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  1. Ps4 Updates on railjack and other quality of life changes.. When???
  2. DE person 1: Ok guys.. What's the cheapest, most useless thing in our database we can possibly think of, that we can give out to the community as a twitch drop; that might get them to tune into our broadcast for 30 minutes? DE intern 1: Um.. Well.. How bout a glyph? DE person 2: A glyph? Well I guess that could work. But we've already used glyphs a dozen times of various different characters; so of whom? De intern 1: How bout Cephylon Cy? He's new enough. De person 1: Hum.. Perfect! Oh "DE intern" if we weren't such cheapskates we'd give you a raise. Thank you. DE Intern 1: Awe shucks your making me blush. Anything to trick more gamers into watching our stream, so I can keep my job. DE person 2: That's the spirit; I like your attitude.
  3. You should really reward those people who actually did pay attention and already snagged a glaxion vandel with a secondary prize that's a bonus for them too. Otherwise, they really have little incentive to watch while you play the game, when they could be doing it instead. Especially for that half hour mark you guys value.
  4. Kinda in bad taste to flaunt the litch hunt on a primetime when 2/3 rds of the warframe community on consule still cant enjoy it. How bout getting back to it and give us our update, then we can all take some enjoyment from a primetime themed on it. Kinda insensitive. Sheesh.
  5. Honestly, I saw that; then turned off warframe and then back on. Same thing, but I noticed the option to continue, so I said screw it and continued. Logged in, and didnt have any issues afterwards. So whatever it is thats wrong, in my case, could just be ignored for the time being. As long as DE knows and is looking into fixing it, and I can still play; I really dont care all that much what the issue is. Im practical that way. One thing at a time.. In this case it was get out of my way dns. Time for warframe. Fixing can come after.
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