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  1. Hi all, Oberon is a bit underwhelming as a frame and hasn't been reworked in ages. So do you think it would be too much to ask if his passive ability was to also affect sentinels as well? It's a small change but for people like me , who main an Oberon and use a sentinel , it would be a nice little improvement.
  2. There are many things you can do when it comes down to the timer. You can leave the group and queue for another, you can ask for help on the recruiting channel and get a team of players who know what they're doing or you could explain to the new players how the system works and that they shouldn't spam the "mission start" button. There are so many solutions other than the radical action of increasing a timer that frustrates many players, my self included, as is.
  3. Hi all, i've just finished the Steel Path and the end felt quite anticlimactic with nothing to really show for it. I'd like to propose for the introduction of a glyph or sigil or some kind of regalia to signify this accomplishment.
  4. Completely agree with the op statement. The green indicator goes missing or malfunctions and as a result i couldn't exit the mission.
  5. Dear DEVs .......... the graphical changes are not worth the drop in gaming quality. While there is no noticeable improvement on how the game looks after the hotfix, there is a huge difference for the worse on how it plays. I'll have to agree with other Tenno posts that instead of wasting resources on "fashion" try to eliminate the many problems that plague the game. Do i have to remind you that after all these years mission hosting is a mess and there are still daily missions that bug out and fail?
  6. I'm experiencing a drastic degradation in performance after the latest hotfix. Choppy movement, screen freezes and longer loading times to name a few.
  7. I have Synth deconstruct + Synth Fiber equipped but they don't reload my magazine even when completely empty and holstered. The same goes for Eject Magazine on a Kuva Nukor. In each case that i tried them out i was the host. When i'm not the host they're very unreliable as they seem to sometimes work, while other times they don't.
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