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  1. Any plans to fix Index? Energy spawns stop working after awhile. I've encountered this with Titania multiple times (my Titania uses Dispensary; I'm not certain if perhaps that has anything to do with it or not).
  2. You should investigate Index. I've had several times where the energy spawn points stop working; were it not for my having Dispensary on Titania I wouldn't be able to maintain my Razorwing.
  3. I encountered Host Migration and the game froze to the point I had to use Task Manager to turn it off. FFS DE fix this already, the Host Migration bug cost me multiple instances of credits. 😡😡😡😡😡
  4. I put Dispensary on both my Titania and Ivara, but then I'm also constantly using Razorwing and Prowl. XD
  5. I've not read through this whole thread so I dunno if this was suggested but I wanted to give it a go. So when you max out Helminth, you're given unlimited Subsume slots. I get the preface behind an unlimited amount -- more Warframes to come. Thing is, it's not *technically* unlimited because we get one Subsume per Warframe. So, for the botanical enthusiasts, I submit to you to allow us to Subsume multiple copies of Warframes. Reduce the cost of resources on any Warframes after the first copy, so it doesn't feel so drastic. This way we can build our flower garden beyond the limit of
  6. Found another inconsistency -- Ferrox. The beam has an AoE on hit, and it's able to equip Tactical Reload. So unless it doesn't count as a "rifle with AoE" (which, being a speargun, maybe it does technically), this still shows some issues with the defining of what can and cannot use the Holster mods. I don't suppose a DE rep would be able to supply feedback?
  7. Hm...I missed that detail. Where did it originate from?
  8. Every once in awhile I notice some guns can't use these mods. I just learned the Trumna, a weapon that I was very interested in, can't use Tactical Reload. Considering it has a 5 second reload, this one detail completely killed any urge I had to farm it. Is there a rhyme or reason as to why some guns have this lack of being able to use these mods? Is it a bug? Is there a certain quality of the weapon that meets criteria that exempts it from these mods? Or is it Russian roulette and Trumna got the raw end of the deal? Hope my post isn't too rude, but I'm not gonna lie...this is rather
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