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  1. I am just gonna piggy back this post for some related feedback. -The Redline + Blast armor reduction seems to be very minor. Wikia says 50% atm, but even simple corrosive procs seem to be way better. (25%) Maybe bugged? -His second ability only protects against IPS dmg and heat, cold, blast. What means that Corpus enemies that deal electricity for example, will just one shot you at some point. (Overtaker in Orb Vallis, Rattler...) I get the theme, but in practice that only leads to frustrating situations where you get killed even though you just build up his Redline to 100% and should be rewarded with a few seconds 100% dmg resistance...
  2. K-Drives don't grant mastery points even though the patch notes clearly stated they should. Pretty please!
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