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  1. DE please don't give away the little content you have. Fishing for these trophies gave me something to do between updates.
  2. Then please lets have a sigil for conclave, since I have no way to earn any rep with them since it is dead. Being MR30 with everything else obtained in the game but yet conclave is 0/5000. Its not crybabies when we ask for a way to actually play the mode or ask for alternate ways to earn rep.
  3. I did a few SP missions and yet Im stuck at 1/5. Edit: Then I switched to SP incursions and that seems to be registering to finish this weekly challenge.
  4. I can finally build up some rep with conclave now, yay how sad.
  5. The thing I am disliking is I need to actively watch the % to claim the drop otherwise (like what happened to me today) I could have claimed the drop like 10min into the stream but claimed it at 40min since I was playing a the same time and not paying attention to the %. The % should just role over into the next drop bag instead of resting once you claim. Little unfair to miss out when you have watched the full hour. Is there anyway to auto claim so I don't need to keep my attention on the %?
  6. Would really like some feedback on these thoughts, is there any way to get this in front from someone from DE?
  7. Whats that DE.... what did you say... oh nothing.... thought you might have mentioned something about updating Conclave.
  8. I switched from NS to PC after already completing the start chart and getting some good progression. Was tough at first to start again on PC but was so fast to catch up and surpass my NS progression since there is that better support and more active community on PC. Still keeping my fingers crossed for cross-progression/save as it was fun to take my NS around and play warframe. What I am trying to say is, start again on PC, you wont regret it.
  9. This stream reward system is a pain, was not paying attention and could claim a reward within 5min of the stream. Claimed it towards the end of the stream but missed out on a 2nd drop bag since I was just late to claim the first one. I tend to play warframe while I have the stream going so now I just have to sit there and watch the stream to ensure i claim the drop bag as soon as it drops. Is there anyway to auto claim?
  10. I don't see any issues with this. Something sells for say $5. just set the discounted plat rate as alternative, what ever that may be. Therefore it will still result in $5. Instead of playing the game and earning plat that could be used for everything in game, DE have set real money costs for these items. So fashion framing is got nothing to do with playing the game if you can just buy it.
  11. I've been playing for 2 years and MR30 with just 1 weapon missing since im waiting to hit day 700 for it. I have yet to play a single game of conclave since its dead. I am in now way a vet, i will most likely die first since I have no experience of PVP in warframe. Is this not the bigger issue here then just trying to change mobility. I thought getting more player base into the mod would be more important.
  12. Lame rewards, why even play the game when you can just watch the streams to get all the weapons.
  13. Vive la révolution I want to see some positive changes, come on DE please let us know if anything is being planned to re-vamp this mode. I am not giving up on this, until something shinny comes along and then I will most likely forget about it. After that though, I will be back for sure to continue pushing this point :p
  14. Rhino got me through the whole start chart when I first started playing. So good to see you have that frame. If slots is not at issue then would always recommend to make all the frames, each bring something to the table. Plus the mastery is good to increase your MR. Higher the MR the higher your daily cap is for everything which will help you get further each day. If slots is an issue (free to play- takes longer to earn plat), then I would recommend you hold off building more frames. If I had to pick i like Hydroid from your list. Would never recommend deleting frames to free
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