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  1. Am i right in saying final showdown with your Lich will always now be in Kuva Fortress?. Unlike level 1-4 there only a small limited number of (imho) pain in the ass nodes to deal with, and to be frank pretty S#&$ . Im pretty much forced to play the nodes i hate ie Spy and Rescue on Kuva fortress (you guys know how S#&$e they are ). I cant be the only one who finds these recent changes pretty irritating.
  2. In fissure missions, if someone comes in late , and the other members of group have collected most of reactant - quite often enemies stop spawning (seems to be right after goal is completed) and there is insufficient reactant left to collect . Is this an actual long running bug?. Seems to only happen if you join pub mission very late into the mission. Stuck with 9 reactant and unable to complete crack relic cause there isnt any reactant left....
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