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  1. Just goes to show how rushed Nightwave is, so many people already complained about this and it makes zero sense to not warn players ingame when their "several week" grind comes to an end so they should cahs in to get prices. The fact you just lose everything at the end is baffling to me.
  2. I agree, if you dont check the news, which many players do, you'll lose all creds, which in itself is insane to me and I don't understand why people are not allowed to use them after nightwave ends. Something like this deserves a big warning INGAME so everyone notices it.
  3. DE, any time a host leaves on this Exploiter Orb mission everyone will get kicked back to multiplayer menu instantly and get NO LOOT. And we all know there are plenty of people out there that just leave right after mission ends, because they dont want to wait max 60seconds for other people, so they just leave. Now imagine this on Exploiter Orb mission, everyone plays 20min, boss dies, u get loot, host leave and....everyone else gets kicked to multiplayer menu and gets a giant middle finger. This has been going on for many months already, when are you going to fix this DE? I just did 6 mission and 2 of them were without loot because of hosts leaving like this. -Getting kicked to multiplayer menu is an issue on all missions, but on Exploiter Orb its 100% guaranteed it will happen if host leaves. -Also when people extract at the end, whoever is left behind and doesnt make it back to Fortuna in 60 seconds will get kicked to multiplayer menu as well and not get any loot. -And lets not forget that door leading to the exterior that often times bugs out and makes people crash their game forcing them to ALT-F4, I just lost 2 players on my last game because of this door and it happens frequently. -Or that one time when the boss was dying and then she just magically vanished, leaving no loot, nothing. Great mission! *cough* There is simply NO host migration on Exploiter Orb and its got plenty of other bugs, fix this already, how this is acceptable after more than half a year is beyond me.
  4. I want to turn this off: Saw it a million times already, its annoying for various reasons. Any way to turn it off?
  5. And yet you conveniently ignore the simple fix I suggested, which is to notify the player through a message. If DE can't even be bothered to put a message in just to make the player aware they hit the cap, I call it dumb.
  6. Read the post, not gonna repeat myself all over again. Why do you even comment if you don't care.
  7. What do you think I just did, but the real question is, why would a player even check this? Did the game ever tell me there would be any cap? So since I was completely unaware of this, I just kept doing missions for Nightwave, for nothing...
  8. This max rank is dumb for the simple fact that I'm now sitting on prestige rank 30 on 10.000/10.000 standing for God knows how long, been doing all missions every single week, and probably did many missions for nothing since I seem to be capped but the game never mentioned this. Maybe a simple message from nightwave once you hit rank 30 stating "Thank you Tenno, but you killed so many enemies that now I'm all out of creds and can no longer give you any" would be in order so that the player at least knows about this cap limit? Doing anything else for Nightwave once your prestige rank 30 is pointless, yet she keeps on throwing missions at me regardless, you just have to "figure it out" yourself. So thank you DE for making nightwave hand me missions which are completely pointless at this point and keeping me unaware of it. Also, why is it even capped to begin with?
  9. how about.....an AUCTION HOUSE! wouldn't that be even better?
  10. This is the main reason why I don't like MMO's anymore, they are all "free to play" and the companies treat players like garbage and ban people with several thousands of hours into the game for sometimes no reason at all and they won't even give you any reason either, usually they just state "cheating" and thats the end of the story. It is for this reason that GDPR laws have been created for European citizens, if that would happen to me I have the right to know what they are doing with my data and they owe me a better explanation aside from "cheating", as for the rest of the world, these companies can do whatever they want to you and they don't even owe you any explanation. We are after all out of the age of "buying a real copy on CD of a game and actually owning that game", this is the age of "we pay for the privilege to play a certain game but now we don't own anything", as a result, you can lose everything over nothing, these companies often times make mistakes and ban players, which of course most other players will support since they are blind to these things and always assume that if you get banned for cheating you really deserve it, nice sheeple. Only old MMO games where you have to pay monthly are solid and these companies won't ban you instantly over what could be a mistake, simply because cheaters there are way less prevalent due to the fact you can not create multiple accounts for free, what kind of a cheater wants to pay for a copy of the game and then a monthly fee just to cheat and lose all that? Almost none. Now what kind of cheaters wants to play for free, make new accounts for free, to cheat whenever he likes? Many. Because of this, free to play model causes companies to act more drastically simply because they have to take stronger measures to stop all these cheaters, and a lot of normal players who do nothing wrong get slapped by these stronger measures as well, companies with "pay monthly" models simply don't do this, they don't need such strong measures. I'm sorry to hear what happened to you AkoOnRacko, same happened to me on another "free to play" mmo game as well, there are plenty of stories about regular players getting shafted like this for unexplained reasons while they didn't do anything wrong, yet it keeps happening...
  11. Not when trading replaces gameplay, nobody likes sitting AFK just waiting for someone to respond to your sales you put up on a third party website. Well, I guess some people do, but I would never call it "a part of the gameplay" if I'm not actually doing the "play" part of the "game".
