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  1. For anybody having similar issues, contact WF support. My problem now solved, lost login bonus though :(
  2. Prob one of those issues getting bounced around DE, Paypal now that I can't prove I had a discount anymore. Not a huge thing for now but in futere, if I'm not able to get plat this way
  3. Was this in like the past two weeks? Bc all worked fine before that (for me)
  4. Edit "work in progress" Meant" transaction in progress"
  5. Had a lot of these but now I can't get it to work. Just displays "work in progress" never going anywhere. This is from the market in warframe...
  6. My thoughts exactly. Guess I'll just have to accept kuva boss taking a smallish share for now
  7. Wait... what. Are you gyus saying that I'll get rid of my problem by spending 300 plat? Need to look into this more closey but spending money to get rid of part of a game seems wrong on so many levels. For those who asked, I've got my own RJ. Liked the quest actually.
  8. *Sigh* I feard this. Sad for us who don't have a team or generally like other grindy space shooters more.
  9. Now that DE tries to force us to play railjack (kuva boss escapes there), if I don't want to play railjack at all...Can I somehow delete it or will the boss steal some of my earnings forever?
  10. One question. Since I now have an adversary I'm supposed to follow to the proxima region, can I get rid of the whole thing or will he continue to steal a share for the foreseeable future?
  11. I sort of get it but it feels like a totally different game and not a good one at that. For those who love it, all the power to you guys. I just hope they will not force it upon us that don't.
  12. Lots of valid comments in this topic. To be clear, I don't like RJ at all. Playing a proper space shooter supporting joystick for years RJ is a joke. What's worse is now you're supposed to use it to get kuva lich. Yeah, not going to happen for me
  13. Thank you for clarifying. Would like to use many but not step on anybodys toes.
  14. Some of the glyphs refer to teams (just for example GHS). Am I ok to use these although not part of this squad?
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