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  1. Braton Vandal, Terrible drop rate. As mentioned War/Hate Along with other assassins, you've got the brakk (not worth it now with the Kuva Brakk) and Detron (not so worth it with the Mara Detron) Can I just say thanks again DE for superceding the Brakk, i mean it's not like the weapon needed some love, and we all didn't worth f*ing hard for it at the GRADIVUS event. But it's fine, keep sticking it to the players who've been here the longest.
  2. They might scale better but the DoT ticks don't hence why it's a waste of time to assume toxin is best for gas in these scenarios.
  3. Does it? Looked like the overall damage stayed the same but the bonus just offsetting the IPS values. Not had time to do a lot of research on it, but seems to be the case
  4. Seems like one of those changes that Anthem was kinda famous for, mistake or not, the community got a glimpse and they liked it. Don't overthink a cunning way to re-introduce, just revert it's super simple 🙂
  5. You inadvertantly proved my point much appreciated Here's the kicker you're about to learn about CC in warframe, welcome to the other side enjoy your stay:-)
  6. I'm not acting as anything, just calling out someone who's clearly (and massively) butthurt about a change to a weapon class they refuse to admit was working much better than intended. You seem to have confused my post with someone who hasn't seen countless nerfs to weapons they enjoyed using.
  7. SO what you're saying it you employ zero CC to the target when they can clearly 1-shot you You're either admitting a) Melee was in fact too strong b) You don't use CC when clearly you should do c) You're lying Feel free to pick one, any of them will show how weighted your feable argument was.
  8. TL;DR Whole thread reads as 1 maybe 2 forum/keyboard warriors defending the BS melee was becoming and the rattles have gone into orbit this time. MR27 nearly 6k hours and I'm glad this bayblading, single swipe clear the room meta has gone for the most part. Lower players were using it to skim through the entire game then burn out and be like "meh i'll put down warframe for a while" It's not healthy to the community, the game, the team dynamics, the potential skill involved etc but carry on Jojo, and MAKE SURE YOU USE CAPS when you really need to emphasise a point, cos we can't hear you stamping your feet in a tantrum
  9. From reading this thread the only thing which seems to be clear (or between the lines) is I'm betting the OP wants to rank up for an OP weapon cos he wants to cheese the star chart asap and is pissed cos he failed a mastery test and it's holding him up, which frankly should tell you a lot about where you're at in the game and perhaps rushing things isn't the right time for you. This whole "i have to be on the same level as everyone else even though i just started" nonsense, is just that, nonsense. Normal players are doing other things than staring at a timer for their next rank, or y'know practising and not failing in the first place... But, with all that being said I'm sure the job got completed that much quicker from coming onto the forums to have a rant 🙂
  10. I grew out of that gun about 2 months after it came out, I understand the bad vibes due to time invested but you've gorged yourself on the dreamy room clearing cake, now it's time to get ya arse back on the treadmill 😛
  11. This is why you neutralise the threat BEFORE entering the vault 😉 Hush on weapons, frame with AoE abilities etc
  12. Q: "why is is dark at 12 midnight?" You: "you shouldn't be going out that late" Huh? The question wasn't how to avoid them the question is why are they not destructable like all others... There's no reason, in the same way it would be nice to understand why ALL corpus units arent nullifiers or rollerballs 😛 There should be a reason, or a way to hack them / disable etc since when is a sensor more powerful than a warframe?
  13. 6 billion dmg eh? What's the damage cap again? Me smells some of the fecal matter male cows produce
  14. and to think, this was considered paultry by Viver standards. Anyone got a video of that broken mag + trin + nekky combo on the Xini map? Want some nostalgia, we used to pick up approx 2k MODS from 4 rounds of interception you'd run round each wave and the mods wouldn't stop showing up until the end of the following round, peoples PC's completely lagged out with the sheeeeeer volume of mods they were picking up from the mob spawns, they had to nerf mags SP (she was god tier with anything with a sheild drone) the mod spawns which is why we literally now have mods which will despawn / pop together when you hit the cap, and why things like interception spawns and timers were completely overhauled. Wouldn't have changed it for the world, but alas it was broken as all hell, still.... "...Misty water coloured mem'ries..."
  15. there was a MARKED reduction in drop rate after one of the patches... entire clan noticed it, and noticed that even with people running drop chance boosters, resource boosters AND smeeta (for what it's worth) they were coming out of a 2 hr surv with 30 vitus at most. This isn't just RNG being her usual cruel-mistress-'self this is something else. Sure we could put it down to the drones getting stuck, but when you got a team with loot detector and enemy radar that becomes a much slimmer chance, EVEN SLIMMER still would be those longer runs on the hydron map, where exactly would those drones' drops NOT be picked up? 🙂 People use this to pay for kuva, DE nerf pretty much every method of getting kuva, this was my go to reason for playing arbis.. I don't have to put on my tinfoil hat to draw a semi-logical conclusion here. inb4 DE announce : "unintentially high drop rate WAS the bug in the first place but thank S#&$ it's fixed 😉 "
  16. Yeah super toxic lol how easily offended do ya have to be? People are allowed opinions and I think it was "tongue in cheek" to say the least...
  17. I think this might be an example of the "zero damage" bug rearing it's ugly head, if you check your logs it'll show a line "x frame @ x health was killed by 1 (or 0) damage from x enemy (or "unknown source")" - In part it'll show a fraction of dmg done compared to the available health of whatever died. This bug has been about since arbis began and honestly aside from the community uproar I suspect is in part a reason they implemented revives, the bug needs to be addressed it's a proper gamebreaker yet i've seen zero feedback about it. The REAL issue for me is that aside from solo play, the zero dmg bug hits my kitty and he's out for the entire mission and leaves me for the rest of the mission wishing i'd just brought my djinn like i always do.
  18. In a word, "Yes" Anyone genuinely excited for a completely useless senti.... Raise of hands who'll be spending hard earned real world cash on this and not just farming it in trade chat...? ...anyone....? .....it's okay, i'll wait.
  19. Please for the love of everything awesome don't start a thread about this and how bad it is, It has been YEARS since myself and almost everyone i encounter in game, enjoyed the pacing of Inty / Defense etc it's actually fun and quick to progress to higher levels of enemies and rotations DE - DO NOT REVERT!
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