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  1. Everyone else screaming about 9th slot on Arquebex being removed (neither good nor bad decision), meanwhile I just want the Link Health, Shields and Armor mods to be available on sentinels.
  2. Would the option to have a secondary subsumable passive on a frame be possible in the future (essentially, the frame's primary built-in passive, plus one secondary obtained from a subsumed frame)?
  3. Will there be a limit as to how many frames can be subsumed simultaniously at any given time, or can we only do one frame per day (initially, but could increase through something such as MR or our rank with Helminth)? As players are likely grinding out dupes of frames as preparation for it, might be handy to know ahead of time. Equinox is gonna be pain, and I just had her.
  4. Shouldn't the option to sell DNA Stabilizers now be present, given that they're rendered useless if BOTH A). we have the Nutrio upgrade AND B). our pets are at 100% integrity already?
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