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  1. Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    still rolling out, red text probably spamming the chat DEPLOYED restart to receive
  2. Am i screwed? click Submit a request at the top right corner and pick Arsenal & Inventory they will give it to you if it's not obtainable in any other way
  3. Kubrow Breeding?

    if you're talking about desireable traits that would sell well kubrows no longer have the market they used too... rarest body type is bulky (fat), rarest fur patern is lotus (the one you got) and natural rare colors would be red, dark blue, gold and purple (those had the demand back in the day) oh and also the height bring the price up if it's the tallest possible if you want all other kubrow types just buy cheap imprints or pray to RNG jesus and get them to hatch randomly kavats have replaced kubrows in a way, they're more useful overall edit: btw your kubrow imprints are worth 100-150p because it a lotus and has red (tho market colors destroyed the value of rare colors) if you're planing on breeding this kub with another one make sure that the other one is bulky and has golden color if you're after platinum... with some praying to RNG Jesus you can get a golden bulky lotus and that would be worth 500-800p back in the day if you're talking about breeding as in hatching new ones just farm theose eggs and hatch them, collect all 4 types (5 if you're counting the infested one), level them up for MR and forget about them
  4. rivens price check and how good are they

    you can compare your rivens with others to get a rough estimate of their value here
  5. Login failed check your info after Hotfix
  6. [06/04/17] PC: Multiple Issues RESOLVED

    I did a Relic Def mission yesterday, got Fragor P BP on wave 5 and picked it. 2 guys left and it host migrated, I picked another part at wave 10 and extracted. In the end I only got the 2nd part I picked and a wrong 1st part. No Fragor P BP. I'm not mad so I didnt report it, I just dont understand why is host migration still breaking stuff... Dunno if this is related to these problems tho, maybe it is so I'm posting it here... edit: nvm, it got hotfixed yesterday, I didn't read the patch notes fully (I never do)
  7. 4K UI Support: Part 2

    YES! A slider! I love sliders! Especially ones that have numbers attached to them! while you're at sliders, can you attach a FOV value to FOV slider? And even make it go a bit further (120ish would be nice)? AND make it work in Realys? FOV never worked in relays :( Slider hype!
  8. 4K UI Support

    why did PC get console UI? EVERYTHING is 2x larger... I prefer the smallest UI possible because we, PC scrub, play close to our monitor (at least most of us) and we dont need 30x30cm UI just to log in... give me back my old UI...this feels like archwing movement all over again... btw DE do you even test stuff before release? or are we your beta testers?
  9. PC: Where's Update 19.12.0!?

    Closed Beta weapons incomming?
  10. Waypoint Markers: Coming Changes.

    Could we get waypoint transparency and size sliders? It seems like those would be really welcome with this new system and it should not be too hard to implement.
  11. The Glast Gambit: Update 19.7.0

    woooo already
  12. The Glast Gambit: Update 19.5

    yisss gib me all dem rivenz
  13. Tennobaum Wishlist Exchange!

    the ONLY thing I want is Hate from stalker... edit: oh and ash skin maybe... but Stalker please :'( gift me some Hate
  14. PC Update 19.4 Deploy Status! 12/14/2016

    will it release today or is it DElayed? :( I need moar mastery fodder :'( also please give some love to Corpus... but not the nulifier kind of love!