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  1. you gotta make them hear us ''load and clear'' in reddit and official forum and twitter because theres no freaking way the rebbeca and the rest of the team didnt discuses this with scott, they're reaction to scott was fake, they're testing the water and we gotta show them the water is roaring and will take no bs up its rear. remember the carrier vacuum ? we asked them for years to make it unviresal so we cn use it with our cats and dogs and even deathcube, no response. but once they did accepted then what did we get ? a nerfed version that nobody asked for, people might even prefered to keep vacuum as is if they foreseen DE crap. and i can see the same thing happening with Itzal, the reason we heard about it now is because of the POA remaster, they want us to walk that place on our foot to inspect every rock and tree and body of water that they ''reworked'' and be amazed, but this sht get old the second time and nobody get time for that so they dont like it, they want itzal blink gone to make our framing even more miserable for no reason but to please themselves, only them win if this happen.
  2. so how exactly should've i play POA when it was released in your opinion ? if i am farming for an Eidlon lens or Augur secrets should i use itzal blink/void dash or should i walk on foot so i can enjoy every rock and tree i come across after i done that bounty for 99th time ? why was not this a problem until now ? hm ? why ? and i can see that you enjoy to piss off others and i have the same mode swings sometimes, its the reason i am banned from overwatch until 9 of this month lol, i like to make drama.
  3. you should've said that from the start so i dont waste my time arguing with you lol, you're a fanatic trough and trough, you just like to be against the tide especially when the tide is against DE. you didnt answer jack from what i asked you, why nerf it now and for what reason ?
  4. you're far gone, you've been playing since 2013 you should see trough they're facade by now, but from the look of it you're a lost case. and so since i am butthurt, does that mean you took that needle like a good boy without screaming or complaining ? just something to think about. and provide one valid reason on why you think they should nerf itzal now, where are you 3 years ago ? why nert now, or was it because scott said so and since hes a dev then as a cultist you gotta take his word to the heart and defend it no matter what without any critical thought, this is exactly what i see with you now.
  5. bonker ? you lying to your teeth lol ! if k-drives and walking is that great then why scott suggested to take out blink ? what for ? so we use other archwings ? for what exactly ? what propse does it serve ? and why nerf it now ? why should i use any archwing other than itzal or the healing one ? comeback when you can answer that one.
  6. go to the valleys and use elytron to farm bounty and lets see how that would speed up or help with your grind, you have no idea of what you're talking about my dear, so lurk more.
  7. this is some cold hard truth, good metaphors too . but DE know very well they have an army of meatloaf eater who will defend and eat they're crap with no objection, they nothing to worry about it if they implement this pro grindfest time-gate move.
  8. you gotta lower your hype for Railjack bro, because that thing gonna stink. and yes good example with Dark souls/Bloodborne, you're not forced to explore them like DE want us to do, you genuinely do so because the world design is so wholesome and polished so even if you have a speed hack you will feel like you're cheating yourself out of the enjoyment of the game, i never feel that way when i use my blink with the valleys and that tell you something.
  9. jack will change, people will gravitated toward the most efficient way to travel that shallow empty place that you call an ''open world'' . when you have jacked up teethes you go to dentist to get them fixed, and you dont look for the single healthy teeth then jack it up so the other teethes feels justice and equality.
  10. if they did then we would have seen some ass whopping and they might shape up, as for right now the cultist and the fanatics are giving them so much passes they turned them into another version of EA that have no competition , i know for a fact that a big chunk of the player base wanted Anthem/Destiny to crash and burn simply because they poses a threat for they're beloved game when the fools dont realized that competition is best thing for the consumer . also fyi, the majority of DE stocks are owned by a Chinese food company, if the player base turn on DE then you will see another face, the only reason you didnt is because the fanboys made it that much easy for DE to keep a steady stream of revenue without much fuse or backlash otherwise the parent company will rip them a new one.
  11. why do that when nerfing itzal blink would save you a lot of assets and effort, this is DE mentality .
  12. yeah they should only listen to the meatloaf eater who sallow anything DE throw at them. feedback is still feedback be it in general discussion or feedback section, you dont drop a bomb like this on a devstream then except everyone to be quite about it. and on the topic, what will nerfing blink would change ? why did it become a problem,em only now ? itzal blink have jack to do with damage or healing or whatever the hell. blink is used for one propose only and its to travel fast trough the empty shallow crappy and boring open world DE keep dropping on our heads that they ijnect with many syndicate time walls that force you to do bountys and boring crap to progress trough them and all of the rewards are hidden behind a freaking rng. you can have your promised nerfed/removed blink right now, go to the valleys and pop up your k-drive and farm some bountys and lets see how that would make you view the game differently after you have done this for months or even years. Itzal did nothing wrong, DE just want us to be more miserable grinding they're time rng gates, nobody have times to look at rocks and body of waters scott, thats it .
  13. its not just scott dont be naive, you think he dropped that itzal nerf in a devstream out of nowhere ? for how many years do you think they know each other ? this idea had to be discuses for months or years and scott was the perfect person to get the word out because hes a meme in this community on nerf matters, they're just testing the water. and you can go to the plains/valleys right now and see for yourself how fun and amazing is to walk on foot or with kdrive to do bounty's, itzal blink just ease things up and DE dont like that from the look of it, they want us to spend more time playing walking simulator just so they have more current players in-game wasting they're time for absolutely nothing. DE are hiding behind the beta tag so bad and its need to be stopped, they have no repsect for our time or money when it comes to they're bottom lines, and gotta stand up for ourselves.
  14. nerfing/removing blink is pro devs move that help no one but them, they made it but when they realize that they're rushed crap is slapping them in the face then they made scout who is known for his nerfs and bs to be the one who drop this bomb on us.
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