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  1. Hi all Vauban parts are available via nightwave - are they worth it? How should current Vauban be built and played ? (Is he actually as bad as people make him out to be...)
  2. Maybe its DE response to people saying he was very boring and didnt have much of a kit?
  3. Its a given someone will try using pirate flags/pirate theme etc on their railjack
  4. Just wondering as i rarely see either in random missions, and only got me wondering wtf skinny red wf was "ahhh valkyr"?...
  5. Almost finished starchart with my starter excal, and been reading over comments since i started about various warframes. Will probably end up trying Baruuk, Ivara, Khora (if i ever get her pieces), Hydroid (one short of his prime), Nekros (have his prime), Inaros , wukong (have his prime) & Wisp. These are the ones which i find potentially interesting and probably more my type of playstyle (solo a lot but do randoms regularly). Are my choices weird?. I tend to try stuff people dont find popular (ill leave Saryn, Octavia and Grendel to my wf fodder list.... Hehehe) Im wondering why Mirage prime seems to cheaper than most other wf primes on market ?.
  6. I actually quite like wisp in a public team. Very nice buffs. And i totally get the "addiction" .
  7. Its a grindy looter shooter meant to be played in short bursts. And its free.
  8. Plastids and control modules (only had a handful) were the problem for me before i built rhino. Not really obtainable that straight away....
  9. thanks for the feedback. cant believe ive left it this long to check into loadouts :)
  10. hi all, When i first started i enjoyed using the MK1 Kunai then after a while Kunai and then unexpected Despair drop. Dont really use them these much these days, but am i wonder what other throwing weapons are there aside from the Spira (id have to buy this since its vaulted right?), Whats best mods to use on those weapons?. Starting to outfit properly for spy missions (i used to HATE those missions......enjoy them now...) and trying bows (i liked the paris and trying to get to grips with Dread now). What needs to be on bows by the way?.
  11. Cheers. Forgot about the 30minute boosters (had them pop up a few times) Much have been Cervantes or Orikon tileset as ive only done anything lua once...
  12. Id support them offering it. Whether the size of the potential market/userbase would be worth it is a pertinent question only DE can find out.
  13. Easier to do it in a group imho Materials needed are a pain to get though.
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