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  1. WHY so by bane it includes all FACTION damage, smite, bane, expell & from rivens?
  2. Ash is the only one firing into the ninja theme imo
  3. 100% correct, i didn check forums post, the video is cotradicting what is stated here in video rebecca says whenever and all. vs this workshop : railjack only @[DE]Rebecca any clarification on this, video vs forums post dotn makes since on the mechs in missions
  4. imo , people asking for more enemy nerfs
  5. and a lot of things cost forma to build in the dojo
  6. not vaulted. only prime access ended. Prime Access ending DOES NOT mean vaulted vaulted = relics dont drop anywhere in the game. prime access ending = u cant buy prime accessories etc for him, but relics drop in game stil
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