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  1. Couple other thoughts When you're low to middle tier, plain old relic farming your fodder in 'busy' void modes (capture mostly) will net you many parts you don't have from those running alongside you. Even as a high-MR tenno I needed Volt Prime late in the game and got another prime part in the last week that I still don't have. Ducats! On their own, not very interesting, but Primed Mods are worth decent plat and Endo/Credits are fairly plentiful to sell at max rank, especially if you grind them passivelty getting stuff in RJ. Similarly Jolt is worth a decent amount. Of course the
  2. Scenario: For many people the twitch drops aren't available because the streams aren't at times that work for them. There's a whole part of the planet for whom the drops take place in the middle of the night. Why not allow recorded streams to be watched in the subsequent 48 hours and allow drops for those? Sometimes the drops are pretty tasty (i.e. umbra forma) and it's annoying to miss out because of something that seems like an oversight.
  3. In addition to percipacity, you want the mod on your parazon that makes you invisible. That makes missions like Lua Spy even easier b/c the thingies can't see you and you get an invisibility reset after each terminal. Energy reduction still sucks though. Don't really have a good suggestion for that, though maybe limbo + percipacity + parazon invisibility for that one.
  4. Yes you can. https://www.westpac.com.au/business-banking/merchants-and-payments/manage/frauds-disputes-chargebacks/guide-to-chargebacks/ All you need to do is provide some fairly simple information and the card issuer will file the chargeback. The money is automatically taken away from the merchant (DE) and they have to pay to fight the chargeback if they want to. Since the 'good' in question is digital and doesn't "cost" DE to generate more, rather than fight the chargeback they just poison the platinum so it becomes useless.
  5. I alway jump in on these topics to point out that DE should expend some effort to reduce intensely repetitive actions, lest players get RSI. You should be able to hold down a button / key to keep meleeing, same for semi-auto guns. It does make it 'easier' but tbh, I'd stop playing if I had to keep up the clicky-clicky game manually. As it is, I use macros to repeat button presses while keys are held. If I get banned, so be it, but IMO it's entirely reasonable.
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