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  1. For 4k standing, not even worth it to take it to Legs. Just sell straight from inventory. More steps to have to do for the 4k then just selling straight from inventory.
  2. Level 20 Build your Xoris and other weapons better then. If you can't kill 25, then you've not modded your weapons good enough.
  3. Or you could, you know, stop using your AOE weapons ALL the time.
  4. Please explain what the suppressed sound of a flamethrower is going to sound like.
  5. Probably mislabelled. I'm surprised there is a button for 13 though.
  6. Archwings have never benefitted from arcanes, right?
  7. Your suggestion is just making it even worse. The only thing DE really needs to do is remove the bracket "minigame" from it. Problem solved.
  8. If I'm running a sneak mission like Spy to level a companion weapon, I don't want it shooting while I'm trying to sneak, especially in a vault.
  9. Why did you comment with nothing useful? The OP is talking about bounty rotation, not planet. There are people who monitor the game and update outside timer locations, so it isn't random.
  10. So you should be able to bring a no level frame to Arbitrations?
  11. Oculus is pretty good for use in fishing as well. Its loot detector though, that mod can be deleted from the game.
  12. There is no bug because there is no actual timer.
  13. Wait, we're not on Bethesda.net?
  14. So air can knock someone down? All I see in the vid is a bubble.
  15. Thought you would say Volt and Gauss would have a speedster contest.
  16. I hoped you also realized that the enemies in Simulacrum are not reflecting the bumped up stats that enemies receive in Steel Path.
  17. Upload to Twitter, copy/paste works for me.
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