was in the stones." This bug occurs only if you launch the sphere a second time without leaving the vallis. If you restart the vallis, then everything will be fine. Fix please. And also, a bug was found when my health / energy indicators and sights completely disappeared, although the interface display was turned on in the settings.
  12. Там нужно отдельно из сотен оружек каждое проверять. А мне нужен такой сайт, где можно выбрать оружие по заданным характеристикам.
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