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  1. This isn't fixed, had it happen to me less than a minute ago.
  2. Hid this one pretty well, I'm guessing it's going to be a nerf to infinite punchthrough? Imma go check... EDIT: Nope, pleasantly surprised to find it still works. Wonder what the 'performance issues' were....?
  3. This is the answer, really. I've been playing for nearly two years, and when I missed Loki Prime shortly after I started I didn't appreciate then that I wouldn't have another shot at him for so long. There are too many vaulted frames to reasonably touch them all 2 at a time. They should at least double that, or they could double or triple the cycle rate for vaults.
  4. I just ran a number of tier 3 Nightmare missions and received mod rewards from completely random tiers. I ran a couple of tier 1 missions to see if it dropped from higher tiers but I only got a Wildfire and a Stunning speed, so it seems possible the higher tiers include any lower tiers in their mod pool but not vice-versa? I also checked 'Nightmare Mode' on the wiki and aside from some known peculiarities about the reward pools, there are comments as well from as early as June, as well as a 'Bug' entry on the wiki indicating that they're more or less dropping at random now. Can someone l
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