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  1. I finally managed to get the blade and so far i really enjoy using it, and i've forma'd it only 3 times (ran out of forma) but will get it up to lvl 40 pretty soon. I'm not confident enough in my build so i was wondering what Paracesis build would be good for end game. Help would be highly appreciated 🙂
  2. I do realize that glaives aren't that powerful especially when not dual-wielding for CO, but i really like the design of this weapon and think it's pretty badass running around with a freaking di(s)c of death. When it comes to modding stuff in this game... that's where i give up , even trying and just go look up a build online. There are none this time tho... i do realize that these types of weapons are weak but i really like and enjoy this one. If u guys could help me out with building the Orvius, i'd be really grateful for that
  3. I picked up the frame and i really enjoy pretty much everything about him but the mod build, as though i am not really the best person to set up my own builds because, i'm afraid of screwing something up. I'd like to build him for solo play and just a versatile build i can use in everyday missions. I almost have all the warframe corrupted, primed and rank 8 Umbral mods. I'd really appreciate some help with modding this frame. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hit rank 8, 2 days ago and i've been trying to find a good frame for running solo missions (survivals and such) and Eidolon hunts.Started builing Revenant and i have a Chroma prime and Excal umbra atm Also i was wondering if any rank 8 primary (sniper) can be picked up and used efficiently against the Eidolonds EDIT: I meant survivals and other endless runs
  5. I started playing not too long ago, spent some time getting into the basics and playing a lot of Excalibur (made a post similar to this one about Excal) but, because i'm really bad at modding i need help with this creature called Chroma. I get it, he's good for running Eidolon hunts and the Profit taker arachnid-thingy ... I'm still not quite there yet, becasue i'm trying to take things slowly with my quests. For the most part, i like running solo missions, and survivals are my favorites. How do i mod Chroma for running solo missions? Really like this frame and i want to continue playing him, now any help would be highly appreciated. P.S. I'm using Chroma Prime, if that makes any difference... maybe because of the polarities?...I'm also willing to put some forma on him.
  6. I'm hearing a lot about the chromatic blade AUG and i believe you that it is an important , or dare i say even a necessary one for late(endgame). After picking it up fairly cheaply, i've been wondering how would i implement that mod into my current build or should i mod only around the AUG? I am not experienced enough to craft my own builds or to even experiment with them because i am fairly certain that i'm going to eff things right into the ground, so i just adapt to whatever greater players run with. Btw, thank you for your time 😊 P.S. Is CO necessary with the Chromatic Blade build?
  7. I'll try to cut this short, as i really do appreciate the time you've taken to review my post. So here it goes, i'm still a new-ish player who started playing this exciting and wonderful game, which means i've got no experience in building frame(s) and i've always got this feeling that there's a better build to be acquired from better and smarter players, and that is why i came here. Here is my current Excalibur build, and my Exalted Blade I've got some basic and some of the corrupted mods, can you guys/gals help me to better my already existing build or to Forge a new one entirely, either way all help is greatly appreciated.
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