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  1. ah ok I must just be getting very unlucky, I probably done almost 9 profit takers and like 3 or 4 lua disruptions and not seen one yet
  2. Disruption Lua B, C 14.29%, 12.42% does that mean I have to complete 2 or 3 keys ? and fail the 4th or is it I have to do 4 keys 4 times ? trying to get Axi O5 and so far I have put multiple hours into different missions including profit taker and not got a single one
  3. I saw it mention in a video that DE is considering adding one before the year is up.
  4. with any luck we will have one before the year is up
  5. Or how about just adding a long overdue auction house so I players don't have to WASTE their free time doing tedious boring stupid repetitive things over that don't add any value to the game so players have more time to actually do FUN things instead?
  6. I dunno I just thought this rejection was beyond stupid because I went and did this challenge myself in POE and it took me about 5 minutes to just fly in a circle killing turrents, but its the second time I had someone flat out refuse to trade because my rivens were openworld/archwing ok maybe not remove these challenges but maybe do something so the riven challenge changes when you trade so people can't be picky / offer less or refuse based on the face text of a vailed riven
  7. get someone to agree to buy two rivens at a huge discounted since they are offering to buy both I just want to get rid of them for space. get all the way to the selling part they insert plat, I load up the rivens...... awkward silence "do you have rivens that do NOT require openworld, no?" end up still selling the single riven still at the discounted price JUST to get rid of it because I need the capacity... TLDR remove open world riven challenges, people just don't' want to buy them
  8. taken loki to babysit / force teleport the operative into the middle of the map but also had an issue where I think an enemy fallen though the map which lead to the round stalling with 6 waves remaining
  9. what does vauban do ? after the third time in a row this mission failed on me I took loki and just kept pulling the agent into the middle. worth mentioned one of the times this failed I think one of the mobs must have fallen through the map and stupidly didn't count as the mob being dead just the mission just stalled forever
  10. Baal defense with operative, the operative will continuously escape and fall out of the map failing the mission ! happened to me two times in a row
  11. this bug has existed since Deimos launch and I did report it! but seems to still exist. bug: when a vulpaphyla dies and reverts to its " floating state " it does NOT inherit its masters stealth!!!! end result: it will draw enemies to shoot directly at it! where it happens to float right by the masters head gg
  12. 2.I found it a pita to keep invisibility up to the point where I don't even play octavia even though stealth is my preferred play style and she is the strongest stealth frame that exists, I would love a mod that just turned this into a toggle duration even at the cost of the mod slot. 3.feel like wanting to see a stealth frame kind of goes against what it stands for maybe ? Initially didnt' even realize wisp was a stealth frame.
  13. really? which one ? I thought the Panzer Vulpaphyla was the only pet worth bothering with for damage ? also did those new deimos pet mods make much difference to anything ?
  14. why isn't this a thing yet!! I would really love my paid for kavat and kubrow stuff to go onto my ZERO customization Deimos pets!
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