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  1. Yes, I dont, and I stated this already so congratz to you for repeating what I said. If you want to spend 126 euro on a few virtual items, then please go ahead, but for me the only thing that would be interesting is cosmetic only packages for reasonable prices (without silly boosts and plat that I dont need that DE only throws in there to inflate the price to begin with). As it stand now, I can buy two triple A games with the same money...not a hard choice to make.
  2. Sorry but just look at those prices of prime pack: 45 euro for 2 guns and 1k plat, going up to 72 euro bit a bit more stuff, up to 126 euro for even more. This to me is utterly insane pricing and even though I would love to get some of those cosmetics, no way on Earth I will ever spend the equivalent of 2 complete games on this. This is not "give us more", its just ripoff.
  3. Yes I'm at 60+ level already, and I had some Nitain in reserve but its all spend now and I need more Nitain to continue building stuff in my foundry. But I cant, will DE make me wait another 1-2 months before I can even get nitain? DE, increase or just remove this nightwave level cap, I dunno why its even there.
  4. As title says, invite players to trade to your dojo and 1/3rd of them will be inside your railjack instead. DE, you want us to trade manually with players, yet you make it frustrating with bugs and I'm wasting so much time explaining to players they need to leave my railjack first by finding an exit, over and over again, and some of them dont even speak English and dont know what to do. Fix it already, its been going on for months. Or just let us be able to trade with players who spawn on the railjack, problem solved as well. Just do something about it already.
  5. completely agree, if you make a premade and join a relay, usually after 1 mission (which takes like 40min) some people will leave, however if you wish to continue you are stuck on that relay. At this point what option do you have to find people to make a new premade? None, cause relay chat is completely flooded with useless spam and anyone even trying to talk in there is pushed out of screen instantly so nobody can even see it. You have no way to make a group and let people choose good warframes or other equipment, the only option you get is to join a random team and hope for the best. Or simply trying to communicate with other people on the relay to ask more people to go to ground or to space, its not possible because of all the code spamming going on in the relay chat. Chat is there, but DE thought spamming it was somehow more important instead of letting actual players use it to talk. /facepalm
  6. 25 seconds left, score is 0-0 but our rhino has lots of points on him. Enemy team scored 2 points, game is over instantly, we lose our money. (doesnt matter if we had 25secs left, game end anyway) We still had 25 secs left to cash in our points but are not allowed to do so because of this bug, only happens when score is 0-0 and enemy scores a few points. Fix it DE, this has been in the game for like a year already.
  7. well said, cause warframe is still in beta, just goes to show how complacent people such as yourself see this as "normal" and why almost the entire gaming industry gets away with such practices of making buggy everlasting beta games and even ask extravagant prices for silly costmetics or other minor additions.
  8. You know why these prime packs are so expensive? Because this "free to play" gaming industry is like a casino where like 5% of its players cannot help themselves, as in its an addiction, and they always buy this expensive stuff. We would call them "whales", but in all honestly, its people with addiction issues and its really sad that the gaming industry takes advantage of them in such a manner.
  9. If I do 3 space missions and my flotilla is doing good with like 1h of time left, I'm going to stay there and AFK and check every 15min to see how the progress is going. If they are going too slow I'll do more space missions, cause I want to make sure I get my bonus. If they are going at a good pace, I'm just going AFK again. If you think that is griefing, then I hope I'll not meet you in my flotilla. Also you cant really blame people for going AFK, cause this whole event if based around staying in your flotilla, once you leave there is almost no way to get back unless you wrote down its number and theres actually 1 open spot for you to join again, so dont blame the players, blame DE for making this event such a sad thing instead.
  10. I'm with OP, 5 times I made a premade team for ground missions, but after only 1 mission usually people tend to leave and then your stuck on the same station with no other way to proceed to try and get 5k ground points other then make a public game on that station and then randoms will join, and oh boy does that suck cause you'l not get your 5k that way at all. After those 5 failures I was so pissed off, it is a race against other players and unless you have a clan with people that will literally stay together for 3 ground missions (thats like 1h 30min average) you basically have no chance, random solo people will never get their rank 3 ground emblem like this. Luckily, I have a clan with decent people, and we did exactly that and we got 5k from first attempt, but by the time we finished the station was already at 70/100, so again, anyone not in a good group like this wont even get the time to get to their 5k. In space however its different, you can easily do that with randoms and still get 5k points to get rank 3 emblem. The difficulty between doing ground and space missions is too much, and the competition between players is too much as well, the "good" teams will get all the rewards and their 5k and by that time the station reaches 100/100 and everyone else is left cold in the wind.
  11. This whole thing is confusing me so much, you got Emblems you need to earn (1-3-5k) that increase the points you get, but nowhere does it mention if you need to equip those emblems or not if you want to enjoy the benefit they give. Then you also got a number on the emblem if you do equip it, I got 2x rank 1 emblem and 1x rank 2 emblem but regardless of that if I equip either one of those the number "1" appears on it, is this my scarlet rank or something? Why cant I see my rank anywhere else? Then you have emblems that you also earn but with way more points(10-30-50k), however these dont give any benefits? And finally you got bonus points you get after the run is over (usually after 3 hours), though nowhere does it say you get these bonus points only once or if its recurring. If its recurring, then basically every time I earn 5k points within this 3h run, I get 10k on top of it as a bonus? Also does it need to be 5k in either space or ground, or can it be like 2.5k each and will they combine to become 5k in order to get this 10k bonus? And yes I read the wiki, several times, and it still leaves me baffled, especially since I just got my first mail which gave me 2 rank1 emblems, 1 rank2 emblem and only 2k bonus, that should have been 2x 2k bonus plus 6k bonus...
  12. you link 2 pictures, but why not just place a little circle around what your really talking about?
  13. I completely agee with OP, weapons that did never do any self damage should have not received this stagger mechanic on them. Just to use the staticor I have to use Rhino, using a warframe that has no ability to prevent all self-stagger makes using it completely useless, unless you enjoy getting kicked on your ass every 5 seconds. If a players needs to use a specific warframe to eliminate this kind of crap mechanic just to be able to use a weapon, you know something is wrong. And yes it feels very spiteful, just because a few people complained about self-damage on a few weapons, DE instead punished everyone that uses AOE weapons even if that weapon didnt even have anything to do with self-damage at all. Ive played 10x less warframe since last patch and begun playing other games as a result, getting knocked down every 5 seconds is just frustrating and doesnt even make me want to continue playing this game, I only do a sortie each day and thats literally it, and maybe in time I wont even bother with sorties anymore either.
  14. Not really, its these 2 I just mentioned, then maybe that Misery acolyte since he hasnt appeared in 4 years, but at least he doesnt show up as a " ? " in the codex if you havnt got him, its just hidden. In the one year I play this game I got almost all codex entries and I did not find any others that were impossible to get, perhaps that Bailiff Eximus, though hes still in the game, just nearly impossible to even show up, especially now that DE has removed the Extermination at the end of Kuva Spy sorties. Then you got those 2 corpus dropships, but that is new content, not old deleted content, so I'm guessing they will come back at some point. And no, that raptor and hyena entries is actually easy to get, for the raptor I even left a comment on how to get it on the wiki page, so those dont count. So honestly, its just that "Infested Tumor" and "J3 Jordas Golem" entries, if you know of any others feel free to tell me, though I'm pretty sure everything else is possible to get.
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