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  1. Ignis/Ignis Wraith was always my favorite weapon since day 1 (im almost 2k hours into game now). However, its only really good vs starchart enemies. It really does start to struggle vs higher level mobs fairly early on.Its been around for a long time -- if they were going to nerf it, would have happened already. As others have stated, its more likely they will nerf weapons which are overpopular (they can see the stats). i regularly see multiple brammas in pub missions if thats anything to go by..
  2. Only began to learn joys of defensive frames lately (frost prime.... Dislike limbo though). And learned to find corridors (near life points mind you) to sit funnel mobs to me. Actually works for me (solo) as long as i move around a little etc. Staying static in one spot though... Is boring...
  3. Buffing enemies. Reducing enemy health/armor. Buffing weapons. Nerfing X weapons/abilities. Seems to go around in circles. When DE releases new content like Liche's or RJ it always buggy (a given) but it always seem they start out arguably hard then they put fixes in place which does seem to make things a lot easier (after many compaints). is this because people find thing too grindy or too difficult?. Seems to happen all the time.The point about more minibosses ie along the line of more Nox types makes more sense than buffing/nerfing..Enemy AI...im not a programmer but would aside from complexity to program, wouldn't it make the backend processing etc more bloated etc? (sorry if im talking out of my ass haha)
  4. What happened to the AI crew that was promised post rj launch?
  5. You already have a section of the community who will do hard mode regardless : those who do survival and defense for hours (seems senseless to me ). For me the game his about grind, progress and loot. Loot. Without appropiate rewards it simply wont be worth it for majority of players
  6. Fashion isnt my thing but Garuda deluxe??.. Stickwoman...... Khora looks a bit off....
  7. Did they ever say existing ones will be broken up?. If anything theyll keep the originals as they are and revisit the powers for each. Intro seperate set of modular ones. Obvious thing to do. I mean easier to add new modular ones than try work out how to compensate removing existing ...
  8. I actually dont understand why people get upset with things like exclusive hard to get rewards etc. If people notice , DE seems to make new content seemingly difficult then ease or dumb down the grindiness etc of the game. It always happens.
  9. Yeah but you do realise you need to kill enough thralls to fill the Liches rage meter before he appears again right?.
  10. There arent that many aoe weapons to start with right?. Ignis wraith was pretty popular at one point .... And was my favorite weapon but struggles vs slightly higher than starchart mission level enemies. Havent used bramma (havent used mine yet.... Although seen it used commonly now) , kuva nukor is beefed up atomos but... It really struggles vs higher level grineer, dunno about amprex.
  11. Obvious solution. Only make them available later in the game say level 40+. setting it to level 20 is a bit low...
  12. Why do people need to have an endgame?. Im enjoying it for what it is .They'll keep reworking the game trying to "improve it"
  13. 9 Liches. weapons - 1x40%,1x 53% (my first Lich), 7 x sub 30%. (thank rng for 2 ephemera..although they are the worst 2!!) Got all parts for Titania Prime easily.. the Neuroptics??? 10x relics and counting lol
  14. Justify someone working in DE i guess?. I guess whoever is doing it justifying flash over usability. Happens unfortunately
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