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  1. The buildable area in inspiration halls, most notably around doors has changed. Making it impossible to make alterations to designs without losing whatever item needs to be moved or changed as you can no longer build as close to the door as you could. This effects even doors that have nothing behind them. The issue seems to be on the floor in front of doors. As you can see from the image, it's still possible to build quite close to doors, but only if you stay above a certain height. This build restriction extends out to the vertical ring and is relatively new. I was wondering if someone could confirm if this is an intentional change or a bug. Thank you.
  2. I'm not sure if you could call this a bug exactly, but it's a problem DE could fix so I'll ask. I spent the last few months rebuilding my dojo for railjack, but I didn't realise exactly how big the new room was going to be. When I try and place it down, it told me there was not enough space, I was confused at first but realised that there are 2 clan halls on the level below me that are blocking the dry dock. It's always been the case that you cannot delete old clan halls, and I'm asking for that to be changed. Even if they have to be rebuilt in order to continue building more rooms, thats fine. I'd just like the ability to move them out of the way rather than delete the work I've done to the dojo in the past few months. I imagine the ability to move them would be nice for a lot more people than just myself.
  3. Yep, got all my stolen stuff back. Weapon is in the foundry and slot cleared for a new lich.
  4. Can confirm bruteforcing works. Final mods I needed were not listed, just had to cycle through them until I found ones that did the job.
  5. As the image shows, there is no combination that can kill my lich.
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