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  1. Exodia Contagion's projections not showing a model form when work with ZAW that use other weapon skin.
  2. Nice frost style I like to play glavia too ! but never got a satisfied riven for Falcor I just using the Classic Saturated color boad,cuz Chrismas style only need white & red &green ,easy to combine and good to look
  3. Wanna see your tenno excellent Winter Veil Looking ! Share your look pls! TITANIA LIMBO
  4. God! hmmmm so next update seems coming on time or before? (Dec.24)
  5. I found that if player keep use melee only mode from begin to the end,hangging function(Block+heavy A) works well, But if player tried dual wielding mode (even just for once in a game) and switch back to melee only ,suddenly can't use Orvius special hanging attack anymore Then Orvius only work like simple glaive (Block+heavy A still just glaive attack) I've tried at least 5 time and it recurred everytime
  6. yeah some protection,Vauban's protect ability is quite poor ,though in range of his 4 can slowly gete some armors but still tooooooooooooooooo easy to die.I have to play with Silva & Aegis or use operator dash to move
  7. ha! that why i found it sometimes deal 10k damage sometimes just <1k BTW update buffed ghouls??? i also found that ghouls can blocked my melee attack and hobbled me
  8. Any update notes mentioned giving ghoul a shield or dragon skin or something ? seems now ghouls can blocked my melee attack and hobbled me just like i stole my grandpa's butterknife and smashed it hard on a Basarios
  9. Archwing using a HOOK I'm sorry but still need to say "Who come up with that stupid idea??"
  10. LOVE U Megan But looks like hotfix mess up Requiem mods Check that shall we? Got 2 pics from Chinese forums
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