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  1. This post has been made on May 10, 2021 during warframe update 30.1.1. This is obvious news, but it will make the next few sentences more impactful. The last time thrown secondaries have been given an update on a massive scale was on February 8, 2018 during warframe update 22.12. You read that right, the throwing weapons have been silently suffering for 1,189 days (and counting.) Including all variants, we currently have 12 flavors of throwing stars, all of them being flawed in some way. Mk1 and Base Kunai have pitiful base damage leaning on 75% Puncture, the new worst physical damag
  2. I'm starting to think that DE doesn't listen to their own community. If these realms of the forums exist to provide feedback to game mechanic's, and the feedback isn't listened to or even acknowledged, then why are we even here? In fact, here's a better question: why did they release an augment for a nerfed subsumable ability that not only makes Djinn irrelevant, but provides little benefit for a huge cost? If you're at a high level, enemies will destroy a sentinel for any moment that they're not invulnerable. If you're at a low level, enemies will not get a chance to do meaningful damage
  3. Yeah, these were my biggest concerns with Self Damage in the past. Almost if not all of the weapons that had self damage like the Angstrum, Ogris, and Kulstar had mediocre stats even when modded, meaning that you are more likely to die than whatever you're fighting. I made the post to ask for different perspectives, because I'm not sure if the shield gating system we have right now is enough reason to bring Self Damage back.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I hated self damage with a burning passion because of the high chance of instantaneous death without warning or chances to improve. But with shield gating being a barrier that stops lethal damage, at least for a few seconds, what would be your thoughts if Self Damage came back right now?
  5. I feel like operators should have a VERY high damage boost to mob type sentients (as in, the ones that you can find on railjack anomalies.) In the Second Dream, Octavia's Anthem, and in several different voice lines in game, it is implied if not flat out displayed that the volatile substance that is Void damage is harmful and even deadly for Sentient life forms. But in normal gameplay, using just an operator to kill a Batalyst is as effective as using a sock to beat someone to death. Void damage isn't good against armor, shields, or health. It's only purpose in this game is to remove
  6. I'm silently rooting for a Double Hek secondary. Think of the Dubba Stubba, but they go boom boom instead of brrrrrrr
  7. I personally think that companions right now aren't in a good enough spot to warrant permanent death. Only a handful of them are actually useful enough in some way to benefit you regardless of the mission you play, like Smeetas, Panzers, and Helios (both base and primed). Everything else is thrown into the Mastery Fodder bin because of the very specific uses they have being so unreliable, or are coveted by the Lotus Fur Pattern Kubrow Breeders for reasons that are beyond our understanding. And none of the companions, good or bad, have damage or ability scaling that makes them overpowered, met
  8. I don't remember the name of the creatures because I don't go to the Cambion Drift on a regular basis, but during high priority tasks like Iso Vaults or Arcana bounties, I run into a lot of those giant red centipede/caterpillar creatures that make short work of killing me, my allies, and my objectives. What attacks are they doing that makes them so dangerous, and what is the most effective strategy for taking one out without losing most of my blood in the process?
  9. DE started making enemy units with a special type of damage reduction that scales with your DPS. I don't even know how it works because I don't play warframe with a TI-84 Graphing calculator, I just know that I hate it because I can feel it with every shot I take. That's what makes high level heavy units on the Cambion Drift so difficult to take down.
  10. This. Let us keep this. Please spare the rod on this one. Yeah, it's a bug, but it has no effect on gameplay other than looking hilarious. The Dominion Heavy Blade skin on the Zenistar wasn't fixed for the exact same reason, I don't see why we can't have a Silly Putty torso for using a K-Drive in a very congested Captura scene
  11. Bigger shields should grant more invulnerability upon being depleted. The caveat to this will be that shields won't regenerate until you're vulnerable again. Smaller shields will recharge faster upon being destroyed, but you will have less time to get to cover or kill your assailant.
  12. A great example to this game mechanic's hypocrisy is Khora. If Venari dies, Khora can either let her cat auto-revive after about 45 seconds or pay 75 energy on her 3 to forcefully bring Venari back. And this is a companion that is capable of dealing high single target damage, disarming dangerous enemies, and healing players (Defense targets Pre-Scarlet Spear) and NPCs without mod precepts But the Sahasa Kubrow, that one breed of dog that comes with one precept mod (Dig) that gives it a chance to occasionally spit out a small amount of goodies, THAT'S the companion too dangerous
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