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  1. Finally found a FIX for 1534 error !1. Open Regedit and navigate to the following two keysHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileNotificationHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileNotification2. Under ProfileNotification check if you have the TDL key3. Export the TDL key at each location4. Delete the TDL key at each location5. Reboot PC to verifyNote:You'll need take ownership of the TDL Key to be able to delete it.Works for me like a charm with no downsides.After this fix the 1534 baragge has stopped in my OS :)
  2. BTW,when loading other player into map (join in mid of the mission) sometimes WF get freeze or game crash
  3. Everything is up-to-date .I've found problem in win crash dump ,problem is caused by 0x9f_3_nvlddmkm_image_pci.sys looks like WF get some conflict with my GTX1050TI driver,and i've tried to update / roll back driver i can find in NV website but problem never get fix. Crash first appear after Exploiter Orb update
  4. Sometimes Chat just like stop but not showing any "Failed to connect to chat server." notice
  5. me too sortie not getting counted for once, before i do sortie, nightwave shows 1/3 sortie after sortie 3 ,it happen to be a network issue that not showing reward but i got a new kitgun riven than i found nightwave still 1/3 sortie ,but i just finished all sortie
  6. before fortuna ,both crash not even happen.i'm sure that's not hardware issue
  7. I'm a super fans so i play WF everyday for more than 6 hours ,but since update fortuna always crash more than 4 times a day when I simply click EXIT GAME or when network issue or somehow warframe crashed. win10 crash code : dpc watchdog violation or power_state_failure i have the log and dump if needed
  8. Love U Megan,thanks all staff for hardworking ,but be sure to keep in good health ,we still have a BIG TENNO CON
  9. This will a big problem,cuz it might make u missed all drop after watched Tenno Con stream. for me both Twitch&Mixer linked watch on Mixer from 18:59~20:10 didn't get drop good fans art for that jojo lotus though.
  10. from MIXER: Lots of users didn't get their drop
  11. LOVE U MEGAN, now hotfix is a big relog test for DE server
  12. Some of warframes always need to switch AURA of different polar ,here's frame i used most of time: mark: D: Y: —: CP:Corrosive Projection SD:Shield Disruption recommended: 1.rhino : —:CP/SD | D:Stand United | Y:Growing Power 2,nekros :—:CP/SD | D:Physique/Rejuvenation |Y:Growing Power/Power Donation 3.nova: —:CP/SD |D:Infested Impedance |Y:Power Donation 4.equinox: —:CP/SD |Y:Growing Power 5.Trinity: —:CP/SD |D:Physique |Y:Power Donation 6.Inaros:—:CP/SD | D:Physique |Y:Steel Charge Energy Siphon barely use while u get Z focus or energize
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