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  1. You guys like resting on your loralls don't you. We already know what you've fixed (and still haven't.), as you keep telling us! Meanwhile people are leaving the game! Annoyed, and bored. Waiting on you guys to keep your promise when it comes to doing better this year and having more active progress, and consistent updates. You know, with actual content. Lore. And something fun to enjoy as a community. Sometime this year! ?? ! I wanted to believe your words when you said your determined to have more regular updates. And would bring better content for us. But.. Even I'm to the point Im getting burned out with things, and just want to go play other games as there's nothing else to do in warframe that's actually fun. Too many problems. And too much look at what we did, instead of look at this "new content" as were bringing it to you now. To much we fixed these things, and not enough recognition that those were only the beginning of what still isn't working and that needs fixing as we speak. Don't keep making us wait. We waited enough last year! And were loosing people who we play with, who would have stayed had you delivered on your promises sooner and gave them a reason to stick around.
  2. Ps4 Updates on railjack and other quality of life changes.. When???
  3. DE person 1: Ok guys.. What's the cheapest, most useless thing in our database we can possibly think of, that we can give out to the community as a twitch drop; that might get them to tune into our broadcast for 30 minutes? DE intern 1: Um.. Well.. How bout a glyph? DE person 2: A glyph? Well I guess that could work. But we've already used glyphs a dozen times of various different characters; so of whom? De intern 1: How bout Cephylon Cy? He's new enough. De person 1: Hum.. Perfect! Oh "DE intern" if we weren't such cheapskates we'd give you a raise. Thank you. DE Intern 1: Awe shucks your making me blush. Anything to trick more gamers into watching our stream, so I can keep my job. DE person 2: That's the spirit; I like your attitude.
  4. You should really reward those people who actually did pay attention and already snagged a glaxion vandel with a secondary prize that's a bonus for them too. Otherwise, they really have little incentive to watch while you play the game, when they could be doing it instead. Especially for that half hour mark you guys value.
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