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  1. during in lich hunt I noticed my guns were trying to attack a friendly predasite, this persisted for over several minues and only stopped when we exited the mission, included screenshot where the guns can be seen firing at the predasite
  2. I mean I LOVED how Khora's pet "changes" went down during spear, because it could heal the link's which lead to them nerfing her pet heal, they claimed it wasn't meant to heal objectives despite the tool-tip stating exactly that. Players pushed back result we now have a bunch of support frames that can actually interact with defensive objectives !! in my opinion its a nerf that ultimatly ended up making the game more nuanced ! though .. that isn't to say if they look at sonar they will make banshee better but I can hope? ps:I don't recall what they did to limbo ? I did see people using him all the way until the very end of spear but i never really played him.
  3. unpopular opinion ? I hope they do nerf banshee, it might give them an excuse to finally do a rework
  4. lol well I never got the Nukor while it was good so I got it like a few days before sisters update dropped I rushed a lich and got 2 extra free forma ! but I think its worth putting forma into a sentinel weapon https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/854208141624475708/862910836086538260/ded.mp4
  5. I wanted to cheese hard content with Ivara but it seems like a lot of high enemies just don't give 2 ecks if you are invisible, other enemies can just shut your stealth off by either disabling it or draining your energy in seconds, so the only thing I use her for now is spy. I recommend nezha, you don't even need any survivability mods though you may need to mod for energy, when they shoot off your halo just cast it back in again
  6. I got a response in a couple of days but they said they couldn't help me. I suspect if depends on when you ask, if you drop a support ticket right in the middle of a new content patch I expect it would take a lot longer
  7. why do people want her k-drive modded ? wouldn't that just make her clunky #2 even more mandatory ? at least at the moment its possible to get away with NOT using it in easier content realistically her kdrive should just let her keep regular warframe movement and just give her an animation set that makes it look like she is riding a k-drive with a speed boost while its active, its the only way its going to move properly
  8. I am really curious if they work in sentinel weapons at all ? I threw extra forma into mine to fit them and just assumed it was getting the buffs ! (no way for me to check really)
  9. and again standing at a funny rotation the whole fight doing sweet X all
  10. not entirely sure how the math works but does this make adaption worse if you couple it with any other kind of damage reduction ? also they hard capped DR at 90% isn't it just completely pointless to stack any other kind of dr with adaption now ? makes me thinking this kills traditional kind of tank and I might as well switch to abusing shield gates to make a squish frame tanky?
  11. imo its the same thing with orphix and necramechs. I thought the mechs were a cool little gimmick I enjoeyd and could use now and again, after being forced to play them in the event ad-nauseam I don't even care they still haven't added them to normal missions like they said and don't even want to use them in what few chances I do get ! The k-drive, I figured it sounded like it was going to take ages and the dojo stuff isn't really my thing so I skipped the quest to get the frame, I am already at hating to use the k-drive on Yareli in any kind of hard content
  12. I still say Sevagoth fulfills this niche ? his #3 is Gloom : the definition of gloom is partial or total darkness his 4# is Shadow form. his shadows embrace ability : Ghostly hands pull enemies into a flailing mass. all the stuff his shadow does is kind of "shadowy" though I get it you want a different kind of shadow frame? it might happen since off the top of my head they have 2 water frames, 2 fire frames, a few speed frames
  13. well I already mentioned her synergies? mostly beach, motes, will and her passive have some kind of interact with one another. compared to something like yareli that comes with 4 stand alone abilities, wisp looks pretty legit? Though I am open to hearing which frame you feel maybe has more synergy with a better designed kit ? benchmark, get an AI to play the frame with different kinds of mods/items throw it against different levels of enemies in a kind of simulacrum and see how well it performs ? I honestly feel the same about mag, she got a slight rework and is broken powerful but I feel like she just has a stigma of being "bad" so people still don't bother playing her. she can quite happily do steel path without any health mods or shield gate exploring just off her ability alone! but tell me more about nyx, I am listening ? sort of looking for a new frame to try out,, do you drop mind control ? what you are describing is kind of what they do now with the mod system just without taking up the extra capacity, I don't disagree it might have been a more fun thing than invigorations!
  14. I don't think reworks should be done for the sole purpose of getting people/numbers up on a frame! I think they should be done to help gameplay on older frames feel as good as it does on some of the newer ones. wisp is a awsome example of a well designed high synergistic kit! her clone puts activates her passive stealth because she is technically airborne, if it flies though her motes it picks up motes moving faster and hitting everything with electricity along the way, breach teleports to her motes, also makes her clone beach and well baseline just beache's, everything interacts with every other thing except her ultimate!
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