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  1. Stradavar's secondary fire appears to still be working off pre-Specters values. According to the wiki it should be:

    7.5 Impact

    30 Puncture

    12.5 Slash


    But on the site its secondary fire still has:

    4.5 Impact

    15 Puncture

    10.5 Slash

  2. Just now, alexbug15 said:

    well in the big update notes they didnt specify that they lowered the syndicates missions standing rewards and probably they also lowered something else, maybe focus idk.

    It feels like they either put in a cap per mission or lowered the conversion of affinity to standing. I used to be able to run  void defense mission and cap out standing in 2 20-minute rounds. Now I'm lucky if I can do it in 8.

  3. Not a fan of this solution. Granted nobody knows how the key -> relic conversion was actually supposed to work, but it definitely feels like I'm missing 200+ keys based on the relics I have. DE is usually pretty good about fixing stuff like this, and I can't believe that this is their solution this time. It's uncharacteristically... I don't even know the word. It almost feel like arrogance on the part of the development team. As if they're saying "Yes, our script messed up. Here's a few scraps as an apology, and you're lucky to be getting that!"

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  4. Just now, GamrPhysics said:

    She said all she had to do was her voices, thats really all they have to do atleast thats what she said in primetime


    No I was pointing out that the reason that a major bug involving killing progression or double-charging someone hasn't occurred in a very long time is because DE hasn't made changes to either of those systems in a very long time, the implication being that obviously bugs will only occur in systems DE changes.

  5. 2 minutes ago, GreyEnneract said:

    Imagine if they did this with U16, and just called Wyrmius "Part 1."

    Pure comedy.

    That'd be almost as disgraceful as allowing a kavat bug to delay the shipping of a major overhaul to the starchart.

    Or delaying the implementation of an upgraded tutorial because of pet dogs.

    Or releasing an entire update that is just a poor imitation of Rocket League.

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  6. 1 minute ago, GreyEnneract said:

    I'll wait for the official notes and actually playing it to decide that.

    Seeing as people thought the same with U18.

    Not that I'm saying these constant delays are excusable (I'm of the mind they they probably should have just lumped Kavats in with War Within), but given the sheer scope of the systems they're overhauling (market, starchart, void, archwing tweaks), those systems (apart from archwing) have either incredibly wide-spanning implications or are just interconnected with several other systems in the game. Honestly if DE just tossed a warframe and a couple weapons in this update in and of itself could qualify as all of U19.


    This patch is massive, and its interconnectivity through several systems multiplies the probability of severe bugs exponentially. Not trying to excuse it, but context is important.

  7. 4 minutes ago, JacobKoopa said:

    Im sorry, I myself have been looking forward to Kavats just as much as the rest. Not only that, but the core set of words are "One of the Reasons." That means that what you may consider core game updates may also be having issues that could be causing some of the delays. Please remember, you are not the only player here. We are all looking forward to different aspects of this update, and though we may not agree of which one is more important than the other, to the developer, all aspects of the update are important for the community as a whole to keep everyone happy. Please remember that before you show such ignorance again.

    You can look forward to kavats. That's fine. If you really want to play with cats and dogs then that's an okay stance to have. What is not okay is allowing the "cat and dog having system" to actively delay the implementation of system upgrades (the market, map upgrades, starchart update) that affect (hopefully benefit, but you never really know) EVERY PLAYER in the game. The correct design call when kavats are delaying a build like this is to turn off kavats, release the rest, then hotfix in kavats when they're ready. The correct decision is NOT to hold large-reaching core gameplay updates hostage for the sake of a Neopet.

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  8. Just now, mantasas17x said:

    HOW DARE YOUY INSULT THE HONORABLE BREED OF THE MAJESTIC BEASTS?! Your ungraceful muts  are the reason for delays , cause they came before kitties! yOU BETTER APOLOGIZE , ELSE I am going to hunt you and ur dog down!

    Kubrows were primarily responsible for the delay of U14, which introduced the Liset and the revised tutorial (a "core" gameplay update designed to help with new players). I am on-record as saying that allowing "Nintendogs" to delay a core update is a terrible decision. The same thing is happening now with Kavats.


    Dog, cat, parakeet, monitor lizard.... I don't care. Holding back NECESSARY CORE gameplay changes for the sake of small distractions like "pets" is not okay.

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  9. Whoever wrote that up needs to go under the section describing the new warframe and change the phrase "Ying-Yang" to the proper word "Yin-Yang". Yin-Yang is the correct term, and a reference to a principle in Taoism that describes how seemingly opposite forces are able to compliment one another. This principle is often expressed through the familiar symbol around which this new warframe is clearly based.


    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_and_yang

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