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  1. Smallest doesn't mean less complex. The geometry is sprawling all over the place, and nearly every single step there's at least 3 different kinds of particles or visual effects going on
  2. This is just conjecture, but I believe that DE hasn't done everything they wish to do to flesh out or polish Cambion Drift and Orb Vallis (RIP Third Orb plans). Hopefully after The New War, the team gets some time to buff out this and other QoL improvements over old content before the next ambitious thing.
  3. Wait, it's "ZeTKi" and not "ZeKTi"? I've been a buffoon!
  4. As of current build (2021. this highly-specific visual bug remains unsquashed. I have a theory that it might be related to Vertical Sync, but its just a hunch. Need to test it further.
  5. Couldn't make it in time before the Relays flooded, hoh I would strongly suggest just adding it to "The New War" section that's already present on the Quest Codex, and group all these experiences in a "Recap/Prelude" in the future
  6. Usually I run Sly Vulpaphyla for high level (usually above Lvl 70 is cutoff for me) for the obvious "immortality" and random Dodge chance as a form of minor damage reduction. Otherwise, I find myself using a Nychus MOA I made recently, built for maximum Armor and Health since it gets 3000 Shields free from Blast Shield precept. You'd think that an aggro pet would be useless but it proves a very efficient distraction while I fish on open worlds. I'm trying real hard to get Nautilus for RJ missions, and I would take Oxylus with me if any of it's precepts worked.
  7. And this is without mentioning things that straight up don't work, like Ropalolyst's vulnerability windows not properly working after Host Migration, or the simplest Oxylus precepts not working at all despite being so simple like Botanist.
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