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  1. Easiest places to get tellerium are railjack missions and daily login.
  2. Not really, underwater can mimic the environment of outer space, like how NASA trains astronauts in pools with the equipment they use and the gear they wear.
  3. This is a riot, thinking that CoD has star power. Definitely laughing at this delusion.
  4. Unless you're Neo and can see the actual code in realtime, you can't point to anything as actual, definitive proof.
  5. Git gud scrub - means increase your avionics and get better weapons/shields/engines/reactor
  6. It felt like a sarcastic response, so I apologize for that.
  7. 1 hour, since your sarcastic self clearly didn't check the wiki or in-game.
  8. Yeah..no, otherwise the galaxy would already be dead. Not every star goes supernova, so there is no average to study, an average can't even be defined with our current level of tech.
  9. Does anybody ever remember that there is a blueprint in the market that allows you to craft orokin cells and only cost 100plat, less if you buy it with a coupon on console?
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