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  1. It's up to DE if they make it require same kitguns
  2. Maybe using an item we could make dual kitguns. Kitguns must be: Gilded Same barrel at least
  3. Maybe make the exalted energy slice fly out during a charged attack
  4. Down into the pit behind the chair
  5. Since the wolf sledge has been thrown out the window, maybe there could be a thing you get from it called "wolf sledge counterweight" that you can put on hammers that have catalysts. Or maybe a part to put on warframes after reactors to give them umbra's ability to walk
  6. "get your infested popsicles!"
  7. The heavy blades already are a thing, with one type of saw head sadly
  8. Maybe the one solaris salesman in cetus can do this
  9. It doesnt matter if its a very serious bug. It's contained in there
  10. Focus schools arent comparable to using shards as wasted potential
  11. I made a self healing hirudo build forma free, that was ruined with the update
  12. "AAAAAAAAAAAAH I CANT STOP FLYING EVERYWHERE" [auto equip melee [x] ] ] "Better"
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