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  1. I think ppl want a ninja action game and not a flight sim....
  2. To allow the sizeable solo player base to play empyrean without being forced to fit into a team?.
  3. "Indie" usually means game dev (1 or 2 or 50+) is able to make develop sell games with freedom without direct or i direct influence by outside parties . It really depends what sort of agreement they have with Leyou and whether Leyou has any say in how WF is made , developed etc
  4. How do endless missions work in railjack and is there reasons to stay in endless ones?
  5. Am wondering as it "feels " like its going on bit longer than last one. Im not the most hardcore at doing nightwave ... But right now ive gone through first rotation and currently on 8th rank collecting credits.. (Or was this seasons story bit on short side??)
  6. Just curious. Built mine but havent bothered to try it yet as i know it isnt solo player friendly (yet) and involves archwings. Who else? And why?
  7. Dont people understand it IS a business at the end of the day?. It IS a free to play game. Or people are just tight asses who want to be "cheap"? We already get random % off coupons off plat. Not sure why people expect more . If you cant afford to $$$$ on plat why dont u just grind+trade?. As for prime access - prices roughly seem to be on higher end equivalent to game prices but then u dont have to grind for parts plus get cosmetics u grind for. They have no reason to drop prices.... And if they did people will always expect same later on...
  8. Goddamnit. No aliens.... I wont be playing RJ anytime soon.......
  9. Now, strictly speaking im not biggest fan of archwings (submersible missions are yuck... No idea how they are in RJ), and i know they need an overhaul/rework, however, i enjoyed their base functions for what they were - but first they killed Itzels blink and now plan to nerf ameysha (why exactly?. Isnt as if its kit is that great)?. Its not even as if its meta ( hahaha) - if anything there isnt anything remarkable about even if it feels more solid than Odonata imho. ??????!!!!
  10. No thank you. Prefer it the way it is. RJ is supposed to be major "expansion" leave it as it is... An option.
  11. 1400 (hahaha) hours 320 days. Second longest ?. One of the older football manager games
  12. That makes you keep coming back??? Variety of weapons and warframes (and exploring different builds and playing with different mechanics and styles -no interest in meta) Relentless grind and loot (the rewards in some cases could be better though) Exploring & Collecting stuff (ayatan statues, syndicate marks/medallions, new mods) Spectres,Sentinels and companions (even with questionable AI) The lore and story missions when available
  13. Loved using Broken war. Have multiple war blueprints and wondering if i should make it instead?.
  14. Because some people whinge about same things. Grind. RnG . Lich. Railjack. Foundry wait times. People complain just cause and u find that more often in life than not.
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