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  1. Soul Punch is good if you're invisible and want to troll a group of Grineer
  2. It seems better to run the fortress for tellurium than Uranus.
  3. But it has shown up, both in this intermission and series 2. Gauss Mag helmet, I've not picked it up yet on part of me not owning Gauss yet.
  4. X for finishers on XB1, I myself didn't realize they changed the controls until sometime after the update.
  5. Yeah, DE swapped the names around, it is a little confusing, each has a helm named after the other.
  6. How did I lie when I made no actual statement that it was this week's (rather last week's) rotation?
  7. The helm I mentioned is the Gauss Mag helm, it isn't in this weeks rotation, I'm unsure of which weeks have had it. Don't know if any WF youtubers cover each weeks' rotations or not.
  8. You're a hoarder, aren't you?
  9. Because there's only 14 lith relics in the game at this time.
  10. That one will only ever be available with plat then. If the helm plat cost is over 100, chances are it will stay plat, under 100 will probably be available at some point in NW. Other helms have not been thought of yet that will be available thru NW. Also, not a Grendel owner.
  11. I'm meaning let them come up with designs that complements Grendel instead of something half baaked.
  12. I've only run Index twice, both times I was seriously confused on who the enemy was or how the score system works. It's kindda stupid that we spawn at the enemy goal instead of our goal.
  13. Gauss already has alternate helms in NW, have patience for Grendel, artists can't just shat out something.
  14. You may have millions, I'm sitting at just over a measly 100k credits.
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