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  1. I suspect that Steve does not like your idea that we leave to play other games.
  2. I expect a Railjack with an "open world" of 4 people and constant server migrations. Don't expect much and you won't get frustrated with [DE].
  3. He has no shields because Inaros is an intelligent god.
  4. This is very necessary. ^ I would love to have individual key combinations in the options menu for each frame individually. As it is now, I must go to options continuously every time I need to use a different warframe.
  5. The best frames are defined by 4 properties: 1. Your abilities scale infinitely with the enemy level. They are always functional and affect the enemy in the same way regardless of their level (see, Loki Radial Disarm). 2. Your skills offer utility independent of damage. Frames that base their damage skills are outdated, except when used at low levels (<50). If you are a newbie, you can even have fun with Ember on the entire solar map. 3. The framework has resources for its own survival, liabilities or assets. Loki is a very soft frame, but his invisibility allows him to stay alive. Inaros is a tank, it is there to withstand tons of damage, but it has resources to heal. 4. Your skills are instant launch. In a fast-paced game like Warframe, Vauban has no time to strategically set traps. The "worst" framework will be that it does not meet the requirements cited above. And there are many.
  6. The only thing I can say before his thread:
  7. Except if your plan is to use the sentinel weapon at low levels (<50), it is a bad idea to use it to harm. The sentinel weapon has to have high levels of state probability, and in this task 3 stand out: Sweeper Prime, Vulklok and Cryotra. At medium-high levels, modify your sentinel weapon to produce consistent radiation procs. Believe me, it's your best defense. And with it, I declassify the national security secrets.
  8. The statistical properties offered by the parties are not significant enough to make any difference. With that, there are only two considerations: Precepts (skills) and aesthetics. Without going into aesthetic considerations, the best of the 3 MOAs is: Lambeo. The skills of the other two models are, (as [DE] we are already accustomed) so inconsistent and so poorly implemented that it is not worth using in any situation where they should be necessary. Source: I have all 3.
  9. Except Lambeo, the abilities of other MOAs are extremely inconsistent, don't bother with them.
  10. Countless threads have been written with requests of all kinds to improve the partners. Nothing essential or relevant has changed for years.
  11. All focus trees are fully operator-focused, in another error from a long list of design errors by [DE].
  12. If [DE] puts the umbra forma on the market, Nighwave dies. +1 to both.
  13. Supply and demand, friend. There are crazy people who put those prices, because there are other crazy people who buy them.
  14. hahaha! No. It is up to [DE] to look for solutions. We do enough pointing out the problems in this forum.
  15. It will be a long time before I eat a hamburger prime. I have always been a cheeseburger user and I have many other projects before I get to a slightly better hamburger.
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