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  1. I've been googling, didn't search the forums. Google usually gives me forum results but seems it didn't this time. My mistake for not taking my time to search here. Nice to know that DE is aware of this. Thanks. So the official response is:
  2. Problem is that it wasn't like that, this bug just came and never went away. And yes it's 100% a bug since I've asked few of my friends and they don't have the same problem. The whole point of seeing your profile progress is to see what you have left to master. Kitgun Chambers count towards mastery so only those should be there. In my opinion kitguns should have their own section/tab unrelated to primary or secondary weapons since this only causes problems like this one. I have nothing against building 4 more kitguns but doing so won't fix this bug, it will just make it go away for me. Al
  3. I've had this bug for a few months now and was hoping that it's gonna go away on it's own or is going to be hotfixed but nope... 4 of my kitguns are showing up as not mastered under my primary tab, I already own and have mastered secondary versions and afaik primary don't give you mastery points if you already have secondary mastered. Only 4 are showing up because I've got 2 mastered as primary. Primary tab: Secondary, all mastered: If this isn't related to UI bugs I'm sorry for posting at the wrong spot.
  4. whole point of the game is to grind for stuff and enjoy it...
  5. Fix comming in this hotfix, thanks DE! (29.0.3)
  6. I was hoping that this update will let me finally have Vor's Prize completed. I skipped it when the tutorial was first reworked and now there's no way at all to have it completed. DE please? Can there at least be an update that just completes it for us instead of seeing it blured out every single time I open the quests window?
  7. You can watch the stream on steam if your accounts are linked, you'll get steam tokens for both weapon and hydroid that you can claim later.
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