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  1. Hello there.. are you currently using Public IP Address? if you are unsure, please contact your ISP.. or try to enable UPnP on your router (just google the "Arris Router Enable UPnP").. because we can't port forward without using the Public IP (based on my experience and some research, cmiiw) it happened to me before i'm start using Public IP.. Strict NAT detected and UPnP malfunctioning alert and LAG-A-LOT while playing with friends or randoms.. which is annoying and frustating me, so I stopped playing for a while.. then i'm trying to contact my ISP and subscribe to their Public IP (small additional fee) and then Boom!! no more Strict NAT warning, no more laggy gameplay on Public, everything is good! so i'm suggest you to contact your ISP.. and ask about the Public IP and Port Forward sorry for my bad english Have a great day 😁
  2. Finally! I found someone that have same ISP level restriction with me lol btw do you sometimes lagging when doing multiplayer?
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