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    Update Squad/Party System

    Warframe has come a long way since it was initially released but one thing that seems to always be overlooked when it comes time for updates/reworks is the party/squad system. If you don't have a full 4 man group for doing things like void relics or other events that benefit from a full squad where you're constantly jumping in/out of a 2 minute mission it's extremely disruptive to disband the entire party and recreate it because you end up with someone that went afk the moment the mission complete screen showed up. During the Fomorian event someone clicked the start mission button while we had one such player in the squad thinking he would just leave or contribute and what we ended up having was getting all the way inside the ship and realizing the guy was afk and we had to abandon mission. My suggestion to fix this these issues is to update the matchmaking to be similar to most other multiplayer games where if you go in with 3 people you come out with 3 people and any random players that are in the mission squad stay with their own solo/group squad after you leave. Personally I think that this would improve the experience for both new and old players since we would spend less time managing our parties and more time playing the actual game. This change would also massively reduce the fun UI issue that happens every time a player leaves the squad while you're trying to queue up another mission, I'm sure just about everyone has tried hitting the repeat mission button for a relic farm only to have people leave one after another repeatedly throwing you out of the navigation screen.