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  1. Are you referring to the Mandachord or Shawzins? The Mandachord is acquired during the quest, it is not giftable. Shawzins are giftable.
  2. Why would you sell that? The stats are pretty awesome.
  3. @Dauggie@General-Pacman@Uhkretor@Lutesque
  4. I dispute that with my opinion, absolutely hated the song. I would prefer to keep listening to "Drunken Sailor" from Black Flag, hearing the crew singing that is music to the ears over "Sleeping".
  5. Yes, suggest something only available to PC players for a console player. Great logic.
  6. As soon as you call them, if you're not using a stealth frame immediately go into archwing and move away.
  7. Does it say somewhere that this is true? AFAIK, eximus units are entirely RNG based.
  8. Does the game not tell you the word you need to type? Everything else does.
  9. Both players trading have to be at or over the rank required to trade. If your friend isn't that rank, the trade cannot go thru.
  10. You guys completely ignored what the OP typed. He said nothing about an actual mouse.
  11. The name of the enemy did say denial though, because there are other bursa types as well. Don't want any confusion going on here.
  12. How would this work with controller usage? It wouldn't, it would completely break not being able to sprint/boost in those modes.
  13. Why does this not follow all the other clan research? Everything else that is researchable doesn't require you to wait for a project to be finished.
  14. Is it equipped in the gear wheel and are you sure you've killed the correct bursa? Gotta cover the bases here.
  15. I'm honestly confused by what I'm reading here. Are you not aware that once you start the actual research time on a pigment you can select to start another pigment collection? Just like every other dojo research project?
  16. You have an inventory and a search function for a reason. Learn to use them effectively.
  17. He's meaning the arcanes, not everything else.
  18. You do realize the alt-fire is an automatic firing mode, the main is a shotgun-type semi firing? The two weapons can't be more different. A comparison cannot even be made.
  19. The point of the shock prods is to not damage the fish. I don't know if the damage actually does something or not to the fish or the loot from the fish. It also pays to use the higher tier shock prod because it stuns multiple fish so that they don't move for a few seconds.
  20. What would be the point when you can literally preview the finished product before ever purchasing it?
  21. Just to clarify something, the landing craft you see when you go to planets and relays, that is not the Orbiter. The Orbiter is a lot bigger than you realize.
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