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  1. You have 2 choices: 1) Farm Teralyst over and over to get a better amp. Since the Teralyst is so easy to take down it probably won't matter if you aren't contributing, people nowadays can solo Teralyst easily. 2) Join Tridolon PUG. When I do the Tridolon bounties I often find a lot of players that aren't even capable of taking down the Teralyst joining the squad (Lv6 Rhino with Ignis for example.) We could usually still finish the run tho if our team had enough damage to take down the shield. Getting rid of the Mote amp first would be the first priority... anything other than the mote amp would be so much better against Eidolon shield. Something like 2-2-3 would be decent for the hunt, but X-2-7 is probably the best but you need to have access to the profit taker bounties cause Crisma Toroids gives the most Sol United standing, and you need level 4 SU for Certus Brace.
  2. I don't think the energizing dash is such a big deal tbh because all you save are some energy pads....unless you're doing ESO where gears are prohibited. It'll probably save you some credits in the long run but that's about it. I, for example, started with Madurai, when I run out of energy I just press my hotkey for energy pad once or twice and pretends as nothing has happened.
  3. Don't tell new players to grind those sabotage missions. They'll probably just rage quit TBH. "I spent the last 2 days on reactor sabotage and after 99 runs 0 Nitain dropped, what kind of stupid game is this? I can't even get the resources to build my frame." *uninstalls game.
  4. Can someone confirm this? Wiki didn't say anything about it, it only mentions that Multiple Harrows can cast Covenant independently of other players' active invulnerability and critical chance buffs.
  5. Has anyone tried it? In theory, they should have infinite invulnerability plus beefy non-stop crit buff.
  6. I see, didn't knew that. But I'm pretty sure case 2 in my OP is a glitch though, cause I was able to summon my Dual Decurions over and over when I used up all its ammo. EDIT: Just tested and the glitch also works on my Velocitus, no CD on the AG deployer after I used up all the ammo, maybe a mod can move this to the bug section?
  7. Case 1: Oberon in Arbitration defense. Do Arch-gun ammo drop in Arbitration? I had this game where my Larkspur had virtually infinite ammo, I keep getting ammo pickups(I think) that refills my Larkspur. Two of my squadmates were using Carrier and I was using Helios. Case 2: Harrow in Mot. 1) Summon Arch-gun 2) Use 3, then end it after a few secs. 3) Arch-gun somehow gets auto resummoned again. (Ghost Arch-gun?) 4) Use up all ur Arch-gun ammo. (I sometimes repeated 2 and 3 multiple times, and the whole gun glitched out and disappeared lol) 5) Hold Q and find out that Arch-gun deployer is not on cooldown. I actually bought a Carrier Prime from the market because of case 1, thinking it may replenish my Arch-gun ammo, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Case 2 happened to me several times when I was leveling up my Harrow and Dual Decurions. I'm pretty sure such glitch exists.
  8. They want to make it a rare resource but overdid it...drop rate for finding all 3 caches should be at least 50% IMO (right now it's 0%....hmm I mean 1~2%) .Caches are already SO annoying find and anti-fun. Older players probably have tons of Nitain since they got everything already built, and they don't need resources for anything, but for more casual / newer players this thing is just cancer. I'm honestly surprised that DE did nothing about it in the last few updates, I wonder how many players left the game when they found out this invisible grind wall of Sabotage caches. It sucks when you got a blueprint and can't build it, because of a resource that's next to impossible to obtain.
  9. Most of them are just roaming around the Plains at night aimlessly....hunted by the evil Tennos for arcane drops and sentient cores. But since the last update Spacemum obviously rejoined the Sentients and became the Sentient queen, the following chapters and events will probably about Natah leading Sentients against Tenno... a new war is coming. I really don't understand the story tbh lol. Did Natah lost her memories and became Lotus? The whole story seems so awkward to me.
  10. Well....what I was trying to say is, there's no point in making the game harder to play, don't fix it if it's not broken. Saryn is trash tier against bosses tho, and in Corpus game that has lots of Nullifiers, I rarely see any Saryns, she's also kind of weak in open worlds, Mesa is a much stronger DPS there. If you're complaining about ESO....make a thread to tell DE to change how that game mode works, Saryn or Volt are pretty much NEEDED if you want to get far in ESO, because they're one of the few frames that are actually viable, efficiency sucks big time. Maybe one day they'll add an ESO boss or something so my 8 forma Valkyr can join an ESO squad.
  11. Dex Pixia has amazing DPS but TItania isn't even a popular WF when compared to Mesa....maybe give her an aimbot and she'll be popular. The weapons people use in this game usually have huge AoE like Ignis Wraith, Staticor, and Catchmoon, the majority of people just don't bother to aim, and there is shame in using an easy frame or easy weapon. Saryn is probably the top 3 DPS frame, the only place she's broken is in ESO, and it's only because how her abilities work, enemies respawns too fast in that game mode and efficiency makes many frames not viable, not a good design by DE. Maybe the next thread we see will be how Chroma and Harrow are broken in Eidolon hunt.
  12. I disagree with this. TBH I think the majority of WF players probably have bad aim, one reason that WF did so well is that it doesn't require that much skill to play, basically, anyone can pick up and play it on the fly. For example, Mesa Peacemaker is really just an in-game aim-bot, if you change that to requiring precise aiming or shrink the circle on initial cast nobody would play her anymore, people would then just pick up easier/more comfortable frames to play, this isn't a competitive game or anything, don't nerf it if it's not broken. And Saryn and Volt are obviously not broken, nerfing them will only take the fun out of these frames.... better just buff and polish the weak ones like Vauban so they perform more comfortably at their jobs.
  13. It's a hover ability, and I'm totally fine with it. If you wanna break free and fly around the plains Zephyr is probably the best choice, her 1 is really fun in the Plains of Eidolons and people use her a lot when Archwing Launchers were still consumables.
  14. The only mod thats "too good" would be Corrosive Projection, other than that there are actually quite a lot of varieties you can choose from, the Amp mods for weapons, Steel Charge, Power Donation for Speedva, Growing Power, Rush for Volt...etc. I agree the Scavenger modes are useless, but there is just nothing much you can do about them. Increasing the capacity might actually be a good idea but you gotta increase it by a lot for people to use them since they're just useless..... then maybe some people will use them for Umbral builds.
  15. This change basically makes Necro incompatible with Khora/Hydroid. I don't know why they nerfed this, used to be a legit combo people has been using for years, maybe it affected booster sales too much? lol.
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