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  1. How would you even be able to navigate the area? The whole place is constantly crumbling in on itself. The moon is unstable as it is.
  2. I agree with you here, the idea in this thread would just "incentivize" players to not go scanning. For running SO/ESO, Simaris does pay us for it though. Instead of standing being the payment, it instead is (relics, vandal parts, captura scenes, Khora parts). Sounds more like the others just want to double dip for standing. There thought is "more rewards for less work".
  3. Probably shouldn't even invest in this, since this is what was discussed in the devstream. Better to wait and see what happens with attack speed before truly committing to this.
  4. Shwaak, Shraksun, the only arcane on it is regen on kill.
  5. What "magnetic bubble" are you talking about? Operator AMPs don't cause any "magnetic bubble". Personally have used three amps so far, have never seen any "magnetic bubble".
  6. You must not realize that you typed ESO. Can you not see your mistake at all?
  7. I'm kinda wondering of this might also be a PSN issue. So far, I haven't seen any threads of this under the xbox section. Could something potentially be going on at Sony's end to mess this up for players? Hope this issue doesn't persist and it gets fixed for you guys.
  8. You've clearly heard lies, since there is no carrying for Profit Taker.
  9. You also don't get 15 creds till you hit the prestige ranks, which are after rank 30.
  10. Not this either, that can be done in one mission. 1000 is a much better number. Keeps it with the regular "kill 1000 enemies" challenge.
  11. You get those from captures, I think. They can save your life very well if you hotkey them. Full healing in a split second is a godsend, for a hotkey. Like me, it will take longer with controller trying to pull out the gear wheel to click the right item.
  12. If you've nothing to add to this thread with your posts, please stop quoting me. Goodbye troll.
  13. It isn't speculation, each country has different tax codes that work differently, basic economics. You're probably forgetting that the price difference is just due to the different platforms. You've also made the assumption that I'm Australian, which if you'd read one of my previous posts, you would have seen I'm not.
  14. Should only be one drop. not two. Edit: Dang, if it is two drops, I hope I get both tomorrow then. Only thought it would be one drop, like usual.
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