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  1. My 9th slot had a free naramon (-) polarity in it. What did I get when the slot was removed? Depression.
  2. Whenever I use Wukong's Ultimate with his twin, the damage of the stick is cut in half. It is divided perfectly between the clone and I, so if we attack the same person, nothing is wrong nor lost. But if I don't have the clone out, them the stick functions normally with its full damage. Is this a normal function of the staff, and if not, is anyone else experiencing the same issue? To clarify, regular melee weapons do their full damage for both Wukong and the twin, which is why I think it's a bug.
  3. We couldn't just have this? With all the work that you need to put in to obtain a Necramech and level it up to use the exalted mortar cannon on JUST open worlds, we couldn't keep this *perfectly functional* 9th slot?
  4. Fellow Equinox mains, I run a build with 172% Strength, 60% Efficiency, and normal Range & Duration. What ability should I swap out, and what transferable ability should take its place?
  5. How is Octavia's Bass Sphere the most recommended ability swap for Equinox
  6. Increasing the amount of time the Wyrm pieces need to brew from 60 seconds to 90 seconds in Stage 1? Completely understandable. Increasing how fast the room fills with toxin without increasing the drop rate or percentage of antidote in Stage 2? Tolerable, but still a little harsh. Not decreasing how tough the Necramechs are in Stage 3? Definitely confusing, because those things are difficult to take down alone without a meta build.
  7. Pats on the head: I think that it was very creative to have you trade various resources with different family members in order to get coins to trade in for standing. Whether you like doing bounties, mining, saving animals, fishing, or looting the enemies and various surroundings, there is an easy and reliable way for you to rank up. Things to Look Into: In order for you to build most of the new weapons, you have to build the individual parts like warframe pieces. It seems like the only reason why this exists is so that there is a reason to farm the new resources. This is bearabl
  8. We have been critical of the decisions made on the Helminth Dev workshop, but the HoD update as a whole is amazing, and the hotfixes that eliminate bugs and optimize the playing experience shows how much you care. Thank you.
  9. Anyone else think it's dirty that DE nerfed Rhino's infused roar, and then on the HoD hype website, it advertises that you could put Roar on Valkyr if you so desire? They got us hyped for abilitiy swapping during Tennocon 2020, then dissapointed us with the list of infused abilities. We made the most out of the list, and chose some abilities that had high potential. This caused DE to reduce the effectiveness of the 5 abilities and put an additional armor cap on Defy for some reason, which got the community livid for days. DE din't respond to the forums being on fire, instead letting the anger
  10. When you put Rhino's Roar up against Mag's Pull, or Revenant's Reave, of COURSE it's going to look overpowered. We were given hope when we filtered through the gimicky and worthless abilities to find some hidden gems being thrown our way. Being given bad powers, and having the few good ones get nerfed is a kick in the teeth. Why even bother with the Helminth system if using Protea's Dispensary would be as helpful as using Loki's Decoy?
  11. I'm going to call this thing that DE keeps doing "The Kronsh Effect." The options to combat a meta is as followed; Option A would be taking a deep look at why most options aren't being chosen as much, and buff the more uncommon options to be just as good as the popular ones. Option B would be taking a short glance at why a small handful of options were being chosen more often, and beating their effectiveness on the head with a Kronsh Machete Zaw until they are just as "good" as the rest of the choices. Because it would be easier, DE decided to make the few great options worse th
  12. Which ability were you thinking of swapping for Roar? I wanted to use Mirage's Eclipse, but I use all of Equinox's abilities because each one has a use.
  13. This doesn't seem as overpowered as people say it is. Try as DE might, a meta will be found for everything. And there had to be some really good abilities thrown in the mix to make the system worth the amount of effort put into swapping abilities. You have to do be MR15, do the HoD quest, farm warframes to give up, and feed tge helminth the proper resources. Imagine doing ALL THAT WORK for something as insignificant as Valkyr's Ripline, or Rhino's Charge? Sure they have their moments, but they have little to no use outside of low level content or very specific builds.
  14. YES. I agree with you 110%. It's a melee-fest of Viral+Heat, with more cheese than a Walmart dairt isle. And when I'm not getting Post Traumatic Supra Disorder from Elite Juno units, I'm taking 3 years to kill a Demolist and being rewarded a 2,500 credit cache for doing so. So far, the Steel Path heavily pushes you into the territory of "Use this strategy, gear, or element or you're doing it wrong," but the solution shouldn't just be to shoot the current meta with NERF darts until it doesn't get back up.
  15. I can launch myself out of a cannon again? Nice. Thank you DE :D
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