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  1. Nidus Prime might be coming soon. If there isn't a Hema Prime or something like that, then I guess I'll keep playing the game because I couldn't care less about the Hema. It might be cool to see a golden space goop gun, I don't know...
  2. I speak for the people who prefer Power rather than Speed. I don't WANT to use a faster firing weapon. I don't have the time to fire 90 bullets into a person, reload, and do the same to someone else. I want one slow, impactful bullet for each enemy. Fast weapons gain an unfair advantage over slow ones because the shield gate doesn't even matter. You aren't supposed to one shot anybody with the Viper. You're supposed to unload your 14 bullet magazine into someone as fast as possible. You aren't supposed to take three magazines to kill someone with a Rubico Prime. You're supposed to kill someone with one shot, regardless of where you hit them. But you can't anymore because the Shield Drone you were trying to take down moves as sporadically as the Grineer Manics, so you miss the head and shoot a wing, and somehow that's still your fault. It doesn't feel fair to have to double tap a level 45 Railgun MOA when the same Euphona Prime shot three 3 months ago would have sent it to Jupiter and turn it's weird robot fanny pack into an orbiting satellite, while Twin Grakata users don't have any problems aiming for the body because nothing changed for them.
  3. Shield Gating for enemies is a double edged sword. It makes killing enemies with well placed headshots more rewarding than before, but makes a few problems arise. A good portion of Corpus enemies move around sporadically, have really hard to hit weak points, and/or have no weak points whatsoever. Most Moas have tiny heads in comparison to their bodies, but have a backpack that does even more damage as compensation. Anti and Fusion Moas have no headshot multiplier, and no other weakpoint. Drones have microscopic heads and move sporadically, making bodyshots hard to pull off as is. Arbitration Drones have no weak points, and still get shield gating despite not being Corpus in origin. An easy way to counteract this is to significantly increase the percentage of damage an enemy takes after the shield gate is broken with a body shot. 5% is extremely low, and seems to neuter a Rattleguts Haymarker Splat Kitgun more than it does a Rattleguts Gibber Splat if they had the same build.
  4. Simply put, Anti Moas, Arbitration Drones, and Fusion Moas all have shield gating, but have no weaklings to shoot at to bypass it. I've spawned these enemies in the Simulacrum, and tested them with a Euphona Prime build with Viral, and the same build but with Magnetic. I shot everywhere on their bodies, and they have no way to bypass the shield gate. These enemies are some of the most annoying to fight. Anti-Moas knock you down from range, Arbitration Drones stop you from damaging others, and Fusion Moas MELT companions and defence targets at high levels. And yet NONE of them have heads, or panels to shoot at to kill them in one shot. To counteract this, they shouldn't have shield gating, or they should have weakpoints that work. (Because the Fusion and Anti Moas have heads. I can see them move.)
  5. If the secondary is a single pistol, you should be able to dual wield it with another single pistol. (Ex: Cyanex & Tysis.) The tradeoff being that you can't aim down sights while dual wielding different secondaries. Fire button would shoot the gun on the right, aim button would shoot the gun on the left. This would encourage players to try different weapon combinations, like stacking different Pringles flavors to create new ones. Additional rules: You can't combine single pistols that could be combined under normal circumstances. (2 Lex) You can't combine two of the same pistols, even if there are different variants. (Nukor & Kuva Nukor) The Pyrana Prime can't be used in any combination because it already splits into two guns. Kitguns cannot be used in any combination. We dont need any dual wielded Haymaker Splat Catchmoons and Tombfingers.
  6. A gas themed Warframe. They have 1 ability for damage, support, crowd control, and defence.
  7. I like these changes. The armor buff benefits all the frames with lower survivability; Volt doesn't have to run as fast, Trinity doesn't have to cast link & blessing all the time, Chroma can keep sucking his thumb while rocking back and fourth in the fetal position, and I don't have to have Pacify & Provoke on every single time I'm close to death. I'm sort of glad that Corrosive got nerfed while Magnetic got buffed. The armor values went WAY down, so I don't care, and Magnetic was bested by everything. However, can someone help me understand what changed about slash, toxin, & gas? Self Stagger on weapons that didn't even have self damage in the first place? A bit excessive, but it could be worked around by aiming. However, I disagree with the amount of explosion falloff for self staggering weapons now. I can understand if the intent is to make players more accurate. But 90% Damage lost? That makes dead accurate shots required to kill things, like I'm using a sniper rifle. I would settle for 50% or even 75%. But with 10% damage left over from the falloff, good luck trying to hit that Energy Leech Eximus Scorpion that's 30 meters away with your Ogris.
  8. EXACTLY. The entire reason the Vulkok is so slow is because people could go through defence missions without firing a round themselves. The nerf to the other sentinel weapons just mean that if you want a sentinel or MOA to do your dirty work, you have to put a LOT of resources into it. My sweeper prime cost over 40,000 endo, at least 780,000 credits, 4 Formas, and a riven that I farmed and rolled myself. While the grind is a lot, just imagining a MR2 Volt doing nothing but playing a Shawzin while his Taxon kills everything in a Lith void fissure makes me want the grind any day.
