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  1. I think .... No cuz that is EPIC limited
  2. BUG report Umbra will now treat operator AS ENEMY in Simulacrum
  3. So Eros Ephemera will be delete after star-days?
  4. 牛年快乐 祝大家新年RHINO Priime RHINO Priime
  5. Same here ,sometimes the game freeze while a player join in to openworld And the gamw will unfreeze after about 1 min but with host changing (lost connection with last host )
  6. WF freezed when change warframe then immidently change loadout the whloe window is freezed dead
  7. As for skill like Shield Maiden (exm Rhino Iron skin ) ,feeling way too weak in steel path Enemy lv 100+ can easily break it like cutting a paper. Same things happen on Rhino while doing index sometime,but Iron skin dont have a colddown before reuse. And upcoming Orphix Venom,we might facing lv 100+ Battalyst like Scarlet Spear Then DE may found everyone driving Voidrig,same kind of Storm Shroud skill absorbed damage to shield no CD and range damage. why bonewidow then?
  8. same here,every time we skip the animation,the platform will be invisible and unstandable, that have made the mission unable to complete,cuz players can`t stand on the platform to trigger the button
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