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  1. I've used LFG chat....twice I think. Both was for the Nightwave challenge to kill Silvergrove Specters. Besides that I never use it, simply because everything can be done randomly.
  2. I never tested it, but ain't it possible with any aoe self inflicting weapon?
  3. Actually, if you kept track of the gaming news, you'd find out that EA had very little to do with it. In fact according to BioWare staff interview by game journalists, the main reason for "waste of time" was due to internal management at BioWare. For some reason Anthem project was put into the BioWare studio (by BioWare management) that developed Dragon Age (mostly single player games/also the reason for no or little development on Dragon Age 4), instead of the Mass Effect team. Yes, most of us can agree Andromeda was a bit of a mess, but at least they had a decent idea of multiplayer goals and the general combat feel. It took the studio a rather long time to ask the Mass Effect studio for some help. It's also said that BioWare wanted to scrap the flying part in Anthem, but one of the EA higher ups said that was a horrible idea after playing a demo. EA got a lot of crap on their shoulders, but with all the news from directions regarding Anthem, the blame is not on EA.
  4. It's really just a competition for anyone who's into Destiny 2. I played it before I bumped into Warframe, and Warframe is hands down just far more interesting due to combat and combat pace. I remember completing the quest stuff in D2, and then that was basicly it. It doesn't really forward you into much more to grind, other than RNG weapons from "dungeons" or raids. The daily challenges at each "faction" NPC was "meh" to me. Honestly I feel like Borderlands and D2 share the looter shooter term more than Warframe, because in Warframe you grind the faction points, relics or resources for THE weapon you want, where as in Borderlands and D2 you're battling with RNG to get a specific weapon that ALSO rolls with RNG stats. In D2 you just switch around whatever gives the highest gear score, even if the weapon ain't that overall interesting. Another problem for me, is that D2 is mostly just gunplay, much like Borderlands. You're tied to very few skills that have a cooldown, while Warframe adapts combat with use of weapons and constant frame abilities. PvP in D2 was "alright", but it was outright messy like Warframe, as you die more or less instantly to things. Burst rifles allowed me to insta killed people just with body shots and the "Powerup" ammo was hilarious on the Storm LMG that did AOE damage, allowing you to run and gun the entire map causing multikills like Saryn nuking ESO. Supers basicly negated each other, and felt more or a "tactical" element rather than an "O-crap!" button. The "open" world events in D2 also just reminds me of Anthem world events with same RNG rewards, that usually just get scrapped. Only difference is that in Anthem you don't get insta fragged by random Drop-Pods (hardest enemy in D2 really). Last, but not least all end level ranges was stuck behind paywalls in terms of expansions. I believe you still need to buy Forsaken and Shadowkeep for various things. For me I just didn't feel D2 could drag me in the same progression motivation :)
  5. Banned for moving the lawn while being nude.
  6. Secondary is great for many. In my case it's mainly distance based. I know Catchmoon is a favourite to many, but Pyrana Prime is wack due to it's "passive" effect when killing 3 in a row. It acts like an auto shotgun that excels at clearing anything up close. Primary is often anything long ranged hitscan 😄
  7. I believe people still say Adaro is quite viable with Equinox, even after the new "Alert proximity" by enemies. In any case it bored the hell out of me too, so I just started using the warframes for regular content doing stuff that was needed. Do a few low level relic missions on a level 1 frame to gain levels, and then just move on with whatever after that, until it's maxxed :)
  8. Does the Riven have a level requirement? It's usually level 30 from what I remember. There is a defence spot on...Pluto, I think? It has the Corpus tileset, where they can only reach from 2 sides if spawned right. You can just keep reloading the mission until you get the right spot. Gara works wonders with this. No reason to negatively mod her, and you can just press 4 again while expanding the wall to stop it. I'm actually uncertain too if using a Specter messes with the solo challenge?
  9. Same, I always use the midair roll too to cover ground. Though in theory NONE of the mods are good for regular content. It's really just a thing if you want to test yourself after an hour of endless missions....for some absurd reason.
  10. I always ignore most things in Region chat, unless a few fellow Tenno has some reasonable game questions. Simply because all the stories heard about their bot. This is a perfect example, since I had no idea what the acronym means until now. This is really only something you bump into, if you deal with chats a lot. I can't relate to what generation that might be, but these days I just ain't bothered with regular chats, as they really ain't....intellectual. It's rather sad you have to Google your way out to find out the 400th million acronym made by a lazy bum.
  11. Yeah, that works too as long as you have enough energy drops, but you're also limited to range. Eventually it won't be enough vs. scalable enemies, as weapons just like on ground rule better. Empyrean looks to be far more open, so hitscan weapons will likely be safer. I wouldn't be surprised if certain enemies can't be frozen. For instance if more "Jordas Golem" type missions show up later, Itzal easily goes underpowered, as weak points amplified by Odonata are wrecked by weapons.
  12. Ouch, harsh. As for weapons, if you really want to rip Archwing missions apart, then use Fluctus, Vandal or Larkspur. They are insane overpowered for anything. I haven't tried potato'ing Phaedra yet, but it might be viable too.
  13. Itzal is only great in terms of quality of life, but it's not the most powerful. If you want pure damage, Odonata is in fact the master here due to skill 1 that acts like a Volt shield amplifying all gun damage :)
  14. The power of Itzal, sadly. Not only is it faster and best for grabbing stuff in space with skill 3, but skill 2 that makes you invisible deadstops you in air when used. I believe it does the same in open world, though I rarely ever snipe or shoot anything from Archwing in open world. It is fancy though just speeding through the corridors in space and then use skill 2 to use the "break" :P
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