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  1. Still waiting on fixing index. As a reminder, when dispensary is used multiple times in the index, the energy spawn points stop working.
  2. Still looking for info on fixing Index. Energy spawns stop working, I I think it may be due to a player using dispensary too often but can't confirm (I usually use Titania, who has Dispensary ability via Helminth).
  3. Any plans to fix Index? Energy spawns stop working after awhile. I've encountered this with Titania multiple times (my Titania uses Dispensary; I'm not certain if perhaps that has anything to do with it or not).
  4. You should investigate Index. I've had several times where the energy spawn points stop working; were it not for my having Dispensary on Titania I wouldn't be able to maintain my Razorwing.
  5. I encountered Host Migration and the game froze to the point I had to use Task Manager to turn it off. FFS DE fix this already, the Host Migration bug cost me multiple instances of credits. 😡😡😡😡😡
  6. I put Dispensary on both my Titania and Ivara, but then I'm also constantly using Razorwing and Prowl. XD
  7. When I use Kuva Tonkor with Mirage Prime, and activate her Hall of Mirrors, I've noticed her clones do not fire their weapons. I'm not sure if this bug extends to the regular Tonkor and/or Mirage, nor have I tested any other weapons similar to the Tonkor.
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