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  1. Yes but that is all pretty much confined to the character itself and not sticking out 2 meters in both directions out of the sides like these angel wings, thats so way over the top and just an eye-soar, you literally cannot avoid it or ignore it cause they are so big! Who would even think of adding big angel wings like this permanently into the game without adding something to make them less noticeable, at least DE can put in some effort and make the wings close if your not flying in the air or something, or at the very least close when your standing still, literally anything to not have
  2. anything that doesnt make me 5x bigger on my screen like these wings everywhere, I don't mind cosmetics ppl want to use, but I do mind it when it clutters my screen and makes everyone 5x wider, thats just spam on my screen at that point. If it was only for the duration for the holliday I wouldnt mind one bit, but my God were going to keep seeing these plastic wings for ever now, what is warframe turning into... Used to be some ninja robot game no?
  3. They did the same with fishing blueprints, anyone who had them from before can just endlessly craft fishing lures, rest of us have to pay reputation to buy a few. Instead of drawing a hard line and removing items like this for everyone and have everyone be on equal footing, no, let others keep it and deny the rest from every getting it, thats how DE rolls.
  4. If these things are going be allowed to stay after Valentine, its going to be so lame, there I said it, it totally breaks the immersion and has nothing to do with warframe, it belongs in some Medieval Fantasy game with magic and wizards or whatever, not here. They don't even look good, more like stiff plastic. I know, I know, criticism is not allowed, we must all love/accept/enjoy the wing spam. EDIT: as Alpha_Tango said below, an option to turn this off so its not visible all year around would be very nice, if DE wants to allow stuff like this to be in the game permanently and
  5. yes, they really need to fix this trap! Invite players to dojo, they get stuck in railjack instead, how lovely, and its been going on for a year now, a year ive been trying to show DE how annoying it is, they have done nothing to fix it...
  6. Yes, cause its bugframe, where DE always adds more grind and not real content, and then they never go back to actually fix things they broke.
  7. don't count on it, ive been reporting some bugs for a year now and DE didnt ever bother with them, all they seem to do is focus on spewing out more "content" which in reality is just a grindfest and they never go back to actually fix things, and if they do, I guarantee it will be broken again after a short while.
  8. I liked the boss fight, was actually easy tbh and did it first attempt but I did cheat and look on youtube first to know what was waiting for me. But for a noob who can't jump and move properly, I can imagine this being a nightmare, but if we drop everything in the game to the level where even a noob can do it easily then nothing will be engaging anymore, and most of the game is already like that so...
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