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  1. Mine installed on pc account Did your running specs have any issues previously like fps rate after mine where solid graphic ram was 1200mb-1500mb about just under a ark mod map so im definitely may have to invest in m2 ssd drives now
  2. same here i posted my own article in match making we haven't got the first of 3 remaster updates coming so that might fix it
  3. could be player type setting single friends only invite only any other privacy options and effect like auto decline invites There has been similar issues on my ps4 account it my be a temp issue where server dont respond in time the Internet is slow in areas Also if your new complete prologue first and even then some missons are mastery locked via a story normally
  4. Display info not showing online info up to date info invites was failing for both me and nick so im not sure where issue sits other than server sync issues thank you for your time
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