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  1. er, ok then Here's a WIP on an Ivara skin I based off a sea slug
  2. Hey don't go putting your work down like that bro....
  3. You do have a point, I'm just saying for spy missions, this is a QoL mod if my requirement isn't exterminating
  4. Oh, I font know if I have mod space for Kavats grace, but that Anti-Gravy (Yes I know it says anti Grav array) Mod I can probably use somewhere on a newly made frame
  5. Hi guys and thanks for coming to check out my thread, I'm planning to work my way towards designing warframes, but for now there may be more operator clothes designs. There may also be some things regarding weapons and operators so I am very well aware they themselves don't really use weapons aside amps. Please keep in mind that I'll try to make clothes as unisex as possible.
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