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  1. Lets hope they have thought this through carefully. WF has reasonably low system requirements at the moment right?. if they up the graphics, how will it affect the performance on majority of player base cpu/gpu's?. If it impacts heavily, how many are going to upgrade either parts just to play a F2P game? Hell no.... (unless you lack sense,have too much free time or money.....)
  2. Hi all, Been playing warframe more sporatically last few months so havent really read up much on changes to WF in general. I am wondering what happened to Railjack and the Lich system?. Are there any changes planned with either in the future?. Whatever happened to the promised AI crew etc to improve rj for single players? (yes i know of workarounds etc). Are both rj and lich system going to be just left as is?. Getting the feeling they just want to push out new crap er stuff more regularly...and probably not in a good way imho.
  3. I actually think they should YES stop with the new content until they have polished and tried to fix update earlier new content first. It sure feels they keep rushing out bloody content like there is no tomorrow. Too fast.
  4. Got to be realistic. The abilities available to be removed/added are most probably going to be the crap ones. are there any good ones (likely) might work better with another frame?
  5. Seemingly a lot of people cant read judging from the amount of threads.....
  6. Love the new MOA. Seems to be able to kill enemies (well OK starchart ones ) more easily. The precepts seem to activate more regular as well. I actually want the Deconstructor to stay exclusive to Helios (i love it as well as taxon). People only want to use it as a stat stick imho...
  7. Am curious since signature and ultimates wont be allowed to be removed/used on other frames...
  8. There goes the corrupted mod market...
  9. And Kavat genetics.....
  10. I knew there was an upside to keeping multiple copies of standard warframe parts.....😁
  11. Unless i heard wrong its going as part of Heart of Deimos update. What happens to all the derelict vaults etc?
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