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  1. Unlocking murmurs is a terribly long and tedious process, especially for something you’re kind of forced into. I think the Litch is a really cool idea but needs to be implemented a completely different way. The grind for relics was already tedious also and now we have to do it with slightly different relics. Maybe instead of murmurs we could have to battle the Litch across the map at random times, kinda like the wolf but not as tanky. Every time you battle you learn a bit more about their strengths and weaknesses. The main difference if this is not farming 100s of thralls and making it bl
  2. After playing more wanted to post my opinions again with better feedback. His 1 is pretty good but should damage enemies when you hit them. His 2 is kinda useless. It works like intended but you never know what type of damage is coming so you can't trust it. His 3 should freeze people on the first tap or do more damage, tapping it twice isn't fluid during a fight. His 4 is OK but not worth it really. Doesn't feel like a '4' ability compared to other frames I regards to strength. Maybe add a damage buff or rework it to be a cool high damage ability.
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