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  1. Then no wonder, go run those bounties, the bonds will drop.
  2. Guess I should've more said, can people not count their slots before and after they sell a weapon?
  3. Then that is more Hydro and Gaunt, because Terry's stomp attack is the only one that will send you flying, its other attacks barely register attention from us. Hydro and Gaunt like to pull out the rave party attacks. Now I wonder why no one runs an Octavia during a tricap, dance music to go along with the lights would be awesome.
  4. Except I can't say that I sold Broken War because I held on to mine. Even waited to get a Broken War BP to make War. I just don't get why people would think you would lose a slot that is essentially gifted to you by DE. All weapons that are awarded to you by either quests or alerts, the slots are permanent. If they weren't, players would've rioted a long time ago when DE introduced the first "gifted" weapon.
  5. I'm one who runs Eidolons with Umbra. No Volt Prime acquired yet, so don't bother with the meta.
  6. No, slots earned from special weapon acquisitions stay, you don't lose them.
  7. The sigil also looks like one of the daily login sigils as well. And most players don't really wear their sigils on the front, most wear on the back. Since I don't own their sigils, how do you think I would know them on the spot? I also don't own New Loka or Perrin Sequence either, won't recognize them on first sight.
  8. I wouldn't have recognized their sigils, since I don't own them even though I'm part of their syndicate.
  9. You are really being dumb with your video. If you've hit your total limit with Red Veil, spend the damn standing, then you will get more Red Veil standing. You will still get standing for Steel Meridian, but you are not wearing their sigil, so their standing doesn't count toward your daily. I'll say this here: THERE IS NO BUG! THE SYSTEM IS WORKING AS INTENDED!
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