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  1. Hi all, now that we get these decorations, wanted to get some inspiration from you creative people. How have you used them in your orbiter? Unlike other decorations can't seem to walk through these, i ended up making a mall by mistake blocking my path. Share any creative picks please.
  2. I differently have plenty to scan regarding codex scans for items but more after things that can get you a decoration or something for doing them. Cephalon fragment: seem to be missing some so will need to look into that. Yep did the POE Thousand-Year Fish Fragments, nice fish decoration added to my POE section of my ship and the Fortuna fragments. Also did the partnership fragments, the corpus ship tenets, somachord and frame fighter. I think the Tenets was the last thing DE added or is there something we can look for in Deimos?
  3. Hello all, just wanting to voice my opinion and get your feedback on this less important topic/side quests. I had enjoyed farming Kuria, added some good replay value for me, to have a need to go back to some planets/missions that I hadn't touched since going through the start chart the first time. Would anyone else be interested if DE were to add more things to find/hunt down/scan to be able to get a ship decoration or something? Even if DE add the option to re-scan the Kuria for a larger decoration, would totally go back and do it again and again to have like a russian doll e
  4. Good thing i sold a spare set I had before this news came out, prices will drop like crazy after this weeks streams. When is DE going to look into conclave? Would like to see that improved for solo players which seems very odd to say for a PVP part of the game but might as well be since no one is ever playing this game mode/syndicate anymore.
  5. Yep have had this happen to me when i pushed one off and they landed on a distant platform and i ended up running out of time looking for it. Not sure if it is a bug or considered a cheat but sometimes if they get pushed off and don't land anywhere it counts as a kill. For life support, would recommend no vacuum on the pet so that you don't pick up ones you don't need, to save them for later waves. All of my attempts and when i passed life support was less than 20 but i used Rhino. I'm sure other frame/weapon combos could do much better.
  6. Was trying to hit MR 30 but sadly have not been playing long enough, missing the 700 day login weapon reward, so no point rushing. Just waiting for those new weapons from the update at the end of the month to get over the line. Yep I feel your pain, i too bought Rhino Prime early on from someone not understanding the vault system and was then opened month later. Those were the noob days.
  7. I ended up checking the market and bought some missing parts. That's what I get for getting impatient :P Thanks for confirming the Akvasto prime, will need to keep an eye out.
  8. Hello, Was hoping to confirm some things for these weapons that I have yet to see in the game for the last 2 years or I have clearly missed something. Been searching the web and the wiki but through i'll show what I found and hope that someone can correct me if I am mistaken. Boar Prime/Dakra Prime: Relic drops and they are vaulted, not clear when they will be un-vaulted. Wiki is saying they were un-vaulted start of 2019 might have just missed this when I started. Akvasto Prime: Axi A5 relic only, sold by Baro. Don't recall seeing this being sold by him, i keep seein
  9. Cheers, at lest now I know its spawned for others. Didn't want to waste my time without checking.
  10. Is that what you did? Just trying to confirm what people have done to understand that it has spawned for others before spending a day spamming capture missions.
  11. Wanted to find out more about this tile set. The information out there is conflicting, some say it has never spawned for them when farming Ceres mission. Others say the only way is to join a new player doing 'Vors Prize Darvo rescue mission' which I can't find any new players doing this to join them. What have you done to get this "12-3" scan? Should I just keep spamming the Bode, Ceres (Spy) mission?
  12. Wish I checked the forums earlier, been walking around looking down and checking other peoples videos, never through to look up and see it hanging. Wish these things made some sound so you know your near by. Oh well happy that is over.
  13. Im sure DE will fold when lower MRs complain and they they will once again give no reason to rank up.
  14. That is it, I was trying to catch up with some mates and now I've surpassed them. I nerded out and made an excel file and was fun to gather everything in the game. Guess the key is to just take breaks since this kind of game never finishers, DE will always put something new to farm/play. Will look forward to the new update coming out the end of this month.
  15. Just working out what I don't have which is some arcane's and Kuira. So guess I'll work on the PT/Orb mother farms and it is nice to have a reason to replay the star chart to hunt down Kuria. Wish DE can add more of these side objectives. Even if it was play 1 frame through a whole star chart to get a decoration or something, would totally go nuts and do that for every frame. Thats the kinda of nut case I am. I want that thing to kinda chase in the long run. Getting back into some other games to cool off warframe a little. Its just my addictive personality, I tend to focus to hard
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