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  1. Eh, I can't share your enthusiasm. Not that I disagree with more melee weapons, it's just that the only melee I like using is a gunblade. My philosophy is, don't take a knife to a gunfight unless the knife is/has a gun.
  2. Okay, we have only 3 Spearguns in the entire game. I think we're due for a new one, and the Kuva Liches are a perfect opportunity to make it happen with the creation of Kuva Javlok. Potential stats to change: -Magazine Size The original Javlok has a throw option that deals more damage with more in the magazine. Truthfully, a magazine increase would benefit both forms of combat. I'd suggest bumping it to 10. -Critical Chance Scourge is a heavily SC-focused while Ferrox (primary fire mode) is heavily CC-focused. The Javlok is a rather solid hybrid with 20% CC and 25% SC. With this in mind, I think bumping CC to 25% is a fair improvement. -Charge Time This isn't in reference to charging the throw, but rather the charge time when firing the weapon. To be honest, I feel the charge isn't really a necessary function and could/should be removed entirely. If it stays intact, we could improve it with an option or two: 1. Allow us to hold the charge to ensure we're going to hit our target, and 2. Allow the charge to consume additional bullets for a stronger blast (I'd say max ammo consumed is 2 additional bullets). The latter option would also support why we could enhance the magazine size. -Reload Speed If we increase the magazine size, I think it'd only be fair to increase the Reload Speed to 2.0 as a result. Thoughts/Suggestions?
  3. Stats for the Riven (Kohm/Kuva Kohm) are as follows: +208.4% / 148.8% Multishot +303.6% / 216.9% Damage -59.3% / 42.3% Ammo maximum My IGN is XennethKeisere, and I can also be found in the Warframe PC Facebook page as well as several Warframe Discord servers. You're more likely to get a response from me if you seek me out in those areas rather than messaging me here.
  4. >Fixed the Vengeful Charge Ephemera providing constant light source for Mirage's Eclipse, resulting in a cosmetic granting the light buff to remain 99% of the time. Okay, on the one hand, I guess it shoulda been something everyone expected. On the other hand, RIP to myself and anyone else who paid Plat to get this Ephemera just for the buff because now (at least for me, who isn't really a big Fashionframe kinda guy) it feels wasted. With that tear jerker outta the way -- THANK YOU FOR FINALLY FIXING TACTICAL RELOAD AND CO. Now question -- can anyone confirm if this fix also applied to Ferrox, Javlok and Scourge?
  5. Is there anyone who can confirm the reload bug with Tactical Reload, etc. is being worked on? I miss using these mods and weapons (Ferrox Scourge and Javlok are also affected).
  6. I don't know if this issue has been reported, but last night I encountered a bug with Shedu and Archwing in PoE. If I have Shedu equipped and activated my Archwing, everything works as planned. But if I'm in my Archwing and I try to swap between my Shedu and my secondary (so if in swapping from Shedu to Brakk, or from Brakk to Shedu), I equip Shedu and a bug kicks in -- I can't shoot, I can't swap weapons and I can't teleport. If I exit the Archwing and re-enter it that fixes the bug, but thought it should still be reported if it wasn't already.
  7. STILL WAITING FOR FIX TO TACTICAL RELOAD, EJECT MAGAZINE, LOCK & LOAD, AND THE SPEARGUNS... Also waiting for fix where Mirage clones don't fire Tonkor rounds when using Kuva Tonkor.
  8. Still looking for the following fixes: 1. Mods/Spearguns reloading while holstered/thrown. 2. Mirage clones not firing Tonkor rounds.
  9. I didn't see anything about the reload-when-thrown-or-holstered bug (the one affecting Tactical Reload, Eject Magazine, Lock & Load, and the Spearguns). Did you miss that or not find the fix yet?
  10. Update bump. Sold a few, gained a few. New Rivens are marked.
  11. I've got a number of Rivens for sale, listed below. Assume they have multiple rolls unless otherwise listed (some Rivens will have full stats, others will be simply listed as unrolled): Simulor Visi-fevacon (+157.6 DMG, +38.5 Grineer, +45.1 Reload) Shaku Deci-visiton (unrolled) Scourge Argiata (+63.5 Grineer, +213.8 DMG, -92.8 cc) Paracyst Gelitak (unrolled) Ooltha Scitio (unrolled) Mutalist cernos Vexido (unrolled) Javlok Critaata (+224.1 CC, +245.5 DMG, -30.8 Reload {an excellent negative as Spearguns have innate reloading while holstered/thrown, so with the right gameplay you won't feel this}) Braton Feva-saticon (unrolled) Boar Fevatox (unrolled) Argonak Acri-toxibin (unrolled) Angstrum Crita-visinak (+106 Projectile Speed, +277.7 DMG, +206.5 CC, -47.3 Magazine) (2 rolls) Ninkondi Pura-mantidex (unrolled) Ether Sword Paranem (unrolled) Mutalist Quanta Croni-heranak (unrolled) Torid Lexi-cronitin (unrolled) If you're interested in any of these, please feel free to inquire and/or leave an offer. Full stats for any Rivens available upon request.
  12. If you're talking about the innate reload on throw/holster effect, the Ferrox is also suffering from this bug.
  13. I've tested the Ferrox weapon, and the Eject Magazine mod. Both of these should be innately reloading the magazines when holstered (Ferrox when holstered or thrown). Most of the time, it's not happening. I haven't had time to test Scourge and Javlok, the other Spearguns, nor have I tested Tactical Reload or Lock and Load, but I would assume they may be having the same issue.
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