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  1. In the Codex, the training section can really do with an upgrade. Just having some slides to read is not all that helpful for new players. I think a new player needs to be directed to the codex and have to go through the training to ensure they understand how to mod, craft and play the game. Much like the very start of the game, asking of the player to complete certain actions is great to get the new players bearings. So if that can continue on the training it would be much better. E.G Get the player to craft a weapon, then mod training actual gets the player to mod the weapon and it can also merge with 'Damage' so players can understand the can mod to different damage types. I relied on auto install for mods for way too long before I felt I needed to learn how to mod which seemed bad since I had to turn to youtube and wiki, instead of the training within the game.
  2. It is a joke but the bigger problem i see is almost everyone rushed to collect them as soon as they came out. Burnt out over the crappy drop rates. Collected the 4 weapons. Now there's this holokey that no one will ever want to farm again and have no use for. So I just feel bad for any new comers that will need to farm this and see how little interest there is in the community. The only upside is i made like 40mill credits trying to farm the 120 keys, so that was a nice bonus.
  3. Up for any new NW rewards, the store does not have enough content. After 2 rotations you can get everything in the store and then it looses its appeal to run the challengers/collect the points since there is not much to left to buy in the store. keep up with the ideas. 👍
  4. I consider it just like how this game is on the consoles. I only found out about this game since i was looking for free games to download on the Nintendo. Then I switched to PC. So i can see that happening a lot when people see this free game on their phones.
  5. Got more sculptures from Arbis then I would ever need, also getting a sculpture every approx. 5 min is much faster than these grab bags. I see DE is doing their usual thing with this rewards, using 0% mental power, guess they're saving 100% for the next shiny thing they are releasing.
  6. After using it a few times it just doesn't sound right to me. I not this is very subjective and others might think its perfect however for me it is odd. The first half sounds ok, it sounds technology based (makes sense since it is an auto hack ability) however the last part just sounds splashy/mushy. Is that intended? Is the ability being fused into the warframes body for DE to want to add that part to the sound? Just wanted to give that feedback.
  7. Yes thank you for posting this, i liked that I could look at a glance to see if anything new is added now I feel like i need to run my curser over each item to see if I have crafted it or not which is a pain. That would be very poor design if this was DE's intent.
  8. Having run many Arbis and have yet to max rank any of the arcanes I'm just wanting to check if there is any tricks/tips i need to know. I just want the arcanes to have them at max rank, not that I need or want to use them. The arcanes are at 5% and with such a diluted drop table, i almost always end up with Endo/sculptures and 1 arcane per 1 hour if I'm lucky. If its just RNG then i'll just have to slowly get there but if anyone knows something I clearly do not, please let me know. Yes I could simply buy them off others but I want to farm them.
  9. I'm sure I can't be the first to think of this but would love to get the option to pick a particular reward from the drop table for that mission you intend to do (to add a multiplier or increase the drop rate). Maybe add a segment to some system and charge plat for it or real money (that should keep DE happy). Almost all F2P games have this option for real money. I.E. I want to farm an arbi mission and want better odds for arcanes, so I pick the option to increase the drop % for arcanes and run the mission. Yes there are boosters and yes SS has better drop % for resources but since so many people run missions to farm a specific item/resource, this option would be cool. Otherwise current boosters need to be modified to capture more (to include drop % increase for all items) or new boosters need to be added. Unless i'm mistaken, is there a booster for arcanes?
  10. Clearly you are not worthy of the loser rank for thinking this way 😋
  11. So how can i put this nicely, is there a way to track who has the most in the game? I'm down to very little items left to farm in this game. I'm talking about 29 mods, a handful of arbi arcanes, 11 scenes and some scans (which is the hardest since I;ve only been playing for 2.5 years and many things have been taken out of the game to scan). Can anyone else top me for number 1 loser rank. There has to be someone out there that has everything in this game. Would be cool to have a shiny glow or something to show of the loser rank. Guess the MR30 buff system helps a little but with MR31+ almost around the corner its going to be harder to track the bigger losers (i mean winners ;P).
  12. After 6 sisters, i just gave up and bought them off other players, i made back the plat faster then farming the ephemeras, since i would still not have gotten any to date ;P
  13. So I can see many peoples responses to the DE community twitch stream drop threads being they are not able to watch the streams. Mainly due to time differences or work schedules. Being on the other side of the world I can only watch 1 stream due to the horrible time difference, so I never get a chance to get the twitch rewards i want. Has DE every discussed permanently adding the weekly twitch drop rewards to the many twitch streamers out there? They have added drops to streamers before would like to see that again. Would love to have that option to watch other Warframe streamers (not just DE) and get the same drop bags.
  14. Hi all, just wanted to see if there was any way to remove threads I have made in the past. I can see everything in my profile but i cannot see any option to delete or close them out. Please let me know.
  15. I was using the base amp for a lot longer than I should have and kept joining casual groups to get captures/kills. Go harrow or trin, let the more experienced players go the DPS roles and it all slow builds up. I still suck at farming, its not for me, just can't rush these things. I enjoy profit taker farming more, more pew pew and less capturing issues with wisps and such. End the end you collect all the amps and then never really have to use them much other than Trido farming. Yeh just don't rush the little content there is lol.
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