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  1. How could they attempt normal human reproduction if they aren't even human to begin with? They are bioengineered workers, mass produced every day.
  2. So, we have to stop our forward movement to get rid of a buff that we DIDN'T WANT in the first place? You don't get the point of this thread then.
  3. What are you rambling on about here? Revenant was not created to "seal the sentient drone fragments". This particular Revenant chose to stay on Earth and battle the Eidolon fragments, night after night. You forget that there would've been multiple Revenant frames created back then. They would not have all been made with the same purpose. This Revenant has only merged with the Eidolon energy because it was tricked to give itself over, thus trapping him. I've no clue where you started a tangent about "cores". What drone did Gara destroy? She destroyed a full on Sentient. Sentients are not "drone
  4. Was probably removed in the first place because it looks just like the Fallout laser rifle.
  5. I tend to try and sell rivens I'm not keeping at a base price of 25 plat, since they are unranked, mostly unrolled unless it was one I had maybe wanted to keep but changed my mind about.
  6. Wrong, we don't WANT the dang buff. We are constantly tired of Volt's crap. How do you not get this premise of these threads? You want speed, play Volt yourself but quit forcing it on the rest of us.
  7. It depends if that day requires a specific weapon set, e.g. bows. Screw that fight. Not wasting my time for that.
  8. The monument is also only for the clan dojo, so if you do not have those permissions to decorate, you will not be able to do anything with it.
  9. Gravity may exist but we don't know what the material is that was used in the production of these "vines". The material may be very rigid, in which case gravity wouldn't effect them.
  10. I mostly just miss the layout of the tileset more, not the set itself. Same with the old Gas City. I wish that DE had with both sets kept some of the layouts.
  11. Well no duh they don't align, you're on a ramp leading to a raised platform. They are situated on the raised platform. So what are you even trying to point out as a "bug" again?
  12. Easy answer: you're too dependent on the LS drops from enemies and not bothering to activate the actual capsules enough.
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