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  1. we're in cetu right now and my friend hes standing on her however i am unable to see her but he says he cannot interact with her
  2. just check this image it should say everything i cant read if they're all good or bad
  3. could you possibly tweet rebecca megan or anybody from DE this forum page so they may help my friend?
  4. he cannot i believe ive sent the screenshot but it says he needs to do the pre-requisites
  5. He has hes done multiple bounties with me while i was hunting for lens'
  6. The issue is that he cant speak with the quills and he cant do sayas vigil even after doing the requirements
  7. We have already we've redone everything twice just incase
  8. My friend who i have been playing with is being asked to "seek out the quills" however he cannot do the vayas sigil quest hes mr 6 and has met all the requirements to do the quest however it will not allow him to do the quest anybody know how to fix this bug? i sent it in under pc bugs but nobody replied
  9. My friend has done all the prerequisites for sayas vigil(hes mr 6 with operator and has done vors prize and a couple of bounties with me) and cannot get konzu to ask him a personal favor and sayas vigil isnt active
  10. turns out my graphics card supports only for directx10.1 to be used even though directx12 shows in my dxdiag.
  11. Oh, and before you ask the drop down menu for graphics driver says only directx10
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