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  1. 6 billion dmg eh? What's the damage cap again? Me smells some of the fecal matter male cows produce
  2. and to think, this was considered paultry by Viver standards. Anyone got a video of that broken mag + trin + nekky combo on the Xini map? Want some nostalgia, we used to pick up approx 2k MODS from 4 rounds of interception you'd run round each wave and the mods wouldn't stop showing up until the end of the following round, peoples PC's completely lagged out with the sheeeeeer volume of mods they were picking up from the mob spawns, they had to nerf mags SP (she was god tier with anything with a sheild drone) the mod spawns which is why we literally now have mods which will despawn / pop together when you hit the cap, and why things like interception spawns and timers were completely overhauled. Wouldn't have changed it for the world, but alas it was broken as all hell, still.... "...Misty water coloured mem'ries..."
  3. there was a MARKED reduction in drop rate after one of the patches... entire clan noticed it, and noticed that even with people running drop chance boosters, resource boosters AND smeeta (for what it's worth) they were coming out of a 2 hr surv with 30 vitus at most. This isn't just RNG being her usual cruel-mistress-'self this is something else. Sure we could put it down to the drones getting stuck, but when you got a team with loot detector and enemy radar that becomes a much slimmer chance, EVEN SLIMMER still would be those longer runs on the hydron map, where exactly would those drones' drops NOT be picked up? 🙂 People use this to pay for kuva, DE nerf pretty much every method of getting kuva, this was my go to reason for playing arbis.. I don't have to put on my tinfoil hat to draw a semi-logical conclusion here. inb4 DE announce : "unintentially high drop rate WAS the bug in the first place but thank S#&$ it's fixed 😉 "
  4. Yeah super toxic lol how easily offended do ya have to be? People are allowed opinions and I think it was "tongue in cheek" to say the least...
  5. I think this might be an example of the "zero damage" bug rearing it's ugly head, if you check your logs it'll show a line "x frame @ x health was killed by 1 (or 0) damage from x enemy (or "unknown source")" - In part it'll show a fraction of dmg done compared to the available health of whatever died. This bug has been about since arbis began and honestly aside from the community uproar I suspect is in part a reason they implemented revives, the bug needs to be addressed it's a proper gamebreaker yet i've seen zero feedback about it. The REAL issue for me is that aside from solo play, the zero dmg bug hits my kitty and he's out for the entire mission and leaves me for the rest of the mission wishing i'd just brought my djinn like i always do.
  6. can't live without a riven.... on the KRIPATH of all things!
  7. In a word, "Yes" Anyone genuinely excited for a completely useless senti.... Raise of hands who'll be spending hard earned real world cash on this and not just farming it in trade chat...? ...anyone....? .....it's okay, i'll wait.
  8. Please for the love of everything awesome don't start a thread about this and how bad it is, It has been YEARS since myself and almost everyone i encounter in game, enjoyed the pacing of Inty / Defense etc it's actually fun and quick to progress to higher levels of enemies and rotations DE - DO NOT REVERT!
  9. Okay last post for me on this matter as it really has run it's course and arguing why we shouldn't be polite is redunant. Your various examples portray a social interaction where there is an expectation of reward for every single minute action that was perceived as positive and that's taking things to extreme, I think common sense should apply at somepoint. I'm saying after numerous selfless actions, it's common decency to your fellow tenno to at least acknowledge it and be grateful. That's just good manners and the sign of good upbringing. "Pay it forward" If you want to use an example, It's the simple process of holding doors open, sometimes we do it to be polite, sometimes we do it because we can see someone struggling. Sometimes people don't thank us, but we don't let that ruin our entire day or perception of the next person you hold a door open for. It's about integrity, morals and just being a decent human being and more importantly perpetuating the positivity. Toxic communities start from allowing those acidic few to really have their platform. At no point do you hear people saying "P*** off i can open the door myself numbnuts" lol I mean you might have, but I would say that's the exception, not the rule 🙂 I appreciate ya replies and civility on the discussion it's been interesting at least - take it easy tenno o7
  10. I think the "they're a small team" defense is kinda outta the window now... same with the beta tag
  11. Once again you're simply arguing why someone shouldn't have to be polite, civil, courteous etc You gotta see it right? Someone holds a door open for you I assume you righteously blow past them all the while chuckling to yourself how you got to squirm out of uttering "thanks"? It's about basic civility and respect for others - if you think its respectful to ignore people and assume the world is here to service your needs then best of luck with ice skating uphill But please, keep telling people why it's pointless to be polite in a team game when someone has gone out of their way to help you repeatedly.
  12. and yet you'd probably be one of the first to complain if the team kept leaving you in a bleedout state. I think it's fair to say most people would wonder what's up if the whole team stopped reviving them and start to take it personally, so where's the line? I'm not judging the reasons why the person went down, I'm just asking that those who are a burden on the team specifically just at least acknowledge it by way of thanks. Just be polite to your team, they took time away from shooting their favourite gun to stand over you motionless and take a few hits or whatever the least you can do is be jovial and say "cheers bud" anything to show respect / courtesy general humanity to your teammates. My question would be "why wouldn't you? If it's so little hassle to be courteous, what have you got to lose eh!"
  13. If you can't take the time to be polite when you're in a bleedout state after the 10th revive, it's on you and let the teambagging commence 😛 Seriously though in this day and age what do manners cost? Nothing, smh trying to justify why going out of your way an unreasonable amount of time and expecting thanks is some how evil. Keep on going through life expecting people to do things for you with zero grattitude, it'll get you far in life! Yeah it's a video game and yeah it's a team based game, but if you're in a random mission and blatantly not able to carry ya own weight then either a) be humble / cautious b) be apologetic or at least have some ounce of civility.
  14. Pretty much all enemies have armour, it might be small but essentially having CP on will (and this will vary greatly ofc) increase the damage done / speed of kills for the team. My only gripe is when i accidentally end up in a pug team with the 3 other CP and I'd wished I'd brought viral instead.
  15. Can't we have a CL4P-TR4P skin for the rollerball? "Hey wanna hear this new dubstep song i wrote?, WUB WUB WUB WUB...."
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