  12. Avienas gave tons of pointers and specifically asked for you not to white-knight and just say "baaaad" but instead come up with some of your own ideas on how to improve it, of which you did none at all, all you seem to do is bash on what other people are saying and then act smart about it. I know the current system is perfect for you, I know everyone is wrong and the only right person is you, you've proven us all of this by now. I would ask you if you have nothing personal to share about your own experience, then just stop commenting please, there is no need for you to keep bashing on what other people's experiences are, its just toxic, leave other people be already. (like half of the posts in this thread are from you, Jesus man...) As for me, anything at this point would be better, as long as it would have some automation to selling/buying so players can actually keep playing the game and not have to sit somewhere AFK the whole time while having to deal with people like yourself in trade-chat, which only makes the whole experience even worse. Dont get me wrong, I had pleasant experiences with chat while trading which evolved in entire conversations, but those are far in between all the wasted time sitting around doing nothing along with the bad experiences to boot. And if you think an Auction House would fail, then I 100% disagree with that because we are already using it, its called warframe.market, except now because its a third-party website we have to copy paste text and put it ingame and wait for the other person to respond, and we have a daily trade limit, if you would do this ingame with an auction house it would be exactly the same except without the hassle of chat, but more importantly, without the hassle of sitting AFK the whole time. With some tweaking as Avienas suggested to prevent prices from dropping too low, its completely feasible to do this and make sure things remain the same, even something as simple as a nr. of daily auction house trades would be sufficient to accomplish this, heck, DE could couple daily trades and daily auction house trades together so that if u sold one item on the auction house, you would lose one daily trade. Of course more people would actually begin trading because of the convenience of an auction house, so to offset that we could make all trades cost 10% of their selling value, so you'd lose 10% of the plat made for the sale to the auction house, if the item didn't sell you can just take it off from the auction house, but not instantly, maybe with a 24h delay to prevent abuse to circumvent this 10%. These are just simple examples, but its certainly possible, and way better than this Middle Ages chat based trading we have going on now, which isn't even really used anyway since we all just copy paste text from a third party website anyway, so what is the point.
  13. The fact that you would ignore any person for something like this is telling enough too. But you can stop now, its pointless to have a normal conversation because you will just keep saying I'm somehow the toxic one, while all I'm trying to do is demonstrate how many people abuse the "ignore" function of chat in trade situations simply because they disagree with something, or they simply do it out of spite, which was never the intended reason why the ignore list got implemented to begin with, its there to stop harassment. Certain people these days (and I count you among them), would rather put someone on permanent ignore instead of simply asking them to discontinue the chat, or better yet, you can simply not even respond, or best of all, you could explain to them why your getting worked up or what they "might" be doing wrong, according to you. That is social interaction, as opposed to putting someone on permanent ignore instantly, which is complete asocial interaction. And it is exactly this kind of abuse of the ignore list that has lasting ramifications on the trading as well, which is why trading and chat should have nothing to do with each other because trading should be based on platinum, not on "feelings" or "social interaction" with people that put you instantly on ignore because they have such thin skin that even a raindrop would break it. Overall, I would say DE's vision of making trading a "social interaction" experience is a complete failure, because of the things I just mentioned, but most of all because 99% of the time we copy paste text from a third party website anyway.
  14. Sorry, but so you even bother to read anything? There is no junk prime offering, no junk prime prices, stop taking things out of context. Either way, chat and trade should not be intertwined, certain people are incapable of not abusing the ignore mechanic just out of spite over any slight disagreement or misunderstanding they might get in their head, which makes this sort of abuse with the "ignore list" have a direct impact on trading.
  15. I wanted to buy items from him at prices he set on the market website and for this I got ignored, you know lots of people buy junk prime items for ducats right, and you also know my initial message is just a copy paste from the market website, right? Regardless, you should read next time and try to comprehend the actual subject and not take it out of context before making a comment, would probably help the overall conversation, and to be completely honest its people like you who make trading in chat completely toxic because you insult or would ignore people for the slightest, or even over nothing at all, which perfectly demonstrates the point I was making. Trying to trade with people and forcing everyone to use chat for this is not suitable, because sadly there are quite a few rotten apples who are incapable of social interaction and abuse certain mechanics (like ignore list) for things they were never meant for. You want to know how many people are on my ignore list? Its 0, because nobody in the 7 months I'm playing was harassing me and I don't put people on ignore for silly reasons simply to spite them, its childish to do this. Now lets take your ignore list, theres probably a ton of people in there, all because they might have said something completely innocent which you decide to take the wrong way, or maybe you disagreed with something, like for example the price they said during a trade, and ignoring someone for you is step nr.1 in those situations. Then DE forces trading and chat to be completely intertwined with each other, so if you can't see the problem with this by now then I don't know how much more clearer I can make it.
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