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  1. You didn't read the entirety of my post then. The actual difficulty of the segment was not the core problem. The problem was being introduced to a wide variety of new materials while at the same time, making the mission itself almost unwinnable on a first playthrough. From what I understand this basically reinforces the meta of speeding through a level and ignoring everything, quickly teaching new players not to have fun exploring and picking up materials. The thing is, the prerequisite Spy missions were easy to mess up too, but by then, you already knew the risks of spy missions, and all resources on that mission were materials that you've already picked up. The Ayatan weekly has no previous indicator that it's suddenly going to turn into a timed mission and if you do quests as soon as you're able to, a lot of new materials are found there. As a new player, I thought the risk-reward segment was the optional juggernaut that Lotus was talking about, so I believed I was in the clear after ignoring that. I have no qualms about doing parkour and learning an obstacle course. The Ayatan weekly quest, however, has this really boring slog before you even get to attempt the course. Finally, this experience just stuck out like a sore thumb. I'd already completed the vastly overtuned-for-beginners Fortuna starter quests, the most difficult of which (the extraction one) took place at the very start of the level so if you failed, you could retry quickly. This is the only quest that made me actually angry at the mechanics of the game rather than make me frustrated at whatever I'm lacking at the moment (skill, gear, etc...)
  2. It's garbage. No seriously, this is the absolute worst part of my experience as a new player. This comes from a combination of several factors: 1) The objective is just a timed jumping puzzle that will fail the entire mission if you don't know how to do it 2) You don't know that you're getting a timed jumping puzzle beforehand. Aside from getting spotted in a spy mission, this is your first experience with this sort of mission. 3) The jumping puzzle basically requires you to actually know the route beforehand. 4) The entire area has new materials for you to get, Orokin Cells and Nano Spores, that are required for several blueprints you can already get beforehand. 5) The actual reason for mission failure and losing all your loot is nonsensical. 6) The realization that you can't have fun and explore certain missions until you've essentially already beaten them. Alright, so after I did the Arcane Codice quest with those really annoying Spy missions (I needed to retry the first one and it became absolutely trivial the second time around with knowledge of the layout) I got access to the Ayatan quest ( I had to read about it on the wiki to find out it was a weekly.) When I entered the quest and started poking around, I had no idea about the timed puzzle and started thoroughly exploring, grabbing all the Nano Spores I could get, and ignored the juggernaut since I didn't want to risk losing anything. I got to the start of the puzzle room, passing a room with lasers sweeping around. Now, as Maroo is talking, I'm quickly searching the room and find that all the doors are locked, so when the timer suddenly started, I immediately dashed back into the laser room, thinking that I missed door or hole at the top of the room (why else would there be a laser?) Finding nothing, I run back into the starting room and find one of the doors had only unlocked when Maroo had finished her monologue and failed the timer. Alright, so I just needed to try again right? With the knowledge of how the puzzle starts, I go back to Maroo to start the mission again. I still poke around a bit, ignore Lotus talking about the juggernaut, but before I even get to the jumping puzzle, I get an Orokin Cell, something I knew I really needed for those Orokin Catalysts blueprints which I equate with unlocking my end game potential. I start the jumping puzzle properly but get a bit lost since I didn't know the path and bullet jumped around, wasting time and failing again. I was even angrier this time because I lost a valuable Orokin Cell and started seriously thinking about the flaws of this mission. When going back to Maroo, I switched to channel 3 since channel 1 was laggy with all the people around. This time, I just blitzed to the puzzle, but it was a different one this time. Before that though, Maroo's dialogue was delayed since I had gotten through so fast that Lotus was finishing up her juggernaut dialogue, which caused this very awkward delay to the start of the puzzle. This time it's a different puzzle which utilized wind turbines. As I try to get through, I end up falling; no big deal right? You just respawn back at... wait why did I hit the ground and start sliding backward? It takes me a moment to realize that unlike literally every other hole in the game, this one has an actual bottom which ferries you back to the very beginning of the puzzle. I fail the timer again and I'm incensed because I encountered new mechanics (wind turbines and puzzle resets) that the game did not prepare me for beforehand despite the game being fairly easy before this point. Fourth time, I get lag again as I realize that I get booted to the first bazaar channel when I play this mission which compounds onto my frustration. I get the first puzzle room and I figure out the correct path but fail just short of the timer since I took too long about it. Lotus and Maroo's voices are really grating on my nerves at this point. I finally succeed on the fifth attempt. I then walk outside the room, look around, and find an extremely quick shortcut for future visits now that I'm not constrained by a timer. I slog through the rest of the level, no longer having fun finding anything as I realize my entire suspension of disbelief has been shattered by this egregious game mechanic. This wasn't me dying 4 times in a row, this wasn't me failing a story mission and getting all the data erased, this was me failing to grab a statue and subsequently throwing away literally everything else that I considered more valuable than the dumb statue because Endo is not my bottleneck at the point I'm introduced to this. This is probably going to be the absolute lowest point my opinion of the game is ever going to get because this series of events is just SO BAD. Now if I were to redesign this so that it's actually something fun to figure out rather than feeling like a waste of time? Have the start of the puzzle triggered by a pressure plate which you can press again if you fail the timer. Now you have all of the time in the world to figure out a route by yourself without being in a panic and without having to consult an online video. The actual risk/reward then comes from the juggernaut decision you get from Lotus halfway through. Seriously, all I can think of as I'm jumping the through the level, ignoring everything along the way, is "Fake Difficulty", where the difficulty comes not from actually trying to figure out the puzzle, but annoyingly long trek to get to the puzzle which you will then EASILY be able to do every single time after finishing it once.
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