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  1. I know how you feel, I'm one of if not the only one in my clan who likes using the Latron series, or the twin Vipers
  2. Oh my gosh, we found one lads We found someone who uses and likes the Braton Prime No joke, I have never seen anyone higher than MR8 that enjoys something in the Braton series. It's like finding a Grendel Main in an Arbitration, or a person who orders a soup at Subway
  3. It would be cool if the Dark Split Sword could change forms with a heavy slam or something. As of right now, they are just a heavy blade or dual swords with innate radiation
  4. I went off the grid for a few days, I was waiting for Nezha to build and then I spent an additional day leveling him up. He's not bad. He's definitely an interesting mix between a tank and a support, and He's pretty fun to fool around with on normal star chart content Additionally, I did more work on the Equinox build. I removed Prime Vigor for Rolling Guard and I'm currently trying to figure out what should replace Umbra Fiber Thanks for the advice
  5. That is honestly one of the worst equinox builds i have seen. I dont think you know how to use Equinox's kit effectively if you think this setup is even marginally acceptable , Feels like you tried to turn her into inaros. She is not a traditional tank , she is an excellent all rounder but is best built for a specialization like CC , team buff, Burst damage or enemy debuff, that you can take further with her augments. She can technically tank , by taking advantage of her mechanic to convert enemy deaths into shields (and so always keep shield gates active if used right). She definitely lacks enough armor to make umbral fiber worth using. You also have not mentioned the arcanes used (if any) - arcane ultimatum is a better option than any health or armor mods on her. Defintely a waste of 7 forma in my opinion. I appreciate the advice, I don't know a lot of people online who regularly play Equinox. I built equinox in that special way due to how I don't really use my abilities all that much; most of my time is spent fighting with the weapons in my loadout. Honestly, none of the Warframes really caught my interest, but Equinox seemed the most useful to me since my first day just because she seemed to have a tool for every situation. I'm not really sure what frame would better suit my playstyle, and I'm pretty open to suggestions
  6. I completely forgot that we were given extra lives for a reason. I've written down at least 500 words in my post-game analysis, and I wasn't using my brain when typing any of them
  7. This was the post clip analysis During the game, I was regretting everything I've done in life because they led me to play a Railjack Survival mission in Warframe for fun
  8. Again, a lot of context is lost through text, so I'm honestly not sure if I should take them as jokes or advice. In response, I'll try to unpack the situation as respectfully as I can. 1.) I was running a 7 forma, umbra build Equinox Prime equipped with Umbra Vitality Intensity & Fiber, Primed Vigor, Adaptation, Redirection, Primed Flow and Quick Thinking with Growing Power in the Aura slot and the Vigilante Enemy Sense mod in the exi slot. While I'm not an Inaros or a Wukong, this build was literally designed to take more punishment than the average Equinox build and is used daily in various Arbitration missions with no issues. It flosses its non-existant Tenno teeth with level 120 units. 2.) While I was at very low health in the clip, it was due to there being droves of these Penta wielding Vambac enemies in every large encounter I was in for the duration of this survival mission. Furthermore, through post-mission Similacrum tests, I was able to learn more info about these enemies that what is available on their Wiki page. 2a.) Their offense is unreal. A level 85 Vambac does more damage to the Equinox listed above than a level 160 Bombard at the same distance. That would be fine on its own, but their projectile speed seems to be only a little bit slower than any Corpus weapon laser projectile, and doesn't have a very noticeable amount of arching. And because they're shooting "proximity grenades" (the Wiki's words, not mine), them aiming in your general direction is immediately putting you in the danger zone. With their high damage, high projectile speed, and AoE capabilities, the only ways to kill one at level 86 without getting seriously hurt is to snipe it at very long range, or to hope that it's line of sight can be broken by an in-game object. If face to face confrontation is inevitable, then you can just rush him after he fires, because he has slower fire rate than a Bombard. However, because these enemies are so common, it's not unlikely to find two or more in a big group. And they never seem to fire simultaneously to hit the shield gate. They always seemed to shoot one at a time in the survival mission, stripping my shields and quickly digging into my health pool. If there are more than one, then you should make exit plans the moment you notice, because they will not shoot you from long range. 2b.) This point is a lot shorter, their defense also needs mentioning. The Vambacs like to hide behind cover whenever it's available, and they have that fancy permanent damage reduction that scales off of your DPS so DE can artificially make hard content with minimal effort. And now, with the behind the scenes out of the way, I can give the full story of the game clip: I was running. In the room prior, a large fountain statue of Parvos Granum, I was being attacked by a small squad that included three Vambacs protected by two nullifier bubbles and a sprinkling of shield ospreys. They nearly murdered me, and I only was able to kill one nullifier and a few ospreys. Not wanting to die or run out of life support, I retreat into the nearest hallway to try and catch my breath. I kill a straggling osprey, and before I can go into the space supply closet, a Vambac opens the door and breaks my shield. Panicking, I pull out my Life Strike Redeemer Prime to top myself off, only to be brain blasted by another Vambac who was hiding around the corner. I was given not even 1.7 seconds to evaluate my options and pick a viable one. My movement choices: - Retreat backwards towards the Vambacs I had just run away from who were definitely ready to fire again - Bullet Jump and roll towards the Vambac to get to the other side of the room My choices as a Day Form Equinox: - Take 2 seconds to Switch to Night Form - Make the already very dangerous enemy more dangerous by making them faster in every way - Buffing my own ability strength - Taking 2 seconds of standing still to turn on Maim My weapon options: - Take about 3 seconds to draw my Kuva Bramma and release an arrow - Take 2.8 seconds to reload my Tenet Diplos and hipfire - Light attack with my Redeemer to apply Viral procs - Heavy attack with my Redeemer to get health back I decided that the best course of action was to obtain health as quickly as possible, so started to draw my gunblade and charge the heavy attack. I didn't even see the other Vambac until he popped out from around the corner and surprise murdered me. I was fighting for my virtual life for over 20 minutes, non-stop. And in this clip, I wasn't running around and being careless, I was trying to disengage. And when that didn't work, I tried to fight back. The Vambacs did so much damage to my health, Quick Thinking couldn't save me even with 701 energy. Even if I was fooling around and deserved to die here, I'm not the only one who believes that Vambacs do an extreme amount of damage for no good reason https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1275880-corpus-rj-penta-units-vambac-damage-output-might-be-too-high/
  9. A lot of context is lost through text, so I have no idea if you asked for this or not But this exists now, so you're receiving it so you can suffer watching it just as I have suffered making it
  10. The homing projectiles only reliably track enemies if you're the host. If you're a client, most of the "homing" shots will just act like the hipfire projectiles, but travel through the air like paper airplanes.
