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  1. operators can were those Ephemera so I mean if you made it into a bandanna would take it away from them!
  2. there are some places in game that count as having "fallen" out of bounds that have no business being considered out of bounds, so for that reason I'm out.
  3. then you got to make it so operators can wear syandanas!
  4. playing openworld cambion drift protea damage grenades no longer gain any range and just instantly trigger as soon as they are cast. bug persisted the entire mission.
  5. I asked a while back and was completely ignored. but on subsumes, I say go with pillage, press to recharge (over)shields works with no dragon exploiting!
  6. tldr version, please rework Helios? Im for a rework of all companions specially the beast ones!
  7. I am not sure what mesa build people are running but when it was new I was able to clear mine without collecting any additional time? Ironically Protea is also great at farming the void! but yeah just use the xoris
  8. not advocating for any of the things I said to be added to the game just thought people might be interested that another game also saw aoe as a problem and what their solution to it was. later they removed the harder enemies and it became an aoe focused again but I don't know if they did or didn't remove the aoe caps
  9. maybe op forgets that when you first start warframe they give you one pallet... it isn't even a complete pallet its just the middle row and most of those colors don't look nice. warframes come with colors outside of that pallet, so blame DE! yeah they do "giveaways" but those only come around now and again you just have to know to login at the right time and also look at the marketplace for the 1cred buy nothing in game points you todo this ! so again its easily missed and I blame DE again!
  10. well in the case of wow it was a bit different, to forced players to have to crowd control the strong enemies and kill them one at a time then they could use aoe to wipe out the packs. it didn't make aoe weak to the point that it couldn't clear trash it just made it so that you couldn't just pull everything into a ball and kill it all in a single button press. I don't think it would work necessarily on warframe just giving my feedback
  11. I think what wow did for the same problem was have aoe scale down so it did less damage for each additional enemy
  12. my thoughts on that is ... "we made a really bad enemy ability then made a solution to waste capacity on that fixes the problem" it really adds nothing fun or interesting to gameplay, most players will just patch it out with a mod and pretend like it does not exist in the first place! I would argue that the disarm mechanic is equally as bad ! I can't feel my arms, I don't know when I have dropped my gun only that my gun stopped working which leads me to scratching my head wondering if the game bugged again. dropped weapons don't even tell you if its your weapon dropped its just generically marked on the ground for everyone in the party! with the same marker that is used for objectives! one thing I want to compare both to is wow, they had a disarm mechanic (which auto equpped your weapon after the disarm duration ended) weapon chains to stop disarm became mandatory, developers just end up removing the disarm mechanic from enemies because of that!
  13. slightly jack this to ask if deconstruct will proc from the explosion Combustion Beam makes!
  14. another thing that makes me go Hmmmmm you have to be mastery rank 8 to goto the Orcus Relay o.O
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