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  1. That would indeed be an improvement from the current buggy mess we have now, I strongly suggest you actually try to understand the mechanics on how these birds on Deimos behave, where they spawn, how they fly, and you will also notice that if they spawn inside a structure they are stuck inside of it's mesh with no way for the player to get it, and if it flies towards the nest and bump into a structure it will just keep going higher and higher on the structure until it reaches the location of the nest on the X and Y axis, but it will never drop down on the Z axis and sit on the top of the struc
  2. Honestly the reason I made this topic is because I don't want to see their names, I can't even remember their names and they sound terrible, I just want to see "mother, father, son, daughter" as it was before these names took over, also the story is just silly and almost non-existent, "broken family, I name you..." and thats it.
  3. Last time, watch the video, I went on all sides, up, down, left, right, I have no clue what your even talking about, the DE bug bird is clearly inside the structure's mesh where players can never get to it. Its also not a good idea to have things spawn inside the structure's mesh so players can't get to it, but I know, according to you its just digging holes in there to lay some eggs right, all natural behavior, no bugs at all to see here folks! 🐔
  4. "ESC - quit game", only thing still functioning properly.
  5. How about you actually WATCH my video titled "Avichaea stuck INSIDE" instead of talking nonsense, even with hard evidence in your face you still don't see it I guess, or perhaps the Avichaea likes to burrow inside structures to build its nests and make little babies in there, you see I can talk nonsense too.
  6. NR1 reason why I'll never support DE financially anymore, they ask you to report bugs on forum but they don't do anything with it, in fact they just ignore it completely, 5 months that Ive been reporting this and not a single word from them. I'm a big trader and its come to the point where this bug is annoying the hell out of me, at least a thousand times I had to explain this "bug" to people, why do players even need to spend time on this annoying stuff, DE should just finally step up and fix it.
  7. hello DE, can you at least acknowledge this issue so we know you are aware, or is this going to be another bug that just gets ignored just like that "stuck on RJ on dojo invites" that Ive been reporting on for over 5 months now.
  8. I agree this is annoying to say the least, it should work like sortie where host cannot start unless people scrap first, for example if you have a sortie that requires shotgun only and you want to start the game stops you with a messages saying "not all members have shotgun equipped". This is how RJ wreckage capacity should work as well, instead of this instant kick from squad.
  9. Cmon DE, plz fix these birds, its really annoying they get stuck and don't show up.
  10. Are fortuna faces really spoilers? They don't reveal anything about the universe they just have vague poetic epithets... To me, its spoilers, its story related, even though the "family" story of deimos is as weak as it gets.
  11. he got scared of the Helminth, DE probably put Ordis hiding in a corner somewhere...
  12. Avichaea still not showing up, Caracrum Magna location is the worst offender where in my experience the Avichaea simply never shows up, of my 20+ attempts there I saw only a few Avichaea and they were always stuck on or even INSIDE the big structure, the other attempts I even ran and flew around the entire structure with scanner to try and locate the Avichaea and I simply could not find them There are a few other locations where this Avichaea might spawn as well and even then I also noticed a few of those locations where there are big structures around the nest causing the Avichaea to sim
  13. Just like with Fortuna, if you progress in that story their faces will become visible but if you enable creator mode the faces will be invisible again. DE should do the same to the Entrati, where if you progress in ranks (their family story) they give each other names, with Creator mode enabled you shouldn't be able to see these names, it should just remain Mother, Father, Daughter, Son. Creator mode is there to prevent spoilers, showing these Entrati name are story spoilers, just like the Fortuna faces.
  14. I agree, I got a double resource booster and spend several hours fishing, maybe half a day in total, and now DE increased spawn rate of fish which is great for people who still need to go fish I guess, but a little compensation towards me would have been nice, but of course I'll never get that, and my feelings towards Deimos fishing have been royally put in the negative and I'll likely never fish there again. Doesn't DE ever test things before they release stuff, it honestly feels like they just make up some random stuff and throw it on the server for us to play-test it, and maybe weeks/m
  15. Then why do you even bother coming in a topic specifically about this bug, its been in the game since RJ launched which was like 8 months ago, in all that time I must have explained it a thousand times to players (I'm not even joking in this number) and many of them didnt even speak English and left the dojo, only for me trying to ask them to come back or to invite me. Not everyone speaks English, you cannot explain this to people that do not understand you, me having to go in google translate just to explain to people in their language and hope they will understand, that is a giant red f
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