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  1. the booster buffs _everyone_ in the relay where you activate it and how they were talking I got the impression it wasn't just a one time deal but I could be wrong
  2. the catchup mechanic meant I had all the nightwave rewards in a few weeks and now I am bored of the same old nora lines "there has got to be some way to....." shut up I have killed hundreds of them, I know there is a way to beat them dang it!!
  3. at 30 they give you 3 umbra forma
  4. what kind of pug? you mean getting messaging people so you are all running the same relic ? I can understand that but running relics using auto queue against randoms ? most the time they don't even talk. could just as easily be playing with 3 specters and not notice the difference! then maybe shouldn't have even mentioned your illness simply presented your argument as you wanted relics to be more rewarding towards solo players? anyway will indulge, maybe what they could do is each relic run give 1 bonus roll from a random relic with maybe 1 upgrade level for each player in the gro
  5. one thing I thought seemed to be copy of counterstrike was the escort the grenner defectors, it is pretty much escort the hostages just vs AI, in CS its great fun but in warframe it sucks so bad because they make you go from b to a to extract back to b to a to extact then to c to a to extract like 6 times or was it 8 times for roration c and then it does not even give you the item you want 100% so you have to run it again!! It was fun in CS but Its a chore when they make me do that run over 64 times, I am bored of it after doing in 16 in a row yeah liches sucked because like above it had
  6. any you put the hush mod on and equip on ivara
  7. yeah warframe should just keep doing the same old thing forever never take any risks never change as it slowly fades into obscurity. not! I have never played among us but was totally stoked when I saw that message pop up, I thought for a second we were going to get a fun one off event minigame! but it dosn't have to be among us clone and it dosn't have to stick around permanantly but trying new game modes is fun!
  8. Voreframe! lets go the opposite direction and have one that can go giant! like godzilla
  9. I was kind of getting there, when I first joined WF I was kind of like ... "wow this is what mass effect would be if it were an MMO! and its FREE I will play this game forever!" but most the fun story stuff ended and left me with a huge list of stuff to collect which I was ok with at first but started to feel a chore, reactors for everything which requires completing 5 whole pages of nightwave for a single one, the only warframes that I don't own have some kind of stupid crazy requirement or drop their blueprints at a less than 10% chance on a gamemode that takes 40 minutes to get t
  10. exactly what I was going to post, build 6 titan extractors since they have a higher chance at rare resources. collect/deploy 3x on login. collect 3x once done and deploy the other 3 while those ones repair. sometimes get 4x cells per run and they just keep building up! ps:something faster maybe 30 minutes survival run on steel path greener set will net you a couple
  11. I had a guy start up what I thought seemed to be an innocent conversation about amp damage, guess they were just baiting so him and his "me too" lackie could start an argument they were carrying because he had 30% more overkill damage on the stats screen. thats one troll I ran into but honistly I don't do the mode often, I find it stressful enough trying to make sure everything is working without having to put up with people like that, DE plz run scarlet spear again so I can complete my arcane collection and ever have to do eidolons again!!
  12. Banshee's 4 I would make it not suck, maybe switch it back to what it originally as just make it obey line of sight ? or just make it something else entirely
  13. been trying but when one item needs like 4 or 5 forma and something like Deimos intruduced several new desirable items you could easily end up needing 10 or more
  14. its weird how this is a staple in almost every mmo in existence that you send all the good stuff to your alt so you have an easier time the second time around but DE are deadly against it, I can understand plat maybe beecause its like double rolling for discounts (they should just make plat cheap and do away with the discounts) and I can understand riven because its cheating capacity but something like cred and the essential mods should totally be 100% allowed
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