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  1. Don't get me wrong, I love the Tenet Diplos. They are really fun and satisfying to use. But the special effect they carry is the only thing hurting it. It doesn't matter how much crit chance and damage a weapon has; there isn't a world where shooting two low damage, impact based bullets at an enemy with high resistances is better than just unloading an entire magazine into them.
  2. This is a good fix, but there are still other issues that could have been addressed - The Galvanized Condition Overload mods are still bugged, and don't provide their on-kill mechanics to anything that shoots projectiles instead of bullets. - Literally everyone who got the Tenet Diplos disliked the homing mechanic because a weapon all about sustained damage is forced to deal burst damage. - Due to the fear of Kuva Liches and Sisters being deleted by the exalted weapon of one Necramech, they have been given enough damage reduction to make 5 forma guns that deal 10,000 damage deal only 16 - Railjack still barely works, and bugs out in some way more often than it runs normally - In the amount of time it takes to do a run trying to spawn a Sister, you can do 2-3 runs trying to spawn a Kuva Lich
  3. Diversified Denial, for those who don't know/remember what it does, is a hound precept mod obtained from the Udga Bracket that causes your robo doggo to split into 3 robot puppies for 30 seconds. The puppies cannot use any other hound precepts, but are able to use melee attacks that do 85% of the damage that the normal hound would do. However, unlike Hard Engage, a mod for MOAs that also allows restricts them to melee combat, Diversified Denial does not take ANY of the mods on your Hound's melee weapon into account. Taking damage multipliers out of the equation, each pup will only be doing 129.2 damage per attack. Also, the pups have almost no health. They have a full shield bar, but only a sliver of health. And once every pup is killed, the main hound reappears with half health. Out of all the Denial abilities, this one really fell flat on its face. I'm hoping it's just due to bugs, because it would be a lot more disappointing if this is working as intended.
  4. My Robo Doggo gets damaged from the electric procs caused by its own Synergized Prospectus spark. Nothing elaborate, it just hurts itself and occasionally downs itself upon casting the ability.
  5. The only time they got this to work was with the Sepulcrum. And the only reason why people tolerate it is because the Alt fire has high damage that scales with mods, and AOE. The Diplos have neither on the homing projectiles. You are essentially shooting an enemy with the hipfire mode two times, for 28 base damage each, for two ammo per shot.
  6. I feel your pain. I am an impulsive ADSer, and will aim with any weapon (Even with something with bad accuracy, like a Kuva Bramma). How I bypass the homing mode is to pull the trigger first, and then aim down sights without releasing the fire button. That will allow you to full auto the Diplos and take advantage of reduced spread and ADS specific mods. The reason the homing mode messes up so badly is because the Tenet Diplos is a weapon meant for sustained damage over time, not one-and-done burst damage. Forcing the Diplos to only shoot two shots per locked on target and expect them to kill with just those two shots is the equivalent of forcing a Vectis to shoot 10 rounds a second to maintain a buff. It just can't be done.
  7. That looks awesome. And in a way, we can already do this against anything that doesn't have armor. If an enemy is high level and/or wearing so much as steel toe boots, the homing mode won't be better than just hipfiring because... Also, the Diplos REQUIRES headshots to do damage instead of politely suggesting it, and they just can't get headshots from the homing bullets.
  8. I had to look up what the Smart Gun was because I don't have Titanfall yet, but I watched a gun guide from Ahoy I can agree that having the Diplos impliment more features that the smart gun has would be nice
  9. I think DE is afraid of buffing the Diplos just because they fire homing projectiles, although we have several different weapons and tools with homing projectiles that don't break game balance. They don't even need to touch the stats. Just remove the per-target cap, and they'll be alright
  10. Let me start off by saying that I love the Tenet Diplos. They are my new favorite secondaries. And I'm making a feedback post in the hopes that I can raise awareness to DE and get them buffed, because there is a gleaming issue holding them back: the special effect they were built on. Aiming down sights to mark enemies and launch a burst of homing projectiles is fine to me, but only two shots are fired per marked target and the homing shots have no difference in stats to the hipfire shots; this essentially forces you to only shoot an enemy twice, something that is odd & clunky at best (standard star chart content) and useless & detrimental at its worst (Higher level content and/or anything against armor). There are two ways to fix the Tenet Diplos: 1.) You can remove the cap of how many bullets you can fire per target. This would allow players to lock onto enemies they want to focus down, hold the fire button as they maintain line of sight, and make the room swim full of energy bees with murderous intentions. 2.) You can give the homing projectiles a boost in stats. This buff is less preferable compared to the idea listed above, but would still help the Diplos a lot. If players are going to be forced to only shoot two enemies per shot while launching the homing burst, then there should be more stats to back it up. Maybe an increase in critical stats and damage specifically while aiming down sights, and it reverts to normal upon hip firing. Another issue with the Diplos seems to be more of a bug that a design flaw. Shooting homing projectiles at specific enemies will cause the projectiles to miss, and proceed to spin right 'round the marked target (baby right round) like a record player until the projectiles hit their intended mark, or (the most likely case) despawn without hurting anything. Let me say again that I love the Tenet Diplos, and I'm happy I was able to get my greasy little Equinox Prime hands on a pair of these gems. However, the issues that I found with them are not limited to just being experienced by me. Seriously, I searched "Tenet Diplos warframe forums" on Google, and found three posts with negative sounding titles that provide the same ideas of buffs as mine. We worked hard to obtain and build our briefcase guns, and the homing projectiles that should be beneficial to us just won't hold up in higher level content unless we are given a better quantity or quantity of angry energy bees.
  11. I didn't know where to put this comment, so I decided that it would be best to put it in the Bugs section because the game wasn't like this before. I would mortally wound a heavy unit or eximus, go in to stab them in the face with my knife on a rope, press the button, and nothing happens. The issue I'm running into is that enemies that are under effects of crowd control don't allow you to Mercy Kill them. This list includes -Being on Fire -Being Zapped - Gas Proc Stunlocks - Staggers caused just by attacking them - Staggers from mortally wounding Mercy Kill eligible enemies but not killing them - Being Blinded by the parazon mod Out of Sight (and/or Being blinded period) And many more. I really like the way parazon kills were improved, but before you can get ammo, health orbs, energy orbs, or even your companion back by stabbing a Heavy Gunner in the face, you have to wait for them to stop panicking from being set aflame. Tldr; If the enemies aren't actively shooting at you because they are in the middle of being stunned/staggered by anything, I can't parazon Kill them.
  12. I get your point of view now. If set mods on melee mods are not supposed to apply their bonuses, then the same should apply to the primary and secondary set mods also.
  13. Interesting opinion and point of view that I agree with in a few ways. It would most likely improve game balance, but I've grown rather attached to my funny purple rectangles that cost a lot of imaginary currency
  14. Trying to throw away my personal bias on the matter, what would the community gain from getting this removed
  15. At the very least, DE can make augments for some of the older prime weapons. Burston Prime, Akstiletto Prime, Akbronko Prime, Paris Prime and Soma Prime received augments from Father (with Burston being the odd one out as you get that from Arbiters of Hexis) While the augments aren't particularly spectacular, it does more than just give Prime weapons direct upgraded stats over their originals (in most cases).
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