  11. There wasn't even a stagger The gun practically exploded in my face, Jigsaw 2017 style
  12. Self Damage? I know that voice. I killed that voice. You are a ghost. But. I. Don't. Believe in ghosts.
  13. Buzlok is a fully automatic crit based weapon with a lock on mechanic that allows you to choose who you want to target, and we can have a free trigger on that. But the Tenet Diplos, a fully automatic crit based weapon with a lock on mechanic that allows you to choose who you want to target, restricts itself to only shooting twice per enemy. Alright. Awesome. Cool.. Warframe 2021 ladies and gentlemen
  14. "The Kronen Prime shall not be spared the rod. As the Redeemer Prime and those who came before it Were Not Spared."
  15. The Basmu's Alt-Fire still has seemingly infinite chaining, and I don't think that enough people are talking about it
  16. Don't get me wrong, I love the Tenet Diplos. They are really fun and satisfying to use. But the special effect they carry is the only thing hurting it. It doesn't matter how much crit chance and damage a weapon has; there isn't a world where shooting two low damage, impact based bullets at an enemy with high resistances is better than just unloading an entire magazine into them.
  17. This is a good fix, but there are still other issues that could have been addressed - The Galvanized Condition Overload mods are still bugged, and don't provide their on-kill mechanics to anything that shoots projectiles instead of bullets. - Literally everyone who got the Tenet Diplos disliked the homing mechanic because a weapon all about sustained damage is forced to deal burst damage. - Due to the fear of Kuva Liches and Sisters being deleted by the exalted weapon of one Necramech, they have been given enough damage reduction to make 5 forma guns that deal 10,000 damage deal only 16 - Railjack still barely works, and bugs out in some way more often than it runs normally - In the amount of time it takes to do a run trying to spawn a Sister, you can do 2-3 runs trying to spawn a Kuva Lich
  18. Diversified Denial, for those who don't know/remember what it does, is a hound precept mod obtained from the Udga Bracket that causes your robo doggo to split into 3 robot puppies for 30 seconds. The puppies cannot use any other hound precepts, but are able to use melee attacks that do 85% of the damage that the normal hound would do. However, unlike Hard Engage, a mod for MOAs that also allows restricts them to melee combat, Diversified Denial does not take ANY of the mods on your Hound's melee weapon into account. Taking damage multipliers out of the equation, each pup will only be doing 129.2 damage per attack. Also, the pups have almost no health. They have a full shield bar, but only a sliver of health. And once every pup is killed, the main hound reappears with half health. Out of all the Denial abilities, this one really fell flat on its face. I'm hoping it's just due to bugs, because it would be a lot more disappointing if this is working as intended.
  19. My Robo Doggo gets damaged from the electric procs caused by its own Synergized Prospectus spark. Nothing elaborate, it just hurts itself and occasionally downs itself upon casting the ability.
  20. The only time they got this to work was with the Sepulcrum. And the only reason why people tolerate it is because the Alt fire has high damage that scales with mods, and AOE. The Diplos have neither on the homing projectiles. You are essentially shooting an enemy with the hipfire mode two times, for 28 base damage each, for two ammo per shot.
  21. I feel your pain. I am an impulsive ADSer, and will aim with any weapon (Even with something with bad accuracy, like a Kuva Bramma). How I bypass the homing mode is to pull the trigger first, and then aim down sights without releasing the fire button. That will allow you to full auto the Diplos and take advantage of reduced spread and ADS specific mods. The reason the homing mode messes up so badly is because the Tenet Diplos is a weapon meant for sustained damage over time, not one-and-done burst damage. Forcing the Diplos to only shoot two shots per locked on target and expect them to kill with just those two shots is the equivalent of forcing a Vectis to shoot 10 rounds a second to maintain a buff. It just can't be done.
  22. That looks awesome. And in a way, we can already do this against anything that doesn't have armor. If an enemy is high level and/or wearing so much as steel toe boots, the homing mode won't be better than just hipfiring because... Also, the Diplos REQUIRES headshots to do damage instead of politely suggesting it, and they just can't get headshots from the homing bullets.
  23. I had to look up what the Smart Gun was because I don't have Titanfall yet, but I watched a gun guide from Ahoy I can agree that having the Diplos impliment more features that the smart gun has would be nice
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