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  1. Am i right in saying final showdown with your Lich will always now be in Kuva Fortress?. Unlike level 1-4 there only a small limited number of (imho) pain in the ass nodes to deal with, and to be frank pretty S#&$ . Im pretty much forced to play the nodes i hate ie Spy and Rescue on Kuva fortress (you guys know how S#&$e they are ). I cant be the only one who finds these recent changes pretty irritating.

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  2. I had most of the intrinsic's up and decent armor and health on the old railjack. Been knocked back down to zero with the new update (even though i can reassign all my intrinsics). 

    Anyone got a quick summary of getting the old rj back up and running close to the old level? Sure squishy and sluggish again. Far out.... have to work out which mods what...Plating only on corpus nodes?

  3. On 2021-02-28 at 11:19 PM, Leqesai said:

    I mean...

    The syndicates have always been pretty irrelevant. There have been speckles of content related to the various factions over the years but they've always just sort of been in the background doing nothing. I don't really see future content as further invalidating an already invalidated type of content. Syndicates are just there for you to get specific loot. Nothing more nothing less.

    They are arguably a way for some of us to enjoy scavenging around the maps .I sure do them each session.

  4. Lets hope they have thought this through carefully. WF has reasonably low system requirements at the moment right?. if they up the graphics, how will it affect the performance on majority of player base cpu/gpu's?. If it impacts heavily, how many are going to upgrade either parts just to play a F2P game? Hell no.... (unless you lack sense,have too much free time or money.....)

  5. On 2020-05-31 at 2:59 AM, Voltage said:

    I definitely agree with your overall statement on how the game has shaped. Especially with:

    This right here is something I can feel as time passes. This isn't something new, but it's not been remedied. 

    Don't worry about your English OP, you made some solid points and have a pretty relatable message overall (atleast to me). 😃

    It does feel they are adjusting content to appeal to broader audience - it feels with every main update it initially feels difficult (thats normal going into unknown first time), then newbies/youtubers start having a cry over something - changes are made which makes the game a whole lot "easier" (powercreep reducing grind seems common theme) etc. 

  6. Ignis/Ignis Wraith was always my favorite weapon since day 1 (im almost 2k hours into game now). However, its only really good vs starchart enemies. It really does start to struggle vs higher level mobs fairly early on.Its been around for a long time -- if they were going to nerf it, would have happened already. As others have stated, its more likely they will nerf weapons which are overpopular (they can see the stats). i regularly see multiple brammas in pub missions if thats anything to go by..

  7. Only began to learn joys of defensive frames lately (frost prime.... Dislike limbo though). And learned to find corridors (near life points mind you) to sit funnel mobs to me. Actually works for me (solo) as long as i move around a little etc. Staying static in one spot though... Is boring...

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  8. Buffing enemies. Reducing enemy health/armor. Buffing weapons. Nerfing X weapons/abilities. Seems to go around in circles. When DE releases new content like Liche's or RJ it always buggy (a given) but it always seem they start out arguably hard then they put fixes in place which does seem to make things a lot easier (after many compaints). is this because people find thing too grindy or too difficult?. Seems to happen all the time.The point about more minibosses ie along the line of more Nox types makes more sense than buffing/nerfing..Enemy AI...im not a programmer but would aside from complexity to program, wouldn't it make the backend processing etc more bloated etc? (sorry if im talking out of my ass haha) 

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