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  1. I always help with Lichs. Chances are, other people's Lichs tend to show up after they're down/gone, so I see no downside if mine might join the party.
  2. Still of the mindset that the Worm Queen would rather just let her sister rot.
  3. Neither did I, drama queen. Don't respond to me again.
  4. I get the distinct feeling she didn't LIKE her sister very much. She's a lot more confident running the show without the hag around as well, compared to how she was in The War Within.
  5. Great comeback that does absolutely nothing. You already proved you lie just to stir up drama, so you can say anything you wish.
  6. Pretty sure he means that's how survival modes in any game are supposed to go. Endurance, survival, the point is to go as long as possible, and eventually lose. Something has to push you out, force a game over at some point. And whether that's a Nox being a $&*^head, or a mob of angry Bombards, the end result is the same.
  7. Stances that aren't Whip stances. Ember Mesa Gara Malicious Raptor not being jank anymore. The Corinth™️.
  8. Gratz, you posted an irrelevant image from 2014. No, you don't get a cookie.
  9. Honestly, I don't mind the additive stacking, but it really should be stacking on final damage rather than base damage....
  10. And relics, at that. It's probably one of my favorite leveling maps, honestly. I just wish I had one on the Ceres tileset.
  11. You keep saying it, and it keeps not being true.
  12. Spoiler. Sedna disruption is better than Hydron for leveling to max in one mission. And waaaay more entertaining, IMO.
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