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  1. While they answered the reason why it doesn't work, it just doesn't really make sense for me. Its not like the Hek will clear rooms with it, and we have the Zarr already.
  2. Example for OP (Good luck on getting a Simi Key!)
  3. Hunter Munitions works the best on the Bramma because it will proc blast more often (Might proc Impact if you direct hit, but its not really reliable to make a build around) and crits a lot. Internal bleeding will work much better on something like Kuva Chakkhur because of the forced impact procs. It's what I use myself and it works well. Example below
  4. The mod market is also a decent place, least for me. Selling R10 mods for amounts of plat as its not terribly hard to get credits and endo quickly.
  5. Added redirection and I wanted to see how high I could get with Parasitic Armor. Nothing much else of note was added. Didn't use the Mecha set because I'm missing a couple of them, and I don't have full sets of Ultimatum and Tanker. I compensated for this by asking a friend to put on Nidus and pocket me to see how high we could get. I'd get around 1-1.5 mill without the help.
  6. Fair enough. Don't even have a full Tanker yet.
  7. I don't know what you're getting at. I replied to you saying "Well, not really" in reference to you inferring that I'm too invested. Are you telling me that you think I denied making my own thread? lol Either way, this is off topic and it seems DE has currently made their decision on the matter. You have a good one.
  8. Well, not really. Never made a thread about the mod for the Vaykor version, because I can see how that is consistent with other mods and weapons like it. If DE decided to make it useable on the regular Hek, fine, but there's no harm is trying to find out things about consistency.
  9. As I mentioned before, it's not really about damage for me because we have Hunter Munitions. If its built only for the standard Hek, that's fine, but there's nothing in the game that makes that distinction and it just feels off. I made this thread to understand if I'm getting something wrong as far as the consistency goes. Every other weapon like it can use a mod that works for the whole family of weapons. I don't find my thoughts on this as arbitrary, its only questions about consistency at its core. Seems you're a bit too invested in this for whatever reason. Seems a bit ago DE made a statement about the matter. I still can't find it within myself to agree, but I guess that's that.
  10. At the end of the day, I only made this thread just questioning consistency as it feels like they're just singling out the Kuva Hek for an arbitrary reason. The Kuva Hek will beat the crap out of the others because of decent damage/crit stats and Hunter Munitions. Can't beat AOE weapons though.
  11. Main issue as far as I can tell, the Kuva Hek is still better. So the Hek and the Mod are just throwaways at this point. If they used that as a point of something being too strong then why make the Kuva Zarr or the Tenet Rocket Launcher (Don't remember the name)?
  12. I don't really get their reasoning for that unfortunately. It just feels arbitrary. They want all the Heks just to be a side grade to each other or something? They're not really meta or anything even with the mod. The Kuva Hek should be powerful, but its quirk kind of blows, and takes the most about of work to get out of the three. Yeah, if its already good enough, there's not much of a reason even if the Kuva Hek is better. Vaykor Hek is a little more decent as far as clear goes, but the Kuva Hek is much stronger. Only reason anyone would use the other Heks is for the Justice Effect No idea why DE decided to "Balance" them in this way.
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