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  1. I am sure this has been mentioned numerous times already, but stop with the flat values! Everything that can't scale with level only hurts the game. For example: Last time I checked Mag could only strip flat amounts of armor with her abilities. What makes this useless as soon as the enemies have to much scaled armor. This would be different if it would work like Shattering Impact which affects base armor and scales with level. So I really hope the 500 hp over 5s is a scaling base value... Another problem I see with the illustrated changes are the cap of damage reduction to 50%. I can solo the ground mission of the event thanks to Gara and the 90% dmg reduction of Splinter Storm. But I still need to use Mass Vitrify to keep enemies from shooting at the Oplink. At level 150 one single enemy could easily destroy it even with 90% dmg reduction. This needs to be playtested. The health scaling of objectives and the damage scaling of enemies needs to be taken into account to balance the dmg reduction cap. I really appreciate that the game's abilities finally get normalized and allow for more variety. Keep up the work!
  2. Solo Railjack feels like a bad escort mission. My Archwing is way stronger than the slow ship that gets shot up in an instant... I constantly have to repair breaches and as soon as I am done the next one is already there... When I leave my ship behind I have to babysit it like a bullet magnet that needs attention every 30 seconds. Flight controls feel great though and what I have played so far is a good start. Just the whole mission fail thing needs work asap!
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