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  1. If you attack enemy affected by Bullet attractor from Void damage proc at point blank range you will also damage yourself. This seems to be very consistent with Ignis. It also happens with other beam weapons though very inconsistently.
  2. Xata's Whisper is okay I guess? Void damage is niche at best but it is somewhat of a damage increase. To be hones I expect an Augment which would allow to share it with the team. Grasp of Lokh: It looks really cool, however the ability kinda needs a base range increase. The Lost: once again brings a pain point for me and I suppose some of other players. The cycling abilities are super uncomfortable to use. Please for the lover of god allow us to bind the abilities from the cycle skills to separate buttons. The Vast Untime: This ability deals like no damage. The other b
  3. For somewhat reason I see constant looping lvl-up animation on my Kubrow. Here is a video: http://tinyurl.com/pm2ky7t Don't mind the quality. (Not sure on how to embed the video) Also on a side note. It appears that all bosses are lvl 1. Was playing t4 Intercept when Corrupted Vor appeared. He was lvl 1 and died in one hit. Edit. Fixed wrong link
  4. Never forget Always remember. Damn... I forgot. =(
  5. GPU is selected. Warframe wont even launch with the integrated video card. Edit: Reinstal of drivers did not help. However Reinstaltion of PhysX helped. Which is a bit odd since PhysX was working fine with other games.
  6. Helllo I recently hae noticed that Physyx does not work for some reason despite it being supported by my card. It was working previously. Sometimes Physx option is disabled in the menu an when I enable it game mentions that I need to reload it. Once I reload the Physx is disabled and now it is greyed out. My PC: Processor: Inter ® Core i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.60 Ghz Ram: 6.00 Gb 64x system Video card: GeForce GT 650M Yes I play from a laptop.
  7. I just had a brilliant idea (not really, i'm not surprised if someone already voiced it) What if when you access your shop on the ship you would be greeted by Dravo. (I always assumed that he's running the market) with couple of voice-lines like Hello again, come back again etc. Just in case:
  8. Regarding 4. From my experience the proc depends on the highest damage source. I have Tysis with Radiation+Virus and it's default corrosive and 100% proc chance. I see radiation procs the most especially on bombards and napalms since Radiation is the highest damage. Here is the build: http://warframe-builder.com/Secondary_Weapons/Builder/Tysis/t_30_00000000_202-4-5-204-3-10-205-1-3-206-0-5-212-2-3-263-5-3_206-11-205-9-212-7-204-14-202-11-263-7-f-f-f-f/en/3-0-22/14908/0
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