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  1. not advocating for any of the things I said to be added to the game just thought people might be interested that another game also saw aoe as a problem and what their solution to it was. later they removed the harder enemies and it became an aoe focused again but I don't know if they did or didn't remove the aoe caps
  2. maybe op forgets that when you first start warframe they give you one pallet... it isn't even a complete pallet its just the middle row and most of those colors don't look nice. warframes come with colors outside of that pallet, so blame DE! yeah they do "giveaways" but those only come around now and again you just have to know to login at the right time and also look at the marketplace for the 1cred buy nothing in game points you todo this ! so again its easily missed and I blame DE again!
  3. well in the case of wow it was a bit different, to forced players to have to crowd control the strong enemies and kill them one at a time then they could use aoe to wipe out the packs. it didn't make aoe weak to the point that it couldn't clear trash it just made it so that you couldn't just pull everything into a ball and kill it all in a single button press. I don't think it would work necessarily on warframe just giving my feedback
  4. I think what wow did for the same problem was have aoe scale down so it did less damage for each additional enemy
  5. my thoughts on that is ... "we made a really bad enemy ability then made a solution to waste capacity on that fixes the problem" it really adds nothing fun or interesting to gameplay, most players will just patch it out with a mod and pretend like it does not exist in the first place! I would argue that the disarm mechanic is equally as bad ! I can't feel my arms, I don't know when I have dropped my gun only that my gun stopped working which leads me to scratching my head wondering if the game bugged again. dropped weapons don't even tell you if its your weapon dropped its just generically marked on the ground for everyone in the party! with the same marker that is used for objectives! one thing I want to compare both to is wow, they had a disarm mechanic (which auto equpped your weapon after the disarm duration ended) weapon chains to stop disarm became mandatory, developers just end up removing the disarm mechanic from enemies because of that!
  6. slightly jack this to ask if deconstruct will proc from the explosion Combustion Beam makes!
  7. another thing that makes me go Hmmmmm you have to be mastery rank 8 to goto the Orcus Relay o.O
  8. why does Targeting Receptor have 4 ranks but the 4th rank adds nothing but making it cost more ?
  9. did you also fix the issue where her passive does not work unless you are hosting ?
  10. family rep is kind of a dead end, at some point you have everything I would love a sigil for simaris though, i mean its not hard! to max his daily rep but it feels such a chore but he has a lot of stuff you can buy more than once and kind of THE place to go to rebuy stuff you might have lost or fed to helminth...
  11. oh thanks! yeah I was just replaying that mission and I forgot, I had just gotten to the part "did you?" I guess she did! thanks
  12. on the heart of Deimos mission you are confronted by a necramech that talks. did it ever reveal who was supposed to be controlling it ?
  13. thanks for the additional info <3 though I cheesed it perfectly with gloom protea! it might even be one of my new favorite setups
  14. just update to say that gloom protea worked perfect ! what ability did you replace ?
  15. this is my current goto kit gun, I had to remove the exillus mod due to galvanized mod taking up so much capacity and I don't yet have a complete arcane, I was just clearing the path hoping to max it along the way. it melts enemies ! riven is 84.4% cold 43% damage to infested and +154.4% crit chance cost of -64.7 zoom open to feedback on it. oh . . . well I have a bunch of warframes I usually stick to ones I at least semi enjoy, example I can't stand limbo but he would be the goto cheese defense I have that on my nezha build usually takes 2 halos to ramp up but then its good. this is what I am going to try next, thanks for the suggestion
  16. ok let me explain, outside of steelpath I have my goto unlimited energy build, dethcube + energy generator+ arcane energize = unlimited energy, I don't even have to drop a pad at the start of the mission. take that same setup into steel path is kind of inconsistent, even if I drop an energy pad I end up using more energy than I get back or I get drained and can't recover. Nezah on steel path I find that I have to constantly refresh halo and when my shields are low I have to use his main CC to let me shields recharge else I find I can die from the damage while the halo is still up! protea steel path is just manic! constantly having to shield watch staring at the top right corner, spamming 1 to get my shields refreshed, spamming 2 to get my turrets up, staring bottom right to watch my energy spamming 3 to keep the dispenser down, focusing on nothing but trying to keep everything up and while I do this the console dies. I got to wonder if the damage reduction nerfs are coming into play or if its just because I am hitting a higher level on the path
  17. I tried Xaku accuse, I figured it would do the same its verry difficult trying to balance not being dead with keeping the abilities uip. anyway long story short I completed the mission and died at the same time failing the mission, I just keep getting hit so hard my warframe goes into orbit as I die, not sure what it is that does that ?
  18. I did this with a 300% power strength wisp motes healing it but enemies killed the console. I did this with a DR trinity and they killed the console (I can't see that trinitys 4 is even healing it ? it remember it used to work on objectives same as it did on warframes ?) I did this with nezha with his 50% damage reduction halo on the console and they killed the console despite spamming his ultimate and breach! I tried this with protea spamming turrets and yeah they killed the console. I have subsumed Mirage's weapon damage buff and have it over 400% weapon damage, I can quite happily kills stuff as fast as I can see it !! I even tried with a nuke frame and while I am nuking enemies, enough of them get though to kill the target! Appears those consoles are made out of dough because I blink and they die every time. any suggestions ?
  19. I dont ? I just see it as a sort of an unreachable carrot on a stick to keep people trying but you guys are even saying it isn't a carrot its a turnip and that doesn't matter ?
  20. why I am not getting it ? because 7 years for most people to get a single reward drop that you said yourself "isn't even needed" (or good) is stupid ? its pointless, something that rare should be something players want! I wouldn't' be surprised if the 4 you have were given as compensation because my stats say 1200 hours and I don't recall seeing one ever drop.
  21. exactly! so why make the drop chance so low on top of it being a gated drop? they aren't important but yet deemed to have less than 1% drop chance ? it makes no sense to me? if it isn't important let players have a realistic chance at getting it ? maybe not pity but it might as well not be on the reward lists at 0.18%
  22. world of warcraft the granddaddy of mmos is only 17 years old, and its not false that some mmos failed others are bordering on ghost towns, yeah not all of them but enough, the point was that 7 years is a long time, too much to expect that most players will ever see a single drop but since you choose to highlight this one part I will assume you agree with the rest of my statement ?
  23. it sells for 100 plat, it is not something that is so rare it should drop once!!! in 7 years !!!!! the alternative grind isn't even that bad. if it were something like idk Excalibur prime on the drop tables at 0.18% , I would understand or actually be happy about it having an obscenely low drop chance, most people are NOT going to keep playing a game that long, heck most online mmo games don't even survive that long ! and no I don't want a pity timer on relics because I can go farm like 10 of them and run the back to back and get the thing I want, the legendary core isn't something anyone can ever hope to obtain at its current drop chance with a restriction of "once per day" without a pity timer.
  24. have you done the math on legendary cores ? its a joke it needs a pity timer ... from the wiki a core has 0.18 drop chance and being only able to run this once per day you can expect to see a legendary core in 3.4 years with it being Nearly guaranteed in 6.9 years
  25. Similarly but I was told it was allowed, If you think about it no actual clan will let you stick around on an alt, don't login for a week and kick, time to build a new clan key! When they talk about "no interaction" pretty sure they mostly mean using a main to buy warframes etc for an alt, sending prime warframe blueprints or using your alt to store excess rivens, things that bypass progression stuff like that. I think the proceed at your own risk comment is probably a goon one!
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