  9. I am a happy Equinox Main that uses the Lenz religiously. The Bramma came out, and I immediately was turned away from it because the innacurate arrows coupled with heavy arching and extreme self damage. When I seen the recent devstream that told me that self damage was being REMOVED, I played Crab Rave on my mantacord. However, I fear that self stagger will not be enough to stop people from shooting a roller from 5 meters away with a Kuva Ogris. There barely is any risk now. But I have a solution that won't severely punish you, but will make you think twice before using an explosive weapon at shotgun ranges. I call it the Shrapnel Effect. How it works is simple. If you are close to the center of the explosion, you get a temporary rebuff that increases the damage you take for a short amount of time. This effect stacks, increasing the percentage and duration, and caps, stopping at a certain point. I'm going to use the devstream example that used Excalibur Umbra with an Ogris. If you are on the border of the explosive radius, where Umbra flinched, you wouldn't get affected by the Shrapnel Effect. If you are inside but not in the middle, where Umbra performed a single backflip, you would take +10% damage vulnerability for 7.5 seconds. If you were in the center of the explosion, you would take +20% for 7.5 seconds. The debuff would finally cap at +80% for 30 seconds. The purpose of this is to punish you, but only in higher stakes situations. You don't deserve to lose a life because someone ran in front of you during an E Prime run for Kurias, but you shoud be reprimanded for shooting a Lenz arrow at a charging level 97 Oxium Osprey that was heading right for you. The extra damage is designed to not effect you in lower missions, but make you think about the situation in higher ones. In conclusion, I designed the Shrapnel Effect because I don't want people to risk losing a mission for making mistakes. But at the same time, I don't want people to purposefully agree to making stupid decisions and get away with it because the fear of them recieving fatal damage caught Corona Virus.
  10. Enemy shield gates are a good idea because they can be bypassed with well placed shots. However, I have the request that only special units gain shields. There are regular shields, and proto shields. Seeing as proto shields are stronger and more advanced, shield gates should be given to enemies that own proto shields, instead of every corpus enemy.
  11. Our current bow lineup in warframe is HUGE. We have bows with mostly impact (Cernos), Punture (Paris), and Slash (Dread), a bow with innate Multishot (Cernos Prime), a bow with above average damage and special mods for it (Daiku), A bow that has toxin clouds errupt from the point of impact (Mutalist Cernos), a bow with an innate Syndicate effect and the fastest charge speed (Rakta Cernos), and a bow with innate Arrow Mutation that makes an exploding snowglobe at the arrow's location (Lenz) The new Kuva Lich weapons gave us the Kuva Bramma, which combines the clusterbombs of the Zarr and early detonation of the Kulstar. Seeing that the Grineer can properly use bows and snipers even though they are all pin cushions for defects and extra chromosomes, this means that anything is possible. That being said, there is a sentient bow floating aimlessly in the origin system, and I NEED to have one. Getting the numbers out of the way, Ammo Type: Bow (But it doesn't matter) Noise Level: Alarming Fire Rate: 1.0 round per sec Magazine Size: 1 round per mag Max Ammo: 3 Reload Time (With Ammo): 0.5 sec Reload Time (Without Ammo): 4.0 sec Disposition: ⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪ Charged Shot 150.0 impact 150.0 electricity Total Damage: 300.0 Charge time: 0.8 s Crit Chance: 40% Crit Damage: 2.3x Status Chance: 10% Accuracy: 16.67 Arrow Shrapnel 150.0 puncture 150.0 slash Total Damage: 300.0 Crit Chance: 10% Crit Damage: 1.7x Status Chance: 40% Accuracy: 2.0 Damage Falloff: (full damage at at 14m)(minimum damage at 28m) (85% Damage falloff) The function behind the bow is ingenious. You are required to charge the bow fully in order to fire the crit based spectral arrow that has impact and electricity. Upon hitting an enemy or a physical surface, the arrow shatters, spraying innacurate slash and puncture shrapnel with a high chance of dealing status effects. Pros about the weapon: Now that I think of it, this is just the combination of the Astilla and an uncharted Dragoon shot Regenerates it's own ammo Full IPS with Innate Electricity Average Charge time The arrow has high Crit Chance and above average Crit multiplier The shrapnel has high Status chance If the arrow detonated on an enemy, the shrapnell has enough punch through to go through them. If the arrow detonated on terrain, the shrapnell will ricochet, like a laser pointer hitting a mirror Cons about the weapon ALL ammo must be spent before the bow regenerates more Slow Ammo Recharge speed Arrow has low status chance Shrapnell has low crit chance and below average multiplier Shrapnell has extreme spread and heavy damage falloff, limiting it's use to close range only
  12. What I meant was "You're doing what now". It shocked me because I didn't know dissolving rivens was possible, let alone you were doing it for another reason than because you needed the space.
  13. What about Riven Despacito? Did that change for any weapons?
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