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  1. My only big concern here is the length of time that can lapse between acquiring the bad plat and it finally being removed. Folks are saying 'don't spend it for a week or so' when not that long ago there was a thread in Players Helping Players where someone hit a large negative plat balance...six months after the trade. Call me crazy but don't most places have a certain timeframe for you to be responsible? While I don't like the idea that if I get scammed I ultimately end up being responsible for the debt I can abide by it except that if I sell a Riven in June I don't suddenly want to be in the negative plat come February.
  2. No. I tried a few of the usual things and didn't notice the recharge speeding up. Let me know how the Argon Scope build goes, I don't own Argon Scope so I haven't been build that out. I'm just using a crit build with some viral damage and that's been working well. Either way, getting off the topic here. For those who are just starting out and hit this challenge, Hek is a really good option. At only MR4 you can get it built fairly early and if you manage to get your hands on Scattered Justice it's going to carry you through the star chart with ease.
  3. I've dropped mine into Fulmin. It was good when I was only two forma into the build, going through on number five and it's a monster of a weapon.
  4. I haven't actually seen anyone selling or buying Rivens for the weapon I've got one for (Mutalist Quanta) leading me to believe it wasn't super popular in the first place. That was why I was kinda hoping there was an aggregate somewhere I was just missing but your response kinda confirms my fears. Thank you though!
  5. All I can say is don't give up! I'm terrible at target shooting and so the MR6 (I think) test caught me off guard. I didn't know you could practice at the time and for some reason I thought I had to wait for the pattern to complete and then shoot the orbs in order. My fault for not researching first! Still, having failed that one time and seeing what it wanted me to do I went and practiced sniping Grineer and came back the next day to fly through it. The test you're on was the first one where I practiced quite a bit before I took it. I didn't realize that I could crouch and aim my jumps (I'd previously always just slid and jumped from there) and it was a total light-bulb moment for me. After that it was just a matter of telling myself to take my time and not rush the jumps but to carefully line them up. I'm much better at navigating maps now because of it! Just take your time in the practice room and a good rule of thumb is when you can pass the practice three times in a row you're ready to try the test for real. You can do it!
  6. Hello Tenno, I'm a new player that is only just now getting into Rivens and I have to ask, is there any place I can go to check their prices? I've got one I'm planning to sell (I just don't see myself using the weapon anytime in the near future) and I'm also trying to figure out what I can expect price-wise for okay Rivens for weapons I'm actually working on so I can start budgeting for them. I found Riven.market but the website seems a bit under-trafficked so I'm wondering if that's the only one or is there some place I can ask about pricing? Thank you in advance for any help!
  7. Lost track of runs. I can build a cabin out of wolf sledge handles but no mask for me.
  8. I started playing Warframe midway through, I think the tail end of the third diorama. I've gotten to rank 11 and will probably be 12 or 13 before it ends. It's unfortunate but hey, it just makes me determined to complete season two and hope that maybe in the future there will be some kind of event that might allow me to get some of the rewards I missed. Even if not, it's okay. I don't have to get everything (but man I want that Umbra Forma).
  9. I don't believe so, it says right on the page that they'll be going away.
  10. I'm honestly a little surprised. I'm a fairly new player but a half decent Hek build and one Loki Prime later and I can consistently solo the lower level alert (I'm dead weight in the higher one so Imma just sit that out). As little as a week ago this guy was certain death for my friends and I no matter what we were running, we just haven't been around long enough. So yes, it doesn't surprise me to learn that people are one-shotting even the higher level version of him. Happy as I am to get a sledge an a chance at the fashion mask, I'm a little sad that his minions inspire more fear in me than he does.
  11. Hello Tenno, started just under a month ago and am steadily progressing through the star chart. Currently MR6 but not far from MR7. Hoping to find an easy-going clan that can answer questions I've got about Mods, builds, modes, Warframe life in general, and just break the endless monotony of staring into the Void alone. I have Discord and would prefer a clan based on the US west coast, B.C. or around that time slot but am slightly flexible due to scattered schedule. Feel free to send me a message in game or on here. Thank you for your time!
  12. Thank you! We weren't sure if the fact he only had two colors instead of three made any difference!
  13. A friend told me I should get an evaluation on this guy. Thank you for your time.
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