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  1. No, it is not the only one. In its current state, Railjack is just a taxi, and another half-implemented "open world" that doesn't add anything relevant.
  2. Mod, please remove this post. The cause of the problem was based on an incorrect firewall configuration. Thanks.
  3. Anyone else having login problems? I have not been able to enter the game for less than 2 hours. I have already checked the password several times, everything seems correct, but I keep getting the "wrong password" message. Does anyone else have this problem?
  4. It is DE's business model and its only way of survival, and that is not open to criticism. What can be criticized is that they do exclusively that, while the core of the game is in pieces.
  5. ... and this is exactly the problem with this thread and other similar ones: it a huge undertaking. DE no longer does "huge undertaking". Just see everything about The Arsenal Divide. DE implemented cheap and superficial mechanics to "fix" deep core gameplay problems, with the only excuse that "polishing all firearms would be a huge undertaking." In contrast to that, compare the work it would take to do some of what you propose in your thread and draw your own conclusions. Editl: the first like for you is mine.
  6. Technically, no. Because the term "extraterrestrial" refers to any entity (living or non-life) of non-terrestrial origin (from planet Earth).
  7. I have been a Warframe player since 2014 and in all this time I have seen first-hand the ups and downs that DE has suffered as a developer, with its successes and errors. Speaking of mistakes, I consider everything concerning fishing, hunting and mining (FHM) a mistake and a step in the wrong direction. The FHM system is unnecessary, it does not contribute anything to the central core of the game, it forces the player to invest time in monotonous and boring tasks that have nothing to do with combat and in general, it dangerously brings Warframe closer to the style of commercial malpractices that They are not very respectful of the player's time and they only seek to keep him connected at all costs to the detriment of his fun. Now with Deimos this defective mechanic reaches its maximum exponent with the Entrati, where ranking up is only possible by hunting a strange bird, all under the dynamics of a mechanically poorly implemented in its development, as well as tedious and boring. Solution: Make the FHM optional. There are players who enjoy it and it is respectable. There are many other players who do NOT enjoy FHM and they must also be respected. Allow alternative options to achieve all those things that can only be achieved with FHM. On a personal note, I consider Deimos to be a repeat of the mistakes already made with PoE and Vallis, and as a Warframe player who loves the core of the game these 'open worlds' don't matter to me. Just give me options so I can stay away from them. Thanks.
  8. I would really love if there's an option to keep it open in every area. I really dislike how it looks when I'm wearing it during a mission and I'm not receiving any damage. All (un)folding syandanas should have the option to open always, while airborne or never. But that last one makes more sense for the wing-like syandanas than the Flox. BTW, the Flox now does exactly what its description has been saying from the very beginning: A Corpus-inspired Syandana that responds to the wearer's well-being, unfolding in response to damage. As you endure the Flox unfolds. To me, this doesn't make much sense for the Flox and I'll probably stop using it. Add "open on damage" as a fourth option, but please let us choose